Mary Beauchamps
Portrayed By Gina Carano
Theme Song None
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 4, 1981
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Astrological Sign
Aliases Scourge
Place of Birth Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Private Detective
Known Relatives Réjean Beauchamps (Father, deceased), Julie Lafleur (Mother, deceased), Rose Lafleur (grandmother)
Significant Other None
Powers Degeneration
First Appearance N/A



Never one to rush things, Mary always takes the time to analysis everything before making a move. She's not hasty, knowing full well that rash actions only lead to problems. She tries to keep to a minimum the actions that could endanger others or herself and believes that an ounce of care is worth a pound of medicine.


Discipline is a big aspect of Mary's life. Ever since she was young, she has been taking classes of martial arts and she has made it more than just a way to train her body, but also to train her mind to their code of conduct. With the passing years, Mary has developed a strong will and an unyielding discipline. Her extensive training has allowed her over the years to exert an almost perfect control over her body and mind. The way her body reacts to situations, the way her emotions can show. She is able to control them. It does not mean that she represses them, but she is able not to be overcome by them. It took her a long time to achieve this sync with herself, this sort of harmony with herself, and this is part of the result in the end.

This means that Mary might seem to be totally different persons on different situations. When she is on the field, as an international police officer, she seemed to be a cold and efficient soldier, with no mercy whatsoever, no matter the situation. However, out of her uniform, she's a brilliant young woman, with a smile, ambition and will to live. She does not repress her emotions. Repression does not mean control. If she wants to cry, she will cry, if she wants to scream, she will scream, but those emotions, she knows to control them when the situation demands it and she can do it with relative ease. Pressure and stress barely affects her and she can deal with it with ease. Though since most people encounter her while she's working or on duty, the first impression she might give is that one a cold and stern woman.

Through her training in aikibudo, she has a strong respect for hierarchy. She is loyal and honest, and isn't the kind to obey the orders of her superiors, once she knows they share similar goals and earned her respect. Focus is another thing she gained from her training. She is able to put everything else aside to concentrate on a given task without straying from it until it's complete.

Good versus evil

Control has always been an important aspect of Mary's life. Through her disciplined training, she has learned to master her body and mind, to be in sync with it and control herself. Things have always been like that and being able to control those aspects of her life have grown to be something very important to Mary. Through recently, the manifestation of her powers, the problems and danger that goes with it and how awry it can be makes Mary totally confused and at loss. She loses all of her self-control when this occur, as she does not know any way to stop it or control it. It leads to panic, and the strong and stalwart woman becomes quite vulnerable when it happens.

Mary always followed her ideals to fight the crime and to protect and serve the people. It has always been like this ever since her parents have been murdered. She holds no grudge against it, and has learned to accept it. Now she tries to make sure things like that would not happen to others.

However, ever since her powers have manifested, she has grown to hate this new part of herself. A part she has never wanted and cannot rid herself of. This intense hate against it, this fear of her powers, mixed with the events that occurred has caused her to develop a neurosis. A mental disorder. Her psych, in a reaction of self-defense to the shocks of the events she went through when her powers first manifested, has created an alter ego, a sort of way to force Mary to accept this part of her she has.

Unfortunately, this alter ego Mary's psych created is all the opposite of her beliefs. Since Mary has been associating this power with murder and evil, her alter ego has grown to follow beliefs along the lines of destroy and punish. Her alter ego embraces and loves the power she was given, using it to commit evil deeds (it's hard to do something good with a degeneration power).

This manifestation of her alter ego is merely a way for Mary's psych to try and make her accept her power. The more Mary denies it, the stronger the manifestation becomes and her alter ego becomes, as a sort of defensive reaction to Mary trying to block it. For Mary, this is a new situation. A total loss of control, and she has never lived such total loss of control.



Mary is a very intuitive woman. She lives true to her heart and she follows her intuitions. Her training and her discipline of the mind and body has allowed her to be more alert to her intuitions and she is able to listen to the signs her body tells. This generally gives her a different perception and insight of her surrounding and she's often able to feel or see details others might miss. As of sort, it allows her sometimes to feel danger coming, know when a person's lying, bluffing, or if she's missing something important.

There are different form of charisma. For some persons, it represents the charm and ability to persuade people through smooth talking. The art of influencing others through speech. Mary has a strong presence that surrounds her, an intimidating presence due to her stern, rigid and unyielding behavior. She projects a strong image of confidence, poise and ease, and the fact she has a very good control over her reactions, emotion and body merely enforces this image.


Never give up. Mary is an infinite pool of will, perseverance and patience. When she focuses on a task, no matter the obstacles, nothing is too great to be overcome. She is relentless and will do everything in her power to do the task at hand. Be it learn to control her very own powers, to manage a job she was given. She doesn't know when to give up or quit. She is courageous, but not reckless, however. She won't push things to the point of endangering anyone's well being and knows when is a good time to draw back or let go… For the moment, only to wait to find a better way to perform the given task.



Degeneration is the ability to psychically cause any cells or molecule composed mainly of carbon to degrade. It acts as a powerful catalyst that breaks the links between the atoms and causes those molecules to be torn apart and reduced to their crudest elements, atoms. The speed of the process can vary and depends on the size of the affected matter.


In macroscopic terms, what does this mean? Basically, Mary has the ability to make living organism rot, quite literally. Whether it's limited to her touch or in an emanated radius around of her, living beings grow sicken, old wounds are re-opened, old afflictions return and eventually, the subject ends up dead as their cells are being are destroyed. In its weakest manifestation, it can slow down the healing process, stop it and in its worse case, reverse it completely and cause death.

Unfortunately, Mary has no control whatsoever on the manifestation of her powers. Sometimes, they lay dormant inside of her, and other times they manifest, causing her clothes to rot, or causing uneasiness, sickness or worse, injuring people around of her. It manifests in two different ways. The least dangerous one, at least, that Mary believes, is when it affects merely things very close to her. To a certain extend, she needs to touch them to affect them. In this case, she can at least control what happens around of her.

The other form of manifestation is a sort of invisible emanation around of her. The radius and intensity varies, but could easily reach up to a fifty feet. The effect is pretty much the same as when it has limited range, things around of her withers and dies, the closest to her, the stronger the effect is.

Due to the nature of her powers, there's always a lingering aura of death that seems to surround her. An aura that only those with enhanced senses can feel. It generally makes people that are sensible uneasy around Mary. Animals feel that sort of things and Mary has a strong antipathy toward animals because of this. Birds will fly away when she approaches, cats shriek and run away, dogs bark and whine… While animals are hostile toward her, they generally won't attack but simply try to run away from her if they can. They're just frightened by her presence.



Ever since Mary was twelve, she has been training in the martial art of Aikibudo. Aikibudo is a Japanese martial art used for self-defense. It inherits its teachings from the samurais. It gives its students bare-handed techniques of self-defense against armed or unarmed aggressions and grapples. It also teaches its students how to wield weapons such as bokken (wooden saber), tanto (wooden knife) and bo (long staff).


Ai means harmonization, Ki means energy, Bu means power used for peace, Do means path. In all, it basically means The path of harmony through martial practices. To Mary, this isn't only a martial art, but also a code of conduct and a way of living. Currently, she has been in many tournaments and has earned many grades in Aikibudo. She is currently a rokudan, which means she has achieved the fourth dan of Aikibudo.


Mary has learned how to use weapons. Not only pistols, but other firearms such as semi-automatic rifles and automatic rifles. She is also an excellent marksman and has received training in using a sniper rifle. She knows how to assemble weapons and clean every part of the weapons and the general mechanics of the weapons she casually had to use.

First Aid

In parts of her training to become a police officer, Mary has been instructed the basic forms of first aid. She has learned to provide immediate medical attention in the midst of combat, should someone be injured by firearms, have broken bones, or any other sort of injuries that can occur on the field.

Physical Aptitudes

Mary truly is a fine specimen of the human race when it comes to her physical capacities. Strict and constant training through her life has brought her to the peak of her condition. Both in stamina, vigor, agility, reflexes and power. Swift like a runner, gracious like a dancer, agile like a gymnast and with the strength of a boar. To keep herself in such condition, she keeps on training, as she believes that having a healthy body and healthy mind is the only way to achieve control over herself.


Part of her job is going out on the field, in the darkest alleys in the most foreboding places. Due to the nature of her job, Mary has learned the art of survival in urban settings. As of sort, she has a particular instinct and wits when it comes to venturing around the streets, about what to expect, where to go and not to go, and the general lay out of cities, from its good sides, to its bad sides. Knowledge of slang speech, of gang organization and general knowledge of layout of the town makes her pretty at ease and confident in an urban setting. She has learned a few tricks from the streets, the basic for escape artists and sleight of hands tricks.



Due to her job, both her previous one as an ex-agent of international police and to her recent job of private detective, Mary has a good network of contacts. Want something? Need information? Mary probably knows someone who could offer a hand… Of course, everything and every information comes with a price.


Personal Possessions

Mary isn't particularly wealthy — she was paid well while she worked for the international police, but due to the problems she had when she quit, she was a few months with no income. Currently, she works as a private detective and earns enough money to pay her bills and have food for diner. Though she can't afford any excess, and in rough times she might have to find ways to get extra income. She lives in a small apartment, nothing fancy and owns a motorcycle. Her mean of transportation.


Being a private detective can be dangerous. To protect herself, Mary has a few weapons. Thanks to some persons she knows in the international police, she managed to get herself a few weapons for self-defense. She possesses a taser gun, two Beretta pistols, manacles a Kevlar vest and mace. She also possesses plenty of ammunition she needs for her weapons, and an bokkan (wooden saber).



Mary's ambition is to keep fighting crime. The reason why she joined the international police was to fight crime and arrest those who commit evil deeds and doesn't respect the law. Unfortunately, when her powers have manifested, she was forced to take extended vacations for an undetermined period of time (a respectful way of firing her). While she still aspires to return in this organization and keep fighting crime with them, Mary continues to live her life true to her ambitions, as a private detective… However, it doesn't give her the same satisfaction, it's not as rewarding as her previous career.


After the problems and cases she has been into, Mary has been put in an prolonged vacation from her position in the international police. More or less, this means that her career came to an abrupt end. However, she does not lose hope to continue on this path eventually, once she'll have done some cleanup in her life and managed to rid herself of this accursed power or find a way to repress it.

Power Control

One of Mary's dearest desire is to gain control over her powers. She wishes over all else to find a way to suppress it and will it away. At the very least, if she were able to control it, it would be a good start. To this end, she believes that her continued training of her body and mind will help her achieve this goal, as it helped her control her body and emotions, but to little avail so far. Though little does she know that the more she fears and hates it, the more it goes awry.




Having lost her job, which was her career and everything to her, Mary has gone through severe depression. The changes in her life made things a bit hard on her and getting back up on her feet wasn't easy. She had a few ordeals to go through, and the constant lack of control she has on her powers and the fact it seems to manifest itself more often makes it hard on her rehabilitation. Even though now she managed to settle back and start her life anew, she is still depressive and is taking medicine to help her overcome this mental disorder.


Along with her powers, all of Mary's experiences has led up to some neurosis. Mental disorders — nothing serious enough to make it impossible for her to function in society, but after the incidents she has, she has been diagnosed to be suffering from light personality disorder. The fact that she has the power to kill unwillingly people around her has troubled her. It's a moral conflict between good and evil, a sort of hate toward what she has become, a non-acceptance of herself. According to the psychiatrist's analysis, in a reaction of self-defense to the shocks of the events Mary had to endure would have caused Mary's psych to create another ego very much alike herself, but that embraces her power and loves it. This basically results in a constant conflict of moral, and blurrs the line between good and evil.


Her most prized possession is a picture of the other agents in her squad while she was in the international police. They have all died in an accident, when Mary's powers manifested rather strongly, causing those around of her to perish. The persons in the squad involved most of her best friends, some that she had strong feelings for. It's a memento of her past, a wound that she refuses to heal, as she can't find the strength to forgive herself for the accident.

Power Control

Mary has no control over her powers. They manifest randomly and she is not able to stop them. Before her powers manifest, Mary was a woman with a lot of self-control due to the years of discipline training in her martial art. She can control her emotions and reactions easily to better fit any situation, she can also control, to a certain extent, some of her vital functions and her bodily reactions to certain stimuli. However, now that her powers have manifested, she's a little at lost since she has no control whatsoever on them. Her power suddenly becomes active, either radiating from her and causing things around her to deteriorate and rot for materials, and it injuries, sickens, dazes or kills living beings surrounding her. In its smallest form, the manifestation of her power merely emanates from her. Meaning that things that touches her skin will end up being affected to different degree, while in its wildest form, the manifestation will literally radiate from her, causing everything in a certain radius to be affected by it.

Those manifestations happen randomly. It's not necessarily in a situation of stress that it might happen. Mary has a good self-control over her stress and those sort of emotions, and would be able to suppress it or prevent it. However, Mary has no idea what causes it, and generally, when it does manifest, she loses control over herself. She panics. This is more or less because Mary has always had a perfect control over herself and now, this is a total loss of control and she's lost in this situation. When those manifestations happen, she's generally more vulnerable, because she also loses control over herself.

Self Affliction

Mary's lack of control over her powers seldomly result in this. Her degeneration power affects others around her, and her lack of control also makes her vulnerable to her own power. Sometimes, her manifestation starts like this, with self-afflicted injuries. Old scars that reopens or new wounds that are formed. It is not a painless process, she suffers just as anyone would from being cut and bleeding, and she's totally helpless against this. Those occurrences do not help her mentally, of course. She is not a masochist, and she has yet to grow accustomed to the pain it does to her, but it only makes her dread her power. The more she fears it, the less control she has over it.



Case number 13672

This is the case of Mary Beauchamps, an international police officer that is the prime suspect of the current murder of twelve officers. The investigation is still going on, but they want me to make her talk, see what happened. Apparently, when they found her, she was in a state of shock. This whole case seems a bit mysterious, they didn't give me more details, since I suppose they don't know much about it, but I wish they would had answered my questions. I have done many analysis for murders and all, but it's the first time I have been given so little information. They want a psychological profile for her, see if she'd be capable of such act.

Date: May 21, 2007.

I started things smoothly. To gain her confidence, try to give her some time to recover before jumping straight to the point. She seemed tense, today, still a bit shocked, so I avoided the subject and we talked about each other. I've asked her things about her past, about her childhood, her family, etc. She's born in 1981, February 4 in Quebec, a province of Canada. She doesn't remember much about her parents, their jobs and the years she has spent in Quebec. When she was six, thieves broke into their house… A theft that actually turned out quite badly. The criminals didn't expect anyone to be there when they came in, and Mary's father tried to defend his family and chase the thieves out of the house, in the struggle the thieves fired at her parents to defend themselves. The burglers were later caught and sentenced to involuntary homicide and thirteen years of jail. However, they did not manage to save Mary's parents.

Despite this rather particular events in her past, Mary managed to talk about it with a disturbing serenity. I think she made peace with those events. She also told me it is the reason why she joined police forces later on in her life, to protect and serve and make it so other persons like her wouldn't have to suffer such tragedies.

Date: May 22, 2007.

We continued our previous discussion today. I am interested in her past, though I doubt this particular event has nothing to do with the murder. Moreover, the more I talk with her about it, the more I think she managed to come over this tragedy and it didn't leave unhealing wounds in her life. Nonetheless, after her parent's death, her only known relatives lived in the United States, in Virgina. She moved on with her grandmother. Her life continued, she attended school and was an average student. Aside from that accident, she apparently had no particular story. Though her path in life was clear ever since, she wanted to become a police officer. She said that Aikibudo, a Japanese martial art, also greatly helped her overcome the loss of her parents. Apparently, not only do they teach them self-defense martial arts, but a whole code of conduct and a strict discipline. Aikibudo means the path of harmony through martial practices. She started practicing at an early age, when she was only eight years old. She kept on training and is still training up to this day, and is apparently fourth dan in Aikibudo.

She was a proper girl with a good insight of right and wrong. She showed quite a gift for athletics and has been training to develop it. Gymnastic, acrobatic skills and other training to develop her strength and speed. Her objectives were clear, to become a police officer. She kept her focus on her ambitions and got right accepted in the police academy at the age of sixteen, in 1997. Three years later, she graduated and worked for two years in the police department of Virginia state.

Date: May 23, 2007.

Today, I was unable to see Mary. The guards have found her naked in her cell this morning, curled up in a fetal position. They told me that her clothing, her sheets and all the clothes in her cell had just literally vanished mysteriously. When the guards tried to approach her she shouted at them to stay away. Apparently, she was in a panicked and frightened state and had many injuries on her arms, back and legs. Like she had cut herself with a knife, flesh wounds everywhere. But there are no objects in the cell that could do that. I wonder what happened… And I am certain that's what they'll ask me to find out. She's in a catatonic state right now and there's nothing I could do… I asked her to rest, gave her some medicine to help and let it at that.

Lack of being able to discuss with her further today, I decided to check up files about her. About her career, her school reports and everything of interest the police had to offer me. She did not lie about her past, I found old newspaper clips about the death of her parents and the sentence and about her. She lived in Virginia for a while and didn't really stand out much, from what I can see on the school reports. Though she was an exemplary student in terms of behavior. In the police academy though, she was remarkable. Gifted and hard working. While in Virginia state police, she quickly went up the ranks and she eventually jumped to international police. Nothing in the files she has would indicate she is capable of the murder of one person, let alone twelve of them.

Date: May 24, 2007.

Obviously, Mary was still in shock today. She admitted to me that she's a bit loss and had never felt so helpless and out of control. She had bandages over her, here and there. When I asked her what happened, her explanations didn't make any sense. Things on her just rot and vanished, everything around her. When I asked her how she got those injuries, she could only tell me they appear on their own, just like all the rest happened, just like when her clothes rotted. She actually believes it's her fault and it's something in her that causes it. The other days, I was able to see a strong woman despite her being here, but today, she seemed in a total state of distress.

When I asked her what happened that day the twelve officers were killed, she told me it was the same thing that manifested and caused people around her to hurt and die, like she was spreading an aura of death around her. Like she had that sort of inner power inside of her to cause death and mutilate people… She seems to believe more than anything that she was the cause of it.

Date: June 4, 2007.

Over our many sessions, I think Mary has developed a neurosis. A partial identity disorder. Having lived all her life to protect others, with the sole purpose of that, now that she believes she has inherited a cursed gift to mutilate and kill people by mere will, she has grown to hate herself. She may not admit it, but the way she talks about this power of hers she believes to have, the way she wants it to go away and stop… I think her mind could not bear such denial and has created an alter ego that would allow her to control it. One that would accept it. Having spent all of her life in control of every aspect of her life, I think this was the result when she lost so much control of everything. She is a particular case… I do not believe she is capable of murder, nor that she could have done anything of the sort.

Date: June 21, 2007.

Two days ago, they asked me to give my expert analysis on the subject. This particular case was brought to court, of course. I learned today that, while she was sentenced of the murder of the other officers, they could not incriminate her. Lack of proofs. She was merely the sole survivor of what appears to be a massacre. All of the bodies seemed to have been scorched and burnt intensively. Somehow, it made me think that their flesh had rot… But sincerely, I think the way they look merely made Mary believe she could do such things. They tried to find chemical traces, but nothing nowhere. Nor on Mary, nor in the vent or anywhere. No trace whatsoever. Mary has been fred, but I think she's been forced to take extended vacation.

Date: July 11, 2007

This case is closed, though I believe Mary suffers from mental disorder now. She seems a bit distant, like she's afraid to hurt others. I gave her prescriptions to help her with those delusions, and also other pills. Apparently, her extended vacation is not helping her on her moral. She lost persons close to her in this mysterious accident, and I suspect she might be going through a depression right now. I'll keep an eye and try to help her with the neurosis she developed out of those accidents, maybe I can help her heal those wounds like Aikibudo helped her heal the loss of her parents when she was younger.


February 4, 1981 - Date of birth.

September 21, 1987 - Death of her parents due to a burglary that turned bad.

January 10, 1988 - Mary moves on to Virginia to live with her grandmother.

August 16, 1997 - Mary is accepted at the police academy

May 22, 1999 - Mary graduates from the police academy, with honorary mention.

June 10, 1999 - Mary is hired in Virginia State's police department.

April 19, 2001 - Mary becomes a member of international police.

May 16, 2007 - Twelve member of international police are found dead in one department. Mary is the sole survivor of this mysterious case.

May 17, 2007 - Being the prime suspect, Mary is framed of the murder of twelve international police officers.

July 6, 2007 - Lack of evidences, Mary is released and is forced to take an extended vacation from international police.

October 30, 2007 - Mary moves on to Seattle.






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