There are many apartments that are available on the grid. If you would like to rent an apartment or have a home on the grid, it is easily done. There are various ways of doing this, depending on which kind of place that you are wanting to get. Having an apartment and a home each have a different way of getting a place to live.


In order to rent an apartment, you need to submit a +request to the staff which needs to include the information listed below. Once the staff has received this information, we will build the apartment for you, @chown the rooms and exits to you so that you may rename and @desc the rooms as you want. The only exit that will NOT be @chowned to you will be the exit from the hallway into the apartment. This is so that the exits stay in standards with the apartment building. Any questions, please send an @mail to the staff and we will help you out as best we can.

  • Needed Information:
    • Apartment Building Name
    • Floor you'd like your apartment on.
    • How many bedrooms you'd like (if applicable).
    • Names of roommates (if applicable).

Homes and Houses

In order to own a house, you must build the house yourself. This is done in the Building Nexus of the OOC Room. The maximum number of rooms is determined by how much @quota you have. The number of quota will be raised or lowered depending on the lifestyle your character has. A young twenty-something with no education or a minimum wage job would not have a 5 bedroom home. With this, you can build whatever rooms you want to have in your place as long as you have the quota for it. If you feel you should have more Quota or need more to finish the rooms you need, then send a +request to the staff and we will talk to you about it. In the +request, you need to send in the following information.

  • Needed Information:
    • How much additional quota you are asking for.
    • The reasons why you need the extra quota.
    • What rooms they are for.
    • How your character would afford to have the rooms that you are asking for.

Please note that not every +request will be accepted. You need to convince us that it is practical and your character would have this and if we don't see it working, we will deny your +request, but do not despair, keep trying and we will work with you.

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