Molecular Manipulation

A powerful ability to be sure but dangerous too. The person gifted with this power is often cursed as well. The power works by being able to alter the characteristics of a molecule in almost any way shape or form which allows energy to be generated or neutralized, the covalent bonds between atoms can be broken or formed (never less than 1 and never more than 8 atomic bonds) to make different substances, the spin of the atoms can even be altered to change the substance's heat level. The downsides? At the early phases of the power several of these abilities are active but extremely difficult to control. Energy and, by association, magnetic fields can be formed that wreak havoc on electronics and flesh in close proximity making the need for surge protection and special protections against the harddrive damage important… just about everything that could go wrong will go wrong at some point. The Achilles heel of this is both the possibility of self injury and the need for time and materials. Something cannot be made from nothing and working on the molecular level means unless it's hurried it will take quite a while to do something in a large scale and fine details may not be possible.

Character Limit: 1

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