Omnilingualism, also called Lingual Intuition or Language Deciphering/Interpretation is the ability to innately speak, write, understand and communicate any language, including computer codes, languages he’s never heard before, sign language (even lip-reading), illegible words, and backwards speech and writing. A superhuman with this ability could even communicate with animals or read body language. This ability works by either or both of two psionic faculties:

  • Receptive Omnilingualism- psionic translation of any written language into the user's own native tongue, or through subliminal intuition of what is meant by physical communication. This ability may even employ telepathic faculty, where the psychic energy is read (by hearing or sight) to understand what the message is meant to convey.
  • Projective Omnilingualism- psionic translation of one's native tongue or telepathic/subliminal broadcast of one's communication intentions to the minds of others, so that one can speak one's own language and be understood by people who normally wouldn't understand the speaker. The user of this ability may not be able to understand others, but only cause them to understand him.

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