Reactive Adaptation

Reactive Adaptation or Reactive Evolution is the ability to adapt one’s body to any environment or situation. This is primarily a form of shapeshifting of one's physical features, however it can also include other faculties:

  • 1. Dermal Adaptation, also known as Dermal Adapt- ability to adapt to environments by changing one's skin (instead of the entire body) to suit it; one with this ability can grow scales, excess hair, even skin similar to stone or armor. They will not acquire new abilities unless the abilities go with the condition of their skin
  • 2. Mental Adaptation,also known as Knowledge Adaptation, Answer Adaptation or Automatic Answering- ability to either adapt one's IQ temporarily to understand complex systems, or to automatically blurt out the answer to questions (asked by others) without actually knowing or retaining the answer one gives out
  • 3. Emotional Adaptation, also known as Empathic Adaptation or Emotional Adapt- ability to gain abilities or adaptations based on one's emotions, or to adapt based on the emotions of others; could lead to use of nearly any ability short of the "Omni" powers or Reality Bending, and it may be accompanied by Empathy
  • 4. Power Adaptation, also known as Power Adapt- ability to adapt to situations by gaining abilities to suit those situations, while maintaining one's normal appearance; this can be used to gain any ability short of the "Omni" powers or Reality Bending, and it is usually brought on consciously (unless the user is unconscious)

If someone were to, for example, punch the user very hard, the user would temporarily adapt to make himself highly resistant to pain. One with this power can get gills by being underwater, gain superhuman stamina when tired and the like, although the adaptations go away as soon as they are no longer needed.

Character Limit: 1

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