Character Name
Portrayed By Jensen Ackles
Theme Song "Walkie Talkie Man" by Steriogram
Gender Male
Date of Birth December 5, 1985
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases None
Place of Birth Northern California, USA
Occupation Currently Unemployed
Known Relatives Unnamed Mother, Father, and Younger Brother
Significant Other None Yet
Powers Totemic Transmutation
First Appearance N/A


Cheerful – Owen’s a generally happy guy. He can often be seen walking around with a big grin on his face and usually tries to cheer up those around him. He’s quick to bounce back from bad moods and isn’t easily put in them. He tries to keep jokes ready to keep people laughing and happy as well.

Flirty – Owen doesn’t bother to hide the fact that he likes someone. When the situation’s proper, he’s likely to flirt and banter with whoever he finds attractive or interesting. He doesn’t have too much shame and doesn’t mind flirting for fun.

Protective – When he gets a friend or responsibility, Owen becomes rather protective of it. Both on the physical and verbal front, he’ll put himself on the line to make sure what he cares about stays safe. He can be a bit overprotective sometimes but does his best to make sure he doesn’t go too far.

Stubborn – When Owen sets his mind on something, he can be rather difficult to dissuade. He’s the type of guy that when he’s started a course of action, will continue on till he gets what he wants. It’s not to say that he becomes completely unreasonable, it just takes more convincing than usual to get his mind changed.

Confident – Confident in his skills and abilities, Owen’s got no problems showing off if he gets a chance. He’s also one to step up and mention his prowess with things if prompted. He can be seen as a bit arrogant at times due to this.

Kind He may seem arrogant and flirty but Owen’s a nice guy deep down. He’ll help out and keep friends safe. He’s also the type of guy that’ll stop and go out of his way to help some old person carry a box or get some kid’s frisbee out of a tree.


Totemic Transmutation

Through the use of mental energy, Owen is able to use items (totems) to create other items for himself. These items all take the form of glowing blue, semi-transparent light constructs. Each item is as strong as steel and lasts as long as Owen maintains physical contact with it and has focus and energy to make them. What gets made also depends heavily upon the totem used. For instance, a stick isn’t going to become a gun. A sword or club would be possible but not something like a gun. At his current levels, Owen can only create one or two items at a time and is more limited with what shapes he can generate from items. His preferred weapon of choice is a bow that fires concussive energy arrows. It’s the easiest item for him to make at this current moment in time. He’s also limited by the fact that he can only use items he can actually carry as totems and less durable totems are likely to break after a few uses.


First Aid – Owen is trained and certified in first aid and CPR. He passed both courses easily and keeps his certification cards with him. He’s capable of treating minor wounds and can usually help keep an injured person alive until the EMTs arrive.

Archery – Owen used to be good enough at archery where people talked about him going Olympic in the future. Then an eye injury dashed that but the guy’s still got skill. He’s still able to hit targets from good distances and still remembers how to take care of a bow and arrows.

Athletics – Owen was one of the ‘jocks’ in school and he’s kept up what goes with that. Running, climbing, jumping, and generally staying in good shape and health are things he’s good at. He works out every morning, mostly doing things in relation to track and field training.

Teaching – Owen has a teachers’ certification and is qualified to teach grades K-12 in the subjects of physical education and health. He’s had a bit of experience in the actual work and is capable of writing up lesson plans and coming up with tests and all other associated materials and activities. He’s still ‘new’ so he hasn’t learned all the new tricks but all the old excuses and standbys are fresh in his mind from when he used them.

Self Defense – He’s definitely not a ninja of any kind but Owen completed a basic self defense course back home. He’s got the basic moves down for punching, kicking, and throwing. Like most guys, he’d also gotten into a few scuffles in high school and isn’t helpless when it comes to defending himself.

Driving – Owen knows how to drive a standard consumer vehicle. He learned on automatic and can drive stick shift but not nearly as well. He’s no stunt driver but getting from point A to point B is no trouble.


Apartment – It’s not big. In fact it’s pretty much just a bathroom, kitchenette/living area, and a small bedroom but it’s home. Owen’s got a small apartment in the city. He’s just hoping he can keep it.

Totems Well, it’s not like they have ‘TOTEM!’ written on them so these items look like nothing much to most people. But Owen usually carries at least one item he intends to use as a totem at all times. His usual totem of choice is a cross-shaped retractable lanyard (put keys on one end, pull, it retracts when let go) that turns into the bow and arrow he prefers to use. He’s got a couple of them but tends to only carry one at a time. Any time he needs another totem, he’s gotta look around for what he can get his hands on.

Computer Owen’s got a shiny laptop computer. It’s not super advanced but he uses it for any work he has and just surfing around the net or playing games. He’s also been known to open photoshop up and play around with that.


Find a Job – It’s not nice being jobless. Living off some money from parents and what was inherited from a pair of dead grandparents won’t last Owen forever. He wants to find a place to work. And while he’d prefer to get another teaching position, he’s not picky and will take what he can get to fill time and pay bills.

Learn more – He’s got the basics but Owen wants more. Owen wants to know if he can do more with his powers. He also wants to improve what he can already do, hoping to one day either not need totems or improve his options and endurance.

Find a Use – Owen wants to find a purpose for his power. He has it and knows it can do something but he’s not sure just what to do with it. Is there a reason he’s got the weird power? Is he supposed to help people or hurt them? He doesn’t know but he hopes to find something to do with his powers one day.

Mutants – Owen is pretty certain he’s what the news is calling a mutant. Hard not to think it when he can turn stuff into other stuff. He’s worried that this new group of humans will be abused and persecuted by the world at large and wants to help out preventing that somehow.


Item Dependant – Without a totem of some kind, Owen’s powers just don’t work. He still has his fists if he needs to defend himself but unless he’s got a totem, no power usage.

Unemployed – Owen is currently without a job. He’s a new guy in Seattle and has no idea where to even start looking. He will have to find one though. The money he got from his family will last him two months at best before he ends up a homeless guy.

Eyesight – Owen used to wear glasses (and sports goggles) but he’s since upgraded to contacts. He still keeps the glasses and goggles but rarely wears them. Due to a small injury, he has trouble seeing things at a distance clearly. Without one of the three, everything past arms length becomes rather blurry and unclear.

Temper – Owen gets angry easy. And while his anger can be pretty intense, it doesn’t usually last very long. Thankfully, he’s far more likely to lash out verbally than physically when angered.


Born on December 5th, 1985, Owen Mercer’s life was pretty average. Living in Northern California, Owen lived with his parents. Scott Mercer worked as a weatherman and his wife Linda taught at the local elementary school. And only child, Owen was a little spoiled but had a relatively normal childhood. Every summer he’d get sent to a summer camp for two months though. It was thanks to this that he developed a love of the outdoors as well as sports, specifically archery. Even while younger, Owen was pretty good and usually came home with a trophy or two.

When high school rolled around, Owen started to get bullied and ended up getting into fights. It was eventually suggested that Owen try out for some sport instead of getting into the fights so he went out for track and field. He made the team and did pretty well. He was no star but he was well liked. He still went to camp in the summers but had graduated from camper to councilor, supervising the younger kids and continuing to show off his archery skills and athleticism. There was talk of trying to get him to go to competition but Owen was a bit to focused on other things.

It was around age fifteen that Owen was involved in a car accident. No one died, but Owen’s eyes were injured, corneas getting scratched enough where he needed glasses. While Owen was unable to convince his parents to let him get the laser surgery, they did let him get contacts to preserve his ‘image’ at school. The whole ordeal ended the talks of professional archery competition though. High school went on, Owen graduated and even got accepted into college. Before he could go off to college, Owen had one last summer at camp.

It was there that something amazing happened. During a windstorm, Owen had to haul some of the trash from after the kids’ arts and crafts time out. He was just lifting the lid off one can when he heard something above. Looking up, Owen saw a branch falling and brought the arm with the lid up and suddenly…WHOOSH. The lid became a glowing blue shield in the teen’s hand. It didn’t keep him completely unharmed but it saved him from serious hurt. Mystified by this new ability, Owen began trying to get it to happen again the following day while the kids were distracted with a movie. He wasn’t able to do it again until after donating some blood at the Red Cross wagon that came by. They were giving out key chains to everyone that gave blood. Owen put his on and went to play around out by the archery targets while the others gave blood. After a few shots, he broke the old beat up bow he was using. Grumbling, he started to wish he didn’t have to go all the way to the supply shed to pick up another bow when…WHOOSH. Keychain became a bow and arrow. He tried a shot and knocked the legs right off the target. It was a startling development and something that boggled the guy for a few days before he started practicing in private more and more.

Eventually, College rolled around. Owen decided to take after his mother and go into teaching. Using his athletic skill, he steered his studies towards getting certification in teaching physical education. College itself was mostly uneventful aside from a burnt down dorm and Owen graduated proudly. Making his way to a town not to far from were he grew up, Owen got a job as a gym teacher at the local high school. He enjoyed two semesters of working with the kids. Unfortunately, state budget cuts forced him to be let go in favor of more experienced teachers.

Without a job and getting the news of his grandparents’ deaths upon getting home, Owen decided it was time for a change. He packed up, rented a truck, and decided to head up to Seattle. Now he’s in the city with a nice little apartment and searching out what to do next.


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