Peeble's Repairs
Peeble's Repairs
Owner Anderson Peebles
Business Function Antiques, Repairs, & Pawn Services
Opened est. 1997
Hours of Operation Mon-Fri: 7:30 - 5:00
Location Beacon Hill/South Seattle
Employees Jacob

Whether it's broken, old, or valuable, Peebles is there!


  • Every inch of the front room is stacked to the brim with some sort of antique or another. The whole front window itself is stacked over with magazines, newspapers, books, and the occasional bird cage. Telephones line one wall, with bookshelves on the other containing old jewelry boxes, mannequin heads with wigs, globes, even the occasional glass eye. Everything has a layer of dust on it, except for this or that item that seems to have been moved by some patron or another. There are two paths through the junk to reach the service counter, and a bell to ring if you need assistance and no one is present.

Logs Involving Peeble's Repairs


  • Just inside the front door. Peebles has a unique form of organization.
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