Album: Negative Zero
Negative Zero
Studio album by Negative Zero
Released 2002
Genre Hard Rock
Length 36:38
Label Virgin
Producer Chad Kroeger, Joey Moi

Negative Zero is the self-titled debut by the band Negative Zero released in 2002.

Album Information

The album contained the hit single "Make Up Your Mind". It also featured the singles "Nothing Could Come Between Us" and "The Last Song," (which was originally called "Negative Zero" until the band changed the title of the song to the band name), both of which were solely written by Derek Vinyard, the band's lead singer. The album has a Parental Advisory label on it even though it only contains expletives on two songs. A clean version was released that removed the expletives on the two songs.

Track listing

# Title Length Song
1. Invisible Man 2:41 Listen
2. Nothing Could Come Between Us 3:24 Listen
3. Make Up Your Mind 4:02 Listen
4. Point to Prove 3:38 Listen
5. Leg to Stand On 3:26 Listen
6. What You Deserve 4:00 Listen
7. The Last Song 4:27
8. Say I'm Sorry 3:15 Listen
9. Any Other Way 3:47 Listen
10. Confession 3:57
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