General Erik Lichten Raikov
General Erik Lichten Raikov
Portrayed By Daniel Craig
Full Name General Erik Lichten Raikov
Theme Song Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner
Gender Male
Date of Birth July 30, 1968
Age 41
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases General Raikov
Place of Birth Saskatchewan, Canada
Occupation US Army General
Known Relatives General Viktor Raikov (Father - Deceased)
Natasha Raikov (Mother)
Magnus Raikov (Elder Brother - Deceased)
Elke Raikov (Sister)
Fritz Raikov (Younger Brother)
Significant Other None Currently
Powers None
First Appearance The General Arrives


Erik likes to rationalize everything. He always tries to look at situations from many different angles before deciding on a course of action.

General Raikov will follow orders and oversee battles when it is needed of him. When strategizing, Erik tries to chose the course of action that leads to the least amount of bloodshed on both sides. He sees needless battles as a waste of time and human lives.

General Raikov sends half of his annual salary to his sister Elke to support both her and their mother. Elke stays at home to take care of her mother who has been diagnosed with mild dementia.

General Raikov’s sister Elke recently discovered that she is a mutant. Erik has been there with her as she dealt with the difficulties associated with discovering her abilities and worrying about her future. Being so close to the mutant phenomenon himself, Erik is sympathetic toward the mutant cause.


General Raikov is a human and lacks supernatural abilities.


Computer Skills:
General Raikov is able to use most basic software and is capable of navigating the internet effectively.

Hand To Hand Combat Skills:
General Raikovis well trained in hand to hand combat. He is capable of easily handling up to four untrained fighters at one time without the use of weapons. As the skill of his opponents increases, he is able to handle fewer and fewer of them.


General Raikov can speak English and German fluently. He can communicate effectively in Spanish, French, and several Arabic dialects.

Mechanical Skill:
General Raikov’s mechanical skills are limited to the ability to repair non-computerized vehicles and machinery. He can do basic vehicle maintenance, repair some older vehicles, repair most older appliances, and weld.

Survival Skills
Erik’s military training also included basic survival skills. He has been trained in hunting without weaponry, finding clean water, finding his way without a map or compass, and building fires and shelters. He was also trained in identifying edible plants and poisonous animals. His training also included basic first aid. He can patch up most wounds, but not permanently or with expert skill.

Tactical Analysis:
Being a general, Raikov is capable of reading bad situations to determine the best course of action. He is sufficient in reading maps and schematics, and understands the basic art of warfare.

Vehicle Training:
General Raikov is trained and licensed to drive a car and motorcycle and is familiar with the operation of military vehicles including tanks and panzers.

Weapons Training:
The weapons he is currently trained in the use of include rifles, hand-helds, .50 Caliber M2 Machine Gun, M240B Machine Gun, M249 Machine Gun, M136 AT-4 Anti-Tank Weapon, and hand grenades. He is also sufficient in unarmed hand to hand combat.


Living Accommodations:
Though General Raikov is a commander of the infantry, he is currently stationed at Integrated Support Command Seattle. Here he is provided with food, lodging, and a base of operations.

General Raikov makes a nice annual salary of just over $100,000.

United States Military:
General Raikov has the resources of the US Military at his disposal. He has access to weaponry, armor, vehicles, intelligence, and troops.



Family Reunion:
Erik and Fritz do not exactly see eye to eye. Fritz is resentful toward Erik for his accomplishments and refuses to listen to anything his brother has to say. Erik would like to mend his relationship with Fritz.

Mutant Equality:
Erik Raikov hopes to make the world a safer place for his sister Elke and all of mutant kind. He feels that if mutant equality can be gained that this goal will be achieved.

General Raikov would like to be able to eventually retire from the service knowing that he was successful in all of his tasks. He would like to know that he was able to follow all orders given while at the same time striving for the best possible outcome from every situation.


Low Self Esteem
Even though General Raikov has accomplished much in his lifetime, he still feels as though he is a failure. His father never acknowledged his achievements, always having favored his elder brother. Since his father is no longer around and will thus never recognize his achievements, Raikov feels that he is a failure.

Erik Raikov will obsess on whatever task needs to be done and will work tirelessly on it to the point of exhaustion. It is not uncommon to see him go for days with little food and sleep when something is bothering him.

Erik Raikov lives to serve other people. He spends so much of his time trying to make other people’s lives easier that he has ignored his own needs. Raikov has never pursued any of his own goals, he has never married, and has never successfully carried on a long-term relationship.

Troublesome Younger Brother
Erik’s younger brother Fritz has always felt overshadowed by his two older brothers. He is currently ranked as a Lieutenant in the Army, but aspires to surpass both his brothers and his father. Fritz is willing to do anything to move up in rank, including taking on tasks that Erik is hesitant to. Fritz has none of the gentleness of his brother and aims to win regardless of the toll to either side.


Erik Lichten Raikov was born to General Viktor Raikov and his wife Natasha at The Moose Jaw Canadian Forces Base in Saskatchewan, Canada. He grew up the son of a prominent military commander and traveled around the world as his family was transferred from military base to military base. He was tutored on the bases and was taught from a young age the inner workings of the United States Military.


When Erik turned 18, he attended West Point Military Academy and graduated top of his class. After graduation he went into active service as an officer and was given special survival and weapons training. Erik was shipped overseas to participate in the Gulf War, and was promoted to Lieutenant for his valiant efforts and strong leadership qualities. After the war, Lt. Raikov moved between bases acquiring specialized training and working on overseas military compounds during peacetime.

By the time Erik was sent to Iraq during the Iraq War he had been promoted to Lieutenant General. He was then promoted to General after only a few short years and several successful raids. His tactical skill and ability to lead his men was surpassed only by that of his elder brother, General Magnus Raikov. The brothers each held impressive military records, but Erik’s father only cared for the achievements of Magnus. No matter how hard Erik worked, it seemed that he could never grow out of his brother’s shadow.

Erik’s father and elder brother were both killed in 2006 when a car-bomb went off in Bagdad. The General had an epiphany at the double funeral, realizing that to opponent, his own forces were the enemy. He realized that every enemy that he destroyed was someone’s loved one, and he vowed to do everything in his power to reduce casualties on both sides of the war. General Erik Raikov was pulled from active duty shortly after the deaths of his father and brother and was sent to oversee the training of troops at various military establishments.

Recent high levels of mutant activity around the country has caused the government to reposition forces around the United States. General Raikov was to be stationed in Seattle Washington, but his jeep stopped working as he approached the city limits. He continued on foot, finding the area in utter chaos. Right now he intends to get a grasp on the situation so that he can be as useful as possible when military support reaches the city.

Roleplay Logs

Date Log Title Summary
June 8, 2009 The General Arrives Raikov meets Leon at the crater and offers him equipment to help solve the power crisis.
June 10, 2009 To Catch a Predator Micah brings a girl to the hospital where Davian tries to steal the blood reserves. Raikov arrests him with the help of Marcus and Kera. Leon is unhappy with the arrest.
June 12, 2009 The Caged Beast Raikov visits Davian in prison and attempts to solve the blood drinking issue.
June 20, 2009 The Charred Remains Corrie finds herself lost and happens upon Raikov and Daniel, who offer to escort her to safety.
June 22, 2009 Responsibility Daniel and General Raikov try to convince Kera to try and end the electro-magnetic storm.


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Nothing Yet

Date Log Title Summary
Title Artist Listen
Ride of the Valkyries Richard Wagner Listen!
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