Pile Of The Dead


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Summary: Eris and Elizabeth discuss their views on human-mutant relations.

Date: May 30, 2009

Pile of the Dead

Rating: PG-13

Harbor Island

Dark waters lie in a quiet ripple as rays of light shimmer down on over its reflective surface whether during the night or day. The sound of water rippling and hitting against the docks weaves through a steady eastern breeze while the singing of seagulls rings throughout the air in a soft melody. There's a certain icy chill that seems present within the area even during the hotter months as a salty sea breeze washes through the area. Sounds of dock workers clammer during all hours as they go about their duties. Massive ships can be seen coming and going as their cargo is transported through the air by large cranes and on to the surface of the docking bays. The rest of the area is lined with old warehouses and shipping yards as fences surround a line long of older buildings.

The neighborhood seems to be cast in a perpetual darkness as shadows linger about and through the older buildings. Fish bits, seagull droppings and various old cargo packaging can be seen throughout the area as well as the remainders of a long day and night of work. large boxes climb high up against the hard surface of warehouses with the area as they fill around the dockyards as well as inbetween the narrow passages of each building. The potent scents of fish, salty sea air, and other various bits that dwindle along the docks reeks strong within the wind. The area seems normally cool as the eastern sea breeze washes on over the front and along with it brings the subtle filter of other eastern seashore scents. During the day and into the night long people can be seen here either coming, going, working or taking a break. This section of town seems vastly more dedicated to blue-collar type of work then anything else.

The pale grey of the day is almost rather eerily fitting for the backdrop setting of Seattle. Dark, dreary, random shots or screams popping up here and there. With the 'Death Police' out getting the next round of bodies, Elizabeth is doing what she does best- scavenging. Find what you need, and take it.

She has a material over her face to block the stench and radiating death, but otherwise, she seems to have no problem rifling through pockets and the like. She has a bag to which she stuffs cash and other random items of use into. On her hip, she has holstered weapon and a smaller back that chimes with the sound of extra bullets and clips. There are a number of police officers in here, too, yanno!

The smell of the dead is rather terrible, but Eris seems undisturbed by it. She walks along the beach and counts the bodies as she goes. It reminds her of when the medical choppers would come in during the war. She sighs as she finds another, pulling out a small book to write down the description of a woman with obvious physical mutations. Looks like she was shot in the head. Eris bends down to examine the victim, fourth obvious mutant she’s found today. She sighs and stands back up, seeing the grave-robber and shaking her head. Like their money is going to be useful now that chaos has overtaken the land.

Money for when things turn back around- she'll be on top, or at least comfortable. That, and why not take it so others don't? Rules of the Scavenger. Leon will probably be wondering why she smells like death when she goes home, but, he still has no idea who she really is. Ah well.

She rifles through a few more bodies, humming as she goes, though having been out here a while already, she starts to climb down the sea of bodies.

Eris watches the girl as she moves about, frowning slightly. She then shrugs. If Eris had a need for money, she’d probably do the same. She continues forward, looking down at the bodies again and sighs. “Bastards, ganging up on the mutants like YEAH!” She lets out a yell as one of the hands grabs her ankle. This one’s apparently not quite dead. Eris wrenches her foot away and looks down at the man, breathing heavily from the shock. “You’re still alive? And someone dumped you here?” She bends down to the man. He looks slightly familiar to her. He is…One of those anti-mutant bastards from the skating rink. She stands back up and glares down at the man. “You. You deserve death.”

Eris looks over at Elizabeth with a curious expression. Someone who seems to share her perspective finally. “He’ll die here anyway, it’s more appropriate that he should have to suffer in this pile of dead bodies.” Eris ponders for a moment. She’s really only ever actually killed one person, and this one’s sure to die on his own. Killing him now would be doing him a favor. “Mutant…Bitch.” That’s all he seems to be able to manage at the moment. Eris glares at him, “Do you know how many of my people have died for that attitude?” She makes a fist. “Maybe you’re right though. If the Death Police show up, they may save his pathetic life.” She stomps the ground and large blue crystal spikes erupt under the boy, impaling him in several places. If Elizabeth read the news paper before the power outage, she may have read a few things about a crystal mutant.

Elizabeth doesn't flinch as the spikes erupt, but she does shift to look at Eris with interest, and grin. "Well, hello there. I've heard of you." She does a mock salute, and a wink. "I'm Liz."

Eris turns to look at Liz. “Oh? Probably from the papers I’m sure.” She looks back down at the blood covered spikes and waves her hand at them. They crack and shatter into dust. “Don’t want them pinning this one on a mutant, too.” The body is now unidentifiable. Just a dismembered corpse riddled with large holes. “The way you speak, I assume that you’re a mutant, like myself. And I also assume that you do not share the other mutants’ pity for those that would see them dead?” She turns back to the woman. “My name is Eris.” She adds this almost as an afterthought.

Elizabeth smirks. "Yeah, I'm a mutant. Did you hear the news about the courtyard being blown up at the University? That was me. Only killed one of the bastards, though." She scoffs, frowning at the memory. "If a human tries to kill me, I'll kill back- mutant too. I'm a survivalist. A realist. And those against mutants deserve death. Fuckers."

Eris raises an eyebrow in surprise. “Actually…No, I didn’t hear about that. I kind of just moved to town and then this happened.” She motions to the city behind her. A few gunshots and some yelling can be heard. “Unfortunately, the mutant who did this seems to have no interest in mutant rights. She always gets upset when I attack people or mention anything that might seem too violent.”

"Bad timing." Elizabeth chuckles. "Mutant did this? Doesn't surprise me. Doesn't really bother me much, aside from I can't exactly go out into the street without being chased." She grins. "I got plenty of publicity after the university thing. Ah well. And of course the dimwit who did this has no idea what is going on. Or she's a hell of a lot more diabolical and smarter than she lets on. Turn off the city- turn the humans against us. What is a better plan than even further mutant hatings? Honestly. Less she wants a full out war. Can see that happening." And she even.. bounces? At the thought?

Eris shakes her head. “Well as I’m sure you’ve read, there’s only a vague description of me in the papers, and I haven’t killed anyone…Yet. I mean, unless they start attacking every red-headed woman my age I’ll be able to wander around for a while at least.” Eris waves a couple flies away from her face. “It seems that the girl had no idea what she was doing. She’s still trying to fix things now.” Eris shakes her head. “It’s really too bad there aren’t more with our viewpoint, though. Maybe we could have achieved something with enough numbers and the state of chaos the city’s in.” So it seems as though Eris feels the same as Liz on some of her viewpoints.

Eris frowns. “The problem is that the mutants don’t want to hear that. All of them who I’ve spoken with want peace. They don’t want to stir up trouble.” She sighs. “Unfortunately killing people makes it hard to move about the city, as you have mentioned. I would kill if necessary, or if I could do it so there were no repercussions.” She motions toward the boy she just slaughtered. “And unfortunately there isn’t really a meeting place to go out and find mutants. I’ve just been trying to hunt them down from what I’ve read in the papers.”

"I hear there is some underground faction- or a group of mutants in hiding. Try to find them? I'm hiding in my apartment with my squeeze. Don't tell him I called him that- he doesn't know who I .. really am." She waves a hand to dismiss that line of thought. "If i weren't for what I was doing, then I'd help you out. I'd have to be a quiet agent if I did. Not like I can show my face around some places, anyway."

“A…Secret mutant underground?” She hasn’t heard that one yet. “I might need to go hunt them down, though if they were that easy to find, I’m sure they wouldn’t exist too long in this city.” She ponders for a moment. “Well if we can manage to gain mutant equality, you won’t need to hide anymore. Unfortunately unless things around here change, none of us are going to be able to go outside without hiding our faces.”

"I haven't found it yet, but I haven't really been looking, either." Elizabeth rolls her shoulder and tilts her head, popping her neck. "Mutant equality? Fucking humans outnumber us. Though maybe this whole nuked apocalypse might even the score." She chuckles.

Eris shakes her head. Unlikely that this power outage reached too far, and yes they do outnumber us. But we’ve got the power. We should be able to walk freely in the streets.” She shakes her head. “Well now I’ve got something else to look for. Something else to ask mutants as I meet them.” Eris turns and starts walking away from the pile of the dead. She’ll come back to count the mutants tomorrow. “Where did you hear this from? Was it from another mutant?” She continues talking as she moves slowly away.

"Rumor." Elizabeth moves to collect her bags and steps to catch up with Eris and move along with her. "I don't think they are interested in rebelling and ruling this place, though, you know? I think they're more interested in hiding and saving their own skin. Otherwise, wouldn't they be out knocking over the mayor in his Town Hall and take over?"

Eris frowns. “Maybe you’re right. Or maybe they just aren’t that well organized, especially with the power outage.” Eris shakes her head. “Someone just needs to tell them that they don’t need to hide any longer.” She smirks at the girl. “Might as well be me, eh?” She looks up at the sun. “Still got a few hours of day left, I’m sure I can bribe something out of somebody.”

"You have fun with that. I could always threaten to burst their brain or something if you need a muscle man." Liz grins. Yup- she'd make a good 'fear' guy.. like Darth Vader! Doesn't care about killing. And can do it so no one ever knows it's coming! "See, you make a little burst, right in the brain. Insta-kill. They fall like noodles." She lifts her free hand, pinching together her thumb and fore-finger to signify 'small', and in front of them- moving as they walk, is a small energy ball that sparkles with various colors, the colors melding from one into another. This marble sized ball then explodes as her fingers come apart, creating a small 'boom', like the sound of a black cat going off- but there is no smoke, and it is gone by the time they walk into where it was.

Eris nods with approval. “Remind me never to piss you off, but I think the last thing we need is a bunch of mutants pissed at us because they didn’t want to help. I could use you when I collect enough people to be a force, but until then I don’t want to cause too many waves. I mean, my crystals can be useful on their own, but I can’t single handedly go out and change the world without any help.” She shakes her head. “The crystals are a good defense, but I can’t do anything ranged with them aside from throwing. Someone comes at me with a gun and I’m stuck in one place. My crystals are strong enough to stop most bullets, but I’ll have to duck and hide.

Elizabeth grins. "Not the only thing I can do. Can also do.. explosions. Fireworks. Blind people." She ticks off her fingers on one hand as if counting off the things she can do. "Mine is mostly offense, or blind defense." She chuckles. "Let me know if you ever need my help."

Eris nods and pulls out that pad she was carrying. She jots down an address to an old hotel on the outskirts of town. "This is where I'm staying…For now. If things don't get back to normal I may move someplace closer to the center of town. If I'm not there just slip a note under the door or something." She looks back to the bodies and toward the city. "But I should probably get going, I've got a lot of people to find and question." Eris would invite Elizabeth to join, but if she's that well known a mutant, Eris doesn't want to have to deal with the activists.

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