Replication is the ability to produce copies of oneself by one of a number of ways. Either it is a psychic faculty that allows the user to mentally project perfect copies of himself from his mind, or it can be accomplished by biological manipulation. The first means is psionic projection of the user’s subconscious; in which, images of the user are projected and solidified (the projections are corporeal thought-waves). The second means is accomplished by the user of the power splitting off a piece of himself, at which point it regenerates into a new copy of the user.

  • 1 Replicate- duplication
  • 2 Replicates- triplication
  • 3 Replicates- quadruplication
  • 4 Replicates- quintuplication
  • 10 Replicates- decaplication
  • 100 Replicates- centuplication
  • 1000 Replicates- milliplication
  • Undefined (or infinite amount) replicates- replication

Character Limit: 2

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