Meteorite Madness


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Summary: Eris and Ash go to the park to investigate the Meteor Shower that occurred here. They happen upon Tyler and Dusty. Believing that Ash intends to use found meteor fragments to somehow threaten the mutant community, Eris attempts to intervene.

Date: May 23, 2009

Meteorite Madness

Rating: PG

Madison Park

This small, city park serves as a source of entertainment as well as place to relax and enjoy the are around it. The park itself is nestled into and between the mass of buildings within the area as well as other restaurants and other businesses as it can nearly be easily missed from the rest of the clutter surrounding it. The park, surprisingly is clean as well as sports a small playground for kids to enjoy themselves in. A few benches and pathways line the are as it also holds a decent jogging trail for the casual individual to exercise on.

The small area is rather lush with greenery, which might seem odd for a place stuck in the middle of the city. Surrounding lush trees, plants and vibrant flowers fill within and ads a bit of enhancement to the block. Birds can be heard mostly during the daytime as pigeons, ducks and squirrels seem to mostly make their home here. There's a quiet pond off to the side and sports a small fountain that shoots up rays of silvery liquid into the air. During the daytime people can be seen here enjoying themselves under the sun's bright rays and even at night the cascading reflection of the moon shines it light upon the place in a quiet, mystic reverie.

The park isn't quite as crowded as one would expect it to be the Saturday before Memorial Day. A few children are playing with a dog in one corner, their parents close by setting up a picnic. There are a couple of joggers and one person at a bench reading a book, aside from that the place seems relatively empty. It certainly isn't the weather that's keeping people at bay, it's a nice day. The sun is sunny and there are large white clouds high up in the sky. There is a nice breeze which forewarns a coming storm, but it probably won't hit until after sundown.

The reason most people are probably avoiding this park might have something to do with the mysterious meteor shower that occurred here about a week ago. These events seem to have caused a few people to choose other parks to visit on days like today, but one woman in particular was drawn here for this exact reason. Eris steps onto the grass after exiting a taxi and paying her fair. She looks around and walks forward, nothing looks too out of place. She is wearing tight black jeans and a green midriff. Her red hair blows a bit in the wind as she narrows her eyes to take in her surroundings. This is where the news had reported that event had taken place. If Eris has any hopes of discovering others like herself she needs to investigate these areas of activity thoroughly.

Tyler is one of the said joggers, his jogging outfit on as he has a cigarette hanging from one lip. He moves at a steady pace along the path that he takes through the park, puffing away on the cigarette as he moves.

The whirr of a high performance small engine heralds the arrival of motorcyclist clad in protective leathers that also hides their identity. The Blackbird pulls up to parking space in the park and the rider kicks out the stand, letting the bike come to a rest at a slight incline. Removing her helmet, Ash tosses her hair about and then pulls her gloves off, eyes slowly scanning her surroundings. So is this where she is supposed to look for it?

Eris stoops low to examine something on the ground and frowns. Nothing here. She looks around and stands up, turning behind her as she hears an approaching cycle. She heads toward the motorcyclist not because she wishes to speak with her, but because she happens to be standing next to a charred, dead tree. She walks past Ash and up toward the tree, stepping directly into the path of some jogging guy who's smoking a cigarette. She gives him a not-so-friendly look as she walks right in front of him. Who smokes while jogging? What a waste of time.

Ash doesn't pay the other woman much attention at first until she notices that she is approaching the charred remains of a nearby tree. "Well that'd be a start," Ash tells herself while following after Eris, eyes lowered towards the ground as if in search of something. The footfalls of a runner cause her to look up towards the jogger a moment. 'Hmm. His face seems familiar.'

Tyler doesn't seem to notice Eris or Ash as he jogs, taking out his cigarette and flicks it to the ground as he finishes with it, continuing on his pace. He doesn't seem to be making an attempt to move around Eris as she gets in his way either.

Eris continues forward, narrowing her eyes a little more as this man throws his cigarette butt on the ground. What a jerk, who litters a park? She stops to look up at the tree, right in Tylers path. If he does not stop and neither of them move or change direction, they will surely collide. Eris raises her hand to shield her eyes from the sun as she looks up at the tree. The impact damage seems minimal, it seems what killed this tree was the fire. She turns slightly, the motorcyclist also seems interested in this tree. Eris will be silent for now, perhaps she is misunderstanding.

Ash's nose crinkles at the smell of the cigarette but she has little concern towards it. Instead she continues to sweep the ground with her gaze, even going as far as to bend down to pick something up. 'Is this it?' Ash's fingers clasp around what appears to be a black rock. Instead the crumpled up ball of burnt paper crumbles to pieces under her touch. 'Gah.'

Tyler continues to job on his path, moving around the two women. He slows down a bit as he looks at the women who seem to be interested in dead plants. He shakes his head slightly before he continues on his run. A closer look would show that Tyler isn't sweating.

Eris smirks as the man moves to avid her. She watches him for a moment and doesn't seem to see that he is not sweating, this is because the actions of Ash seem to have caught her attention. She turns quickly as she sees the woman crouch to pick something up, but then notices that it is paper and turns back to the tree, walking up and running her fingers across the charred bark. Without facing Ash she begins to speak. "I doubt you would be able to find one so easily. If they were traveling fast enough to do this to a tree they are probably at least a few feet below the ground…" Below the ground, of course. Eris closes her eyes. There IS something odd, a mineral she is unfamiliar with seems to be collected in small pockets around this area.

Ash's eyes widen slightly as she takes a short draw of air, surprised by Eris' words. Straightening she moves closer but keeps several arm lengths away, just in case. "Are you looking for the same thing too?" The young woman's hands go to rest atop each hip.

Tyler stops in his steps as he hears the two women talking before he looks at the two. "You guys looking for that meteor? I'm sure scientists already got it."

"I suspect we are looking for the same thing, yes." Eris walks away from the tree and heads directly toward Tyler. She gives him a quizzical expression. "Yes, I am looking for the rocks, at least, and I do not believe that they collected all of them, as that would be quite difficult to do.” She stops a few feet in front of Tyler. "This is strange, I am unfamiliar with this mineral…It could be iridium…" She stoops down and places her hand on the ground. A few moments later she stands, holding a small black sphere in her hand. She looks over her shoulder toward Ash, "The question is, why are you looking for the meteorites?" She gives no explanation of herself, and she made no effort to hide what appeared to be some sort of mutant ability from Tyler, Ash, or anyone else close enough to see. She gives Ash a fierce look. "Why are you trying to find the man who made it rain meteors?"

"My methods are my own," Ash replies in an almost philosophic tone. Her eyes shoot towards the rock which the woman holds in hand. "So a man caused this to occur? It was not natural?" This bit of information gives surprise to Ash who again allows the shock to be seen within her expression. Her eyes trace back up to the other woman's face.

Dusty is just wandering the park and apparently enjoying the haze, Dusty walks nose-up, with a wide grin on her face. "I would never have guessed I'd have said this one day, but I like this fog. It reminds me of home.", she comments. Two, three steps in her dreamy state then she shakes her head. "Oh, what am I saying? That's a bunch of rubbish, I can't stand fog!" When she notices the burnt tree, she heads straight for it.

Eris gives Ash a rather nasty look. She apparently does not approve of that response, but she continues with her explanation all the same. "Yes, the man they interviewed after the event said so. Well, he said a man STOPPED the meteor shower, anyway. That idiot probably thought he could make it look like a mutant saved the day, rather than caused the mayhem." She examines the rock in her hand, turning it over and looking rather closely. "Why not let them know it was a mutant who caused this shower. Maybe they'd leave us alone if they thought we could control things in outer-space." Eris looks up as the sun is obscured by one of the clouds drifting overhead. This cloud looks a bit darker than the others, and pulls a bit of cool wind and mist with it. She frowns at the sky and moves to her left, heading toward the girl in the skirt. Eris stoops again and stands with a second meteorite.

Ash looks slightly offended by the other woman's expression. "Well since you have two now," the korean replies back, stepping forward and holding out her hand to receive one of the rocks, as if Eris might actually part with one. "They leave you alone?"

Dusty approaches the people at the tree. "'Allo, 'allo!", she chips in arriving after the verbal exchange is over. "So, what is going on this fine day?" She then looks down at the burnt stomp. "…ouch!", she then comments with a grimace. "Gor blimey!", she comments, taking her hand to her mouth. "I had read the radio bulletin about the meteor shower, but… my God, who could have done this? It's… it's.." She twitches a little, apparently unable to find the right words.

Eris holds the two rocks up and examines them both. They are roughly the same size. She closes her eyes with one in each palm. “Their mineral composition is identical. It is likely they are from the same parent rock.” She opens her eyes and closes her hands around the stones. “And why should I give you one? For all I know you could be someone from the media trying to tarnish the mutant name. Or someone from the military trying to collect evidence on my people.” At this point the British girl shows up. Eris is not unfamiliar with people from Europe, but she gives the girl a quizzical look all the same. “A mutant.” She looks over at the tree. “Shame that’s all he did.” And in response to Ash’s second question, “They would do well to leave me alone. Those who don’t tend not to bother me a second time.”

"Hey, be that way," Ash replies with a shrug as she reaches into a pocket of her leather jacket and pulls out a small spade. "I'll just find one on my own, lady." The Korean's blue eyes shift towards the British girl. "A shame that's all he did? What, you wanted something worse?" Ash seems shocked that both women are so keen on the idea of mutants.

Dusty wrinkles her forehead. "Oh my goodness, they can do this? And worse?" She shudders, then hunches over, and taps on the charred bark to assess the damage. Chips of carbonised wood fall to the ground, which, somehow, seems to stir even more discomfort in Dusty. She bites her lower lip, as if for squelching an unstoppable urge, which she finally yields to: she opens her bag, rummages through it, extracts a portable vacuum cleaner (which looks like one of those electric crumb cleaners), and starts cleaning up the extraneous particles from the ground. "Messy, messy, messy.", she mutters.

Eris smirks at the Korean woman. “The media makes us out to be monsters, and so that is how people view us. The way I see it, we may as well be as dangerous as they say we are. They’re going to try and force us into laboratories or zoos anyway, might as well fight back.” She narrows her eyes at the spade the woman is holding. “And if you think for one second that…that…” Eris turns to look at Dusty. Is she vacuuming the ground? Eris has no words for this. She slowly turns her head back toward Ash. “I do not know your intentions. Because you will not tell me, I can only assume that they are not in the best interest for mutant kind.” She narrows her eyes further. “Not that you could collect the stones as quickly as me anyway, but I cannot allow you to take any evidence from this park.” One of the other joggers has jogged near and stops, running in place. He gives Dusty a pitied look and rummages through his pocket for a moment, tossing some loose change toward who he assumes to be a crazy woman.

"You're only a monster if you act like one," Ash replies back. "Then all you do is confirm what the media was saying all along." The young woman begins to stoop down to dig at what appears to be a small impact in the ground… or is that a gopher hole? Its then the words of Eris that really catches her off guard. "You cannot allow me? Hey it's a free country and this is a public space." Her eyes shoot towards the young woman who is vacuuming at the tree. Ok now that is something you don't see every day.

Dusty doesn't notice the coin being tossed at her, too intent of doing a good job. She switches her portable vacuum off, stands up, straightens her clothes, and eyes the floor she's just finishes vacuuming, the particles of burnt wood now gone. She closes one eye, adjusts the ground by sweeping her foot around the recently vacuumed area, and gives it a little tap. She shows increasing signs of discomfort at the mention of mutants, monsters, et cetera. "Us? You mean you are a… you know… a… Hey, look, someone dropped a coin!", she finally exclaims, picking it up, sounding a little relieved that she, somehow, managed to switch subjects.

“You just don’t get it, do you? It doesn’t matter if you’re a monster or not. If you are perceived by the media as a monster, you’ll get treated the same either way. The difference is, that if you actually give them a reason to fear you, they are more likely to leave you alone.” Eris watches Ash stoop down and closes her eyes. Yes, there is a stone there. She also stoops down and places a hand to the ground. A few moments later she is holding a third meteor fragment. Apparently she can attract the stones to her somehow. In case that display was missed by Dusty, she verbally affirms what the girl is about to say. “Yes, I am a mutant…And maybe you can use that coin to buy some wits.” Wow, she‘s a friendly one, isn‘t she? She turns back to Ash, “You are wrong. This is not a free country. This country holds my people as second class citizens, and I can only assume that you are collecting these rocks to make sure that we stay that way.” She holds up the third stone to look at it, this one is slightly larger than the other two. “Now tell me why you need them so badly. Maybe we can help each other out.”

Shhhk! The spade goes into the ground surrounding the gopher/meteor impaction. Ash looks up from the task at hand as the other woman procures another fragment with little effort. "Give them a reason to fear you? That sounds like a dangerous line to be walking." The spade comes back out of the ground now since the object being sought is in Eris' hand. "Where do you come up with this stuff… second class citizen. You're blowing things way out of proportion," the Korean tries reasoning evenly, looking the other in the eye. "If I told you that was to help mutants, would you give me it?" A glance goes towards Dusty. 'I'm glad she's here… in case things go wrong.'

Dusty manages to take the comment about needing to buy wits with an unusual aplomb. She looks at both sides of the coin, and decides not to comment, putting it in her pocket. She watches the extractions (and extraction attempts) going on. "…actually, I usually prefer to be elsewhere if things have a chance to go wrong.", she objects, quietly, but without any change in posture "…especially if they have a chance of going /horribly/ wrong. We aren't in a going horribly wrong kind of situation here, are we?"

Eris looks at Ash as though she’s trying to figure something out. “At this point in time my views may seem drastic, but if action is not taken then you will see people treating mutants as experiments and animals. Trust me on that.” She holds the three stones in the palm of her hand. “If you can convince me somehow that you do indeed have the best intentions of mutants in mind then I will give you some of these stones. But I also want to know what you intend to do with them. I cannot risk giving them to someone who would do something to land them in the hands of the enemy.” Hands of the enemy? Delusional much? She gives Dusty a sidelong glance. “Things will only go horribly wrong if I determine that this woman over here is somehow a detriment to my people.” She looks Ash in the eye. “And in that case it would only go horribly wrong for her.”

"Deteriment to /your/ people," Ash replies eyes widening. "What are you, like, Hitler, or something. Geeze lady, take a big blue chill pill." The hand upon the spade tightens in case this gets physical. Will it? "I'm not so sure where you are getting all these ideas, but they are seriously wacked. Forget it. Keep your rocks." Ash turns away and begins to scour the ground for another impact hole. An eye is kept upon Ms. Dustbuster. As long as there is a witness…

Dusty raises a finger and asks, "…May I be excused now? I think I have some urgent matters that need being taken care of. I hope you don't mind, right? I shall quietly move away…" She takes one, two, three slow steps backwards. "…while not being a threat to anyone's people.", she says.

Eris sighs at Ash. “Hitler put those he felt were a threat into prisons, just as the government wishes to do to my people now. I am not Hitler. I am…Winston Churchill…I guess.” She stops for a moment to try and figure out if that sentence made any sense at all. “Anyway, I’m the one who…Why am I even telling you this? You want the rocks, try and take them. But by now you must have figured out that as long as I’m here you won’t be able to dig any up.” She looks over at Dusty. “What? Why would we care if you left?” Eris is suddenly suspicious and moves closer to Dusty, trying to figure out if she maybe found a piece of the meteor and was trying to get away with it before Eris noticed. Eris senses nothing suspicious and just gives the woman a condescending look. “Go, if you want.” Eris does not realize it, but she is quite far from Ash now. She is too far to sense the minerals in the ground near Ash.

"Fine then," Ash replies turning about to face the other woman. She folds her arms across her chest. "I have all day. Or are you omnipresent as well?" As Eris turns away Ash quickly puts her spade into the ground near another small impact crater and begins rapidly digging, one hand fingering the loose soil for a sample.

There are probably a million things Dusty would say, witty retorts she could come up with without buying the extra wit that coin could get her. However, you just don't anger a mutant. You know what the tabloids say, they can make meteors fall, they can kill people with a snap of their finger, they are involved in a conspiracy against regular humans, and have illicit liaisons with movie stars, often producing two-headed babies. So Dusty just nods, politely takes leave, and walks away with a quick pace, not really running. No sudden movements in front of a mutant, it might get angry. For an added measure, she doesn't breathe. She can't remember if it was bears, or bees, or mutants you can trick this way, but why risk?

Eris still isn’t paying much attention to Ash at the moment. She remains too distracted by Dusty’s odd behavior. She takes a few steps toward the girl as she walks away, watching to make sure she doesn’t do anything sneaky. Eris is suddenly distracted by something else. She can sense the meteor that has lodged itself in the tree. That’s going to be a harder stone to get to. It may require drastic measures and she is unsure whether or not she wants to go through the trouble in broad daylight, especially since it isn’t like this particular rock is going anywhere.

Ash continues to dig at and impact, to the depth of several inches. Turning over a wad of loose earth she begins to finger through it, finding a small stone. Is this a fragment of the meteor? Ash tries to clean off the stone with her fingers to get a closer look all the while Eris seems distracted.

Eris frowns at the tree, holding her hand against its charred bark. There’s no way she can pull that through the wood without destroying the tree first. Eris turns slowly to head back out to the grassy area of the park. The fragments in the ground are much easier for her to detect and extract, so she’ll start with them. Eris glances over at Ash for the first time in several minutes. She frowns, looks like Ash is holding something. Eris approaches the girl and closes her eyes. Yup, seems like she’s got one of the fragments. “Thanks for digging that up for me, but I really don’t need your help.” Her tone is dark, almost threatening. She wants that stone.

"Finders keepers," Ash replies simply, standing slowly, one small hand wrapped tightly about the stone with the other grips the spade. Her own expression is firm, not willing to back down. Slowly the korean begins to back away, still facing the other woman, just in case something should happen.

“That wasn’t a request, my dear…Now hand it over before I am forced to take it from you.” She is using a fake cutesy voice now, the way one would speak to a child to get them to come out of hiding. Eris opens the hand that does not have the stones in it and something odd begins to happen. It looks at though green crystal is growing out of her hand. The crystal takes the form of a small dagger, no larger than the spade which Ash is holding. “You will not tell me who you are or why you seek these stones. I can only interpret your silence as a sign of mal-intent toward the individual who shed them. If you do not return the stone to me I will be forced to take action against you.” The other people in the park seem far enough away not to notice such a small weapon, though the jogger who threw Dusty some change is circling around again.

"Dude, lady, chill," Ash replies, her voice pitching higher as her eyes almost cross at the sight of the crystal that grows from her hand. Well that would explain how she has such an affinity for stones. She continues to back away, getting ever closer to her motorcycle. "You have three, I have one." Spade to dagger combat, would she really?

Eris narrows her eyes. “All I want is the stone and you can run along home.” She approaches Ash slowly. She glances down at the spade and smirks, her own dagger growing by about a foot into a small sword. “Just give it to me and no body gets hurt…Too badly.” It seems as though she has malicious intent no matter what Ash decides to do. Eris continues to advance, raising her blade in an attack stance. The jogger approaching from behind slows down as he sees what is happening. He rummages through his pocket and runs forward, holding something black in his hand. As he approaches Eris, his footfalls cause her to turn to face the unknown threat. “What do you think you’re….AAAAA!” Her sentence turns into an angry scream as the man sprays her in the face with pepper spray. She drops her dagger and backs up, rubbing her eyes. “You bastard, I’ll kill you for that.” She seems less able to do that now, however. The jogger waves a hand at Ash, indicating that she should run before running off himself. The family across the park seems to have noticed the incident and begins to move further away as well.

As the crystal stretches out, Ash's eyes similarly widen until she looks quite frightened at Eris' approach. Her hand ratchets about her own meager weapon. Unlike the movies this isn't going to end well. Suddenly an unexpected well timed samaritan catches the other woman's attention. "Look out," Ash yelps to the other, trying to warm him against the weapon. Fortunately he has the essence of surprise and the pepper spray goes off. As the other woman covers her eyes, Ash presses forward, slamming her knuckles into the shoulder of the other woman to make her loose her balance. While she teeters Ash scoops up the crystal blade. "Get out of here," she tells the man while running herself. The Korean is quick to mount the bike. She triggers the ignition. The engine roars to life.

Eris feels a sharp impact on her shoulder and goes down hard, still rubbing her eyes. “You Bitch! I’ll get you for this!” Assuming that her attackers are still nearby, Eris slams her hands flat on the ground, causing several large spikes of black crystal to erupt out of the ground immediately around her. No one is close enough to be caught up in this attack, Eris did it more to keep people back. She shakes her head and tries to open her eyes. The world is blurry but now that the initial shock has worn off, she is just left with the stinging pain. She shakes her head and stands up, squinting in Ash’s direction. It seems that the man has escaped for now, but the girl is still within Eris’s sights. She pulls back her arm and hurls something toward Ash. It appears to be a small throwing star made of the same crystal the dagger is made of. Although Eris tends to have good aim, Ash is quite far away and Eris’s vision is compromised. There is a very slim chance that the star will strike anywhere near the fleeing girl.

Ash ducks for the incoming star but its more of ill timed reaction than anything. The object passes well overhead thanks to the half blind thrower. "Sheeeeesh," Ash exclaims while gunning the Blackbird's engine. Ash leaps the curb and pulls a quick doughnut upon the grass. Ok while she might suck at spade to spade combat and dodging throwing stars she's at least quite proficient on a bike. Taking one last look at the other woman's face, Ash squeezes the throttle throwing up a shower of grass as the rear wheel spins momentarily. Then with a lurch the bike leaps forward back on the pavement. Within moments the Korean is moving rapidly, hair whipping about unrestrained in the wind as she makes a quick escape, one stone and one crystal dagger in hand.

Eris slams her fist on the ground with rage as she hears the sound of the bike diminish. As she slams her fist a few of the crystal spikes cleave and fall apart. She stands and rubs her eyes a few times before turning quickly to face behind her. There is the sound of sirens approaching. Eris curses one last time, scoops up the rocks she has collected, and takes off in the opposite direction from the sirens.

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