Predator Strikes


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Summary: Davian attacks Tay while Christian comes to the rescue

Date: March 14, 2009

Predator Strikes

Rating: R

Old Warehouse - Main Room

On the outside, this building has been kept up impeccably, bearing no sign of its vacancy other than a plain "For Sale" sign hanging in one of the frosted windows. The building is long and flat, with a few sections of many-paned windows. There are four beige garage entrances that remain closed, along with several sets of orange double doors.

Inside, the expanse of the building is open and eerily empty. One can see for what might even seem like a whole city block, with the view only blocked by pole supports every twenty feet or so, and heaps of empty wooden crates. Against the walls are some shelves, and in the very back of the warehouse, there are a few empty offices with no furniture.

Tay needed to get away from the house for awhile. Things…had gotten a bit rough for her over the past three days and the poor kid needed some kind of release from the stress that had weighed heavily upon her shoulders. She was tired, sick and worn out. Ever since a couple of days ago, she'd managed to catch some cold or sickness. Whatever it was, it was kicking her ass rather well. Needing some time to herself to think about her situation as well as the attack from last night, she makes her way on over to one of the warehouse districts in town. Having taken the bus from Mercer Island into the main part of town, she decided to walk the rest of the way on over to the harboar side to watch the ships come in as the dockworkers load up the buildings with their cargo. The young girl watches as she rests her slender arms upon the railing that separates the dock from the bay. After peering off into the distance for some time with only her memories to give her company, she slowly makes her way on over through some of the older buildings as she searches for some place to sleep for the night. She needed some time away from her guardian as living with him had proven to be far more stressful then she would've liked. Slippign through one of the doors to a warehouse she carefully makes her way inside as she looks around for some place to rest herself or perhaps just to spend some time alone in the quiet of the shadows. Finding some old packaging, she makes her way on over to lie down for a bit. She was still in some decent amount of pain from several nights ago and all the walking had done its job on her. Laying back on her side, she reaches her arms and hands to rest under her head as she stares off at one of the walls. Taking in a light breath she exhales quietly as her eyes start to lid some.

Davian is in the apartment upstairs and has the tv on right now watching the local news so he din't hear anybody come in, he curses to himself as his fixed the rabbit ears to get a better picture. "dang govment and there switch over, I won't be able to watch the news after the force us to go digal."

Taylor was nearly asleep when she hears some noise coming from upstairs. The girl lightly blinks as her sights first settle upon a few packages nearby. Slowly raising to a seated position, she braces herself up on her right elbow as she turns to look on over and out into the main room of the building. Her brow furrows lightly as she hears soft sounds coming from upstairs on what she assumes is the second floor. Lifting her little body on up so that she stands again, she takes a look around her for a moment as she carefully makes her way into the main room of the warehouse. Finding her way to the stairs, the kid calls out in a quiet tone, "Hello? Anyone there?" Afterdoing such, she slowly starts to climb the stairs as she makes her way to the top, though with some effort from having to limp still. Once she reaches the top of the stairs, she takes a look around her as those glistening midnight-blue and violate eyes peer into the darkness beyond. She stills herself for a brief moment as she tries to pick up where the sounds are coming from as she waits for a little while before moving again.

Davian jumps up after hearing some noice from the stairs, he moves to the draped door and moves it aside to get a look, the only light coming from the small room behind davian is the tv still flickering on it's make-shift table, he starts to scan the area but can't see that much untill his eyes focus to the darkness.

The sudden flush of light breaks through the darkness as the blare of the television flickers in shades of color out against the deep shadows. As the sound of somone moving is brought to Tay's attention, the girl turns to face the noise and thus sees the TV through the darkness. Her eyes narrow a bit as she tries to make out some kind of detail through the pitch of the room. She calls out once more towards the noise as her voice chimes in a quiet melody, "Hello? Sorry if I bothered you…I wasn't aware that anyone was here." The girl though cautious stays where she is as she keeps her left foot on the second to top stairs, the other close by just in case if she needs to haul ass out of there…it'd give her a running start. Though being as injured as she was, she wasn't exactly running as more so as would be hobbling along. The girl stays put for now as she watches the figure of shadow move within the darkness, though any detail is lost as the shadows engulf the other's form.

Davian mumbles quietly to himself when he heards the voice, he steps out of the doorway and let's the door to the partment get cover up again seting the whole top of the building into darkness, he starts to sneak to where he heard the voice last, at least he can get a bite out of this.

Taylor waits at the top of the stairs as she hears no reply come from the open office door. The girl stands at the very top of the stairs as one foot lies upon the second to top step, her other on the top one above it. Her left hand rests lightly upon the railing as it more so holds up her balance and for support as she still seems to retain some of that woosiness from before. The girl had managed to keep some bits of food down, though that sudden anxiety of her current situation has her tummy up in knots again. Her jaw tightens a bit as she gently bites upon her lower lip as she calls out once more to see if there'll come an answer this time. Perhpas whoever it was didn't hear her the first time. "H-hello? Anyone there? I'm…sorry if I disturbed you…was just resting here for a moment." Her own voice trembles ever so faintly as whatever, or whoever was there in the darkness disappears into the pitch as the outlining of their figure casted in the TV's glow sinks once more into the inky blackness beyond. The kid seems to start to become a bit more nervous as she feels with her left foot for the step below it. Her right quickly coming after as she carefully makes her way back down the steps, though slow as she still seems to suffer from some past injury.

Christian appears out of the darkness with a remote held in his hand, seeming to be looking down at it for a few moments in studying the thing. Whatever it was, only he could know for now. He presses a button on it afterwards then before dropping it into his pocket as he gazes up towards the warehouse with a dull hum resounding from his full lips. "Let's see…let's see. Where could she -possibly- be." He comments to himself before pressing his lips together in a faintly musing expression. Those dark eyes of his drift towards the staircase a moment later, catching sight of the slight woman at the foot of it though seemingly utterly unknowing of the man who currently stalked her as his prey.

This time around when there comes no answer again, the kid seems to have the right of mind to flee as the soft sound of shuffling footsteps draws ever near. Quickly she tries to move down the stairs, though again, becuase of her condition she's not moving very fast…at all for that matter. A light sweat starts to break out agaisnt her fair brow as her eyes seem to gleam with an inner fright. Her own anxiety seems to get the better of her as she starts to feel sharp pains within her chest. The compression against her lungs drawing forth a strained, quick breath from her. Moving as fast as her body will allow her, the youth turns her back towards the top of the stairs as she makes it all the way down. For the moment it might seem that she actually might make it out of here…that is until she definitely hears someone right behind her and moving with a certain dangerous velocity. Her jaw tightens even more so as her teeth grind together in an intense nervousness. She finally reaches the bottom of the steps as she more so limps her way towards the main part of the warehouse. Her gait is slow though and proves to take a good amount of effort…a bit more then she can muster as she attempts to flee from the very darkness itself. Hearing another voice within the dark, though a bit too far away for her to tell who it is, she starts to panic as she stops for the brief few moments to decide where the hell she should go. The warehouse itself lying in nearly pitch black as it proves to be difficult to figure out where the hell she is, let alone where the exit might be.

Davian grins and hops down the stairs two at a time untill he reachs the bottom right after the young girl, he lowers himself onto all fours and runs at full spped at her,, when he get's close enogh he makes a runing leap for her in hopes to stun you enough to feed.

Christian's eyes widen as the MANIMAL attacks the slight woman, having not quite expected that to happen as he seems hidden in the darkness. He crouches down a moment later when that happens though and reaches under his pantleg to the holster there, flipping the catch and taking the piece of steel there by the handle. When it's revealed, it would be seen as a handgun as he advances with a deep rumble in his throat. "Now now now, attacking little girls in the dark. Tsk. Didn't mommy and daddy ever teach you anything. Mm, I wonder if they did." He flips the safety on the handgun, making it blatantly obvious to the man that he intended to use it should he not back away.

There was a certain irony and somewhat sense of humor in hearing that familiar voice of Christian's say that…though the time to contemplate that thought would have to come later as right now one-hundred, pound, scrawny-ass Tay had about two-hundred pounds of Davian come leaping at her and crush her under his weight. There was pain, and then there was agony, and about right at this point Tay was feeling very much of the later as Davian leaps through the air and crashes upon her. The girl lets out a scream like you would NOT believe. Nearly sounding as if someone had flayed the very skin off her back, the girl to say at the least was hurting. SHe slams down HARD agianst the floor, and if it wasn't for her slender arms shooting out in front of her, that might've very well ended up in a broken jaw. Her arms slide upon the hard concrete as a good several layers of skin is rubbed off…rich blood rushing forth and spilling on to the surrounding ground. The girl's scream is cut short as Davian literally dives on top of her…and rather fairly easily crushes the very air out of her lungs. She hits the floor and skids some as the knees of her pants grind agaisnt the ground, another rush of blood staining against her pants as her knees are rubbed raw. The girl was down for the count as pools of darkness wash on over her eyes and threaten to knock her unconscious. She's stunned for the moment as she tries to get her brain from spinning in several different directions. Her whole sense of direction wiped clear as voices seem to become muffled by the harshness of her impact. She wasn't fighting back…at least not at that moment as she at first tries to get some air flowing back in her lungs, and with Davian on top of her…that was a bit hard to do. Hearing that familiar voice in the dark, she lets out the faintest pleas as her breath just barely starts to fill within her lungs and exhales out, "Chris…help…" The rest of her for now at Davian's mercy.

Davian smiles and the smell of blood fill his nose, he leans close to where taylor neck is, he rubs his nose on her skin ignoring the gun wielding person for now, he slowly sinks his fangs into her neck and starts to drink the warm blood.

Christian growls and takes a few more steps closer to the man before flipping the gun up in his hand with the butt wide. "Did I not just tell you to get off of her?" He seems to seathe with rage then, the usual calm from the man fading as he brings the thing down in meaning to blackjack him upside the back of the head. Should he move away or try to put Taylor into the path of it though, he'd find that weapon redirecting away for a swift kick to the vampire's ribs. The darkness around hid the group in the fight that was to come, as proven by no help arriving to her scream and it seemed the larger man wasn't about to let this particular thing happen to her.

The predator's form nearly suffocates the poor kid as he bears down upon her, his own weight a far too much for the girl to be able to push him off as she still strains for some decent amount of breath. Her lungs burning with the pain within them as she tries to force herself to breathe. His face comes closer, nearly inches away from her slender, silky neck as she feels the soft rub of his nose upon her delciate flesh. Tears start to well within the youth's eyes as they strain down her soft, baby cheeks. The girl winces for the briefest moments as she feels razor-sharp fangs pierce her flesh…and then came stillness. The sudden wash of pleasure filled her little body as her eyes lid and close shut in a moment of blissful reverie. A soft sigh escpaes past her full, plush lips as her body finally relaxes beneath him. The girl's head rests upon the floor as her jaw goes slack, her limbs stop moving and thrashing as she simply falls beneath the power of his kiss. The sudden rush of heated, potent, and sweet crimson viscous fills within your mouth as it stains there upon your tongue in what might seem as sheer blissfulness. Her own rich fluid coating the insides of your mouth as you get a full taste of just how tantalizingly mouth-watering that sweet taste can be. As you start to suck strongly upon her neck and your mind melds with her own that once kiss of ecstacy suddenly turns into a nightmare…a nightmare that you now share with your captive. All turns pitch around you as the very room simply disappears in darkness, yet it wasn't darkness so much as it was oblivion, the complete and absence of everything, and nothing. There was no one, no one at all. Nothing alive, nothing dead and you were stuck there within it. No blood, no air to breathe, no ground beneath you…nothingness. And that nothingness seemed to consume you. You were trapped there, wherever and whatever this hell was. You could no longer feel your arms, nor your legs, your very heart seems to cease as your body, your mind and the very essence that makes you becomes mindnumbing. Nothing existed, not you, or anything else. All that was surrounds you and beocmes you is an eternity of absence. And you were stuck there within it. God knows how long time would pass, or seemed to pass. Time dind't exist here and there was nothing that you seemed to be able to do…or control. Nothing at all.

Davian screams and pulls away from you, he claws at the darkness around him before pushing away and runing back up the stairs and out the door onto the roof, when he feels the fresh air on him he jumps across the roof tops to get away from the darkness.

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