Position #2 / Building / Plot & Apps
Status Active
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 28, 1977
Age 31
Staff Duties Building / Apps / Plot

Basic Information

  • See under Staff.

Previous Experience


So far I've staffed on a few other mushes, mostly world of darkness mushes as far as online staffing experience goes. I've GM'd many games in the past though and have held countless campaigns with other gaming systems. I understand the concept of balance between game balance as well as the players having fun. I'm known for being fair and impartial, as well as very understanding and extremely patient in dealing with others. I'm known for having incredibly good people skills as well as being very reasonable as well as trustworthy and honest. I care about how others feel, realize and take into consideration how to approach others as well as careful to what I say to a person. I'm a big believer in player as well as staff rights, as all to often in my experience on online games, I've seen players as well as staff used and abused by those who are supposed to be responsible, mature, as well as just. I'm very much against PK as I believe that more often then not there are plenty of other means to fix an IC situation then simply getting rid of character that a player might have worked very hard on as well as enjoys. I very much believe in ICA = ICC, though only to the point where the ICC are fitting to the IC actions. I'm a very hard and diligent worker, and take pride in the work that I do on a mush. I have a very easy-going type of personality and very rarely take things too seriously. I consider myself a good listener and take the time and effort to ensure that players as well as staff are enjoying themselves.


I've been playing online games for about 7 years now. I've also been acting and doing LARP for about 15 years now and excel in that area.

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