Martians, Demons and Mutants


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Summary: Kera tries out her Starborn persona, stops a mutant who had just killed a group of anti-mutant activists, thanks to Micah. Marcus shows up and the three are then attacked by a mob of mutant haters. The three work together to neutralize the threat.

Date: Date the log took place. May 29, 2009

Martians, Demons and Mutants

Rating: R

Alkai Beach

Long, sandy shores stretch on out past where the eye can see as a deep shade of azure and emerald paint the canvas of the ocean and never ending out towards the horizon. The sand is soft and clean beneath one's feet as every grain tickles against the skin in a myriad of browns and tan. The sweet smell of salty sea air tingles ones nose as the cry of seagulls echo out past the lengths of the shores. The sound of crashing waves strikes against the shoreline as the deep sea-blue of the water tumbles on over itself in a perpetual, soothing motion. Several people can be found here during the day and even night, though during the evening there are few.

Alkai beach is more populated during daytime hours and especially so during the warmer months. At nighttime it's not uncommon to see people here also, as this beach serves as one of the largest and cleanest of the public beaches within Seattle. Large ships can be seen in the distance as they make their way on over towards Harbor Island. During the warmer months the air is humid, thickening with a sweet, misty tinge. On the colder months the beach seems nearly all but vacant as the icy chill of the air freezes against the skin. Most often a gentle breeze billows in from the east as it dances upon one's flesh and whispers a soft melody. Towards the outer edges of the beach, and in the distance, is the cliff side that houses an array of caves that have been dug out from the salty water over the course of time.

The tide is currently low and slack.

The beach is just as chaotic as the rest of the city without the ability to use technology. This would normally be a site of masses of people all seeking to get away from the more disasterous shopping districts. That is if it weren't the sight of what seems to me a rather gruesome struggle. A group of humans hang limply in high rising vines and roots that stick up from the ground, their necks either snapped or strangled to death. Anti-mutant signs litter the ground at their feet, as people watch from afar in terror. A guy seems to be controlling these apendages, standing on the ground in the center of this mass, currently facing one in particular. This mass of roots firmly holds a girl who isn't dead. But she is dressed rather interestingly. Outfit modeled in the manner of those Sailor Moon uniforms, she wears a pink and black skirt, a black mid-rift top with a pink star in the center of it, calf-high black boots, a flowing black cape with a similar star, and a black eyemask, with glitter about her cheeks. Her hair also seems to be spray dyed a deep purple color. She struggles against the vine's hold as it shakes and tosses her about.

Among all the din of the city in the distance, of the riots and chaos, of the dying and the struggle here on the beach… it's be very difficult indeed to notice Micah's approach right now. That's because, well… he's not walking towards the beach. Or away from it. Or even anywhere near it. He is however, approaching the beach irregardless…and approaching at very high speeds right now.

It's hard to detect, at first… Just a little whistle as the blue skinned mutant plummets towards the blood soaked shores. "Please grow wings, please grow wings, please grow wings…" the mutant all but prays, seeing the ground approaching at disturbingly quick pace. And there's one thing that's really obvious to him. The ground is nearly here. "Son of a bi—!" is all he has time to say, feeling his body tingly. Micah closes his eyes and…

KABLAM! Like a cannonball, Micah slams into the beach with a great deal of momentum, sending a plum of sand, signs and bodies flung into the air and leavin gthe mutant in a medium sized crater. "Ooowww…" he says, still not aware of just what sort of trouble he's literally just landed in.

"What the fuck?!" this plant controling mutant is surprised by the sudden explosion of sand and bodies flung around. He turns to take a look at the source, taking his concentration and eyes off of his prey for an instant. This is a break that she had been needing. She squirms, grunting, and manages to worm her arm free from the trappings of vines holding around her. In the process of this little escape, a mass of energy twists around her hand until it becomes a small quasar.

"There!" she gives it just a second to formulate before thrusting out her hand toward the mutant, the quasar throbbing for a moment before unleashing a pulse of violent looking energy. The shot of potent gamma radiation sails toward it's target, and just as the mutant realizes his mistake, he turns to catch a face full of it, washing over his face with a sickening sizzle. He immediatly cries in anguish, and brings his hands up to cover his sizzling face, losing control of the vines which drop limply, releasing it's captives, both dead and alive. The girl drops in the sand, pulling herself up to her feet and pushing out both of her hands to fire another pulse of energy which doesn't completly strike him perfectly, but gets the job done. It smacks his side, sending him sailing off of his feet and spinning to smack into the ground.

Micah plants both hands against the bottom of his impact crater and pushes up with a grunt, "Just once… I'd like to grow wings…" he mutters, pushing up with one knee so that he can plant his foot flat against the sand. Pushing up, he rises up just in time to see the woman blast her assailant with the gamma radiation, the scent of burning flesh and hair suddenly striking the air along with the cries of agony of the man. The blue-skinned mutant's mouth drops a little, not really able to do much before Kera fully dispatches the mutant.

Now getting fully to his feet, Micah is quite unaware of just how trashed he looks, his shirt pretty much just shreds on his body, his jeans just about completly ruined. Yeah. Not a good day for him… Instead, his blue-against-blue eyes flirt across the area, noting the carnage and, of course, the dead bodies… and then back to the rather easy-on-the-eyes mutant that seems to be at the center of it all. "This… is one hell of a party of yours I just crashed…" he says, just a little warily. Okay. Maybe a little more than just a little.

She brushes off the remenants of the twigs and roots from her arms, walking over toward the writhing mutant with the now, melted face. "ARGH God! Kill me! Killll me!" he cries, making the girl sorta frown a little, her mouth tugging to one side with a sliver of sympathy, even if she is the one to cause his affliction. "Those people that you killed on purpose just now? They were screaming the exact opposite to that, I'm sure you can recall? There've been… too many deaths in the past few days, I won't cause anymore. You attack people because you have your powers, and because of you… Well, this city is the way it is now. The damage to your face should prevent you from using your powers like that again. I strongly urge that you make ammends for yourself, and learn from this lesson. Just sit there for a few, and think about what you've done, kay? Be careful out there!" the girl crouched over, hands on he kness infront of the downed guy who probably doesn't want to be lectured at the moment. She sits up, looking over at Micah curiously for a moment, "Oh. I really want to thank you. If you didn't distract him, I wouldn't have gotten free. He probably would have killed me too, like he did those other people." she tells him.

This might be the most… surreal thing that Micah has seen yet in his life, watching this costumed girl crouched down to give a lecture to a man whose face she just melted off. With a light frown, the demonic looking mutant glances over the dead bodies…and of course, can't help but notice the anti mutant sign. He'd be lying if he didn't admit he felt a little less sorry because of that…but only al ittle. He's not THAT malicious. "Distract? Oh! Right, the whole falling from on high… all apart of my master plan." Riiiiiiight. "So what… exactly happened here again?" He reaches up to scritch his smooth head, just a little behind one of his curled horns. He starts to walk up out of his crater now, pulling at some of the shreds of his shirt and letting them litter the ground as well.

Starborn seems quite unphased by the morbidity of this situation; neither the dead bodies nor the screaming mutant. She sighs, her head shaking, ponytail flipping over the front of her shoulder. "They were attacking eachother." she tells him, "These people without their powers, and.. well this guy. There were about.. 12 of them and one of him, so they thought they had him outnumbered, but he was too strong for them. He destroyed them without hesitation. I tried to stop him before he did, but he captured me in his powers too, and I couldn't get free, until you came along that is." she looks at him, pursing her lips, "You're.. not wearing a costume, are you?"

Micah can't help but let his eyes skim up and down the costumed woman before him… he may be a mutant but he's still a guy in the end after all. He finishes picking strips of shirt off of him, glad he's in good enough of shape that he can pull off the look without looking ridiculous. Or at least, any more than he normally does. "Yeah, they tend to do that… it's never an unfair fight till -they're- the ones outmatched." Okay, so that might sound a wee bit bitter but it's a bit more explained with his next statement, a wry smirk playing across his pale blue lips. He spreads his arms out a bit, sort of putting himself on display. "Don't think I'm wearing much of anything after that fall, really."

It's not their fault.. they don't know any better.. That is what she should say, right? No, not quite. "Just because on human cannot use their powers is no reason to go around doing things to humans who can, and the same goes for humans who can use their powers." she strikes something of a heroic stance, and the breeze on the ocean helps to personify that by blowing her hair and outfit, "I've sworn to protect this planet, and I will stop any human, powers or not, from further disrupting it's already delicate balance. This city is in an accelerated state of peril. It took the accident the other day for me to really see that.."

Micah just sorta… blinks at the whole 'defender of the planet' thing and he can't but smile a little at the sheer bravado and certain amount of innocence in such a statement. "Being different's always been a good excuse to get your ass kicked. Being a mutant is just one that's a bit easier to justify." The blue skinned mutant gives a wry little shrug of his shoulders, "Accelerated state of peril? Guess that's one way of putting it… tinderbox in a gas filled room is a better. The whole city is like this…" he gestures to the beach and then pauses, "Well, without quite this much death but… everyone's looking for someone to blme."

And as an obvious mutant, guess who drew the short straw?

"No, it isn't. Being different is a reason to celebrate and congradulate others. It is being different that lets you know you're unique, and makes you special. If everyone were the same, what kind of world would this be then?" There is still quite a bit that is completly new to her. With a sigh, Starborn shakes her head, "I haven't even begun to understand humans. The things that I witnessed on our viewing monitor are more different than we had judged them to be." Currently, dressed in an outfit befitting of someone from another planet, or at least Japan: wearing a pink and black sailor skirt, midrift halter top with a pink star on the chest, black cape with a similar star, black boots and a black bandits mask over her eyes with glitter on her cheeks, complete with dyed purple hair. However, Micah seems to beat her out on the alien appearance thing. She stands talking with him. However.. the beach is a scene of chaos. The pair stands in the center of a mass of dead bodies, anti-mutant signs all about, and a man rolling around on the ground, holding his melted face, screaming in pain.

The demoic looking mutant crosses his arms across his bare chest, the tatters of what was left of his red shirt still at their feet. Not too far from where he and Starborn are standing is an impact crater, giving at least some hint of his arrival. The brow where a normal human's eyebrows would have been raise up slightly though, "Wait.. your viewing monitor?" His features shift, looking a bit more suspicious at this point.

Micah shifts his weight a little, moving just a bit away from the oddly clad hottie now. The whole idea of 'everyone being the same' isn't even commented on, sort of glossed over. That's just a pipe dream anyways, right? "What… just who are you working for?"

Well, with the beach looking like a warzone, it's only natural that it would draw some others attention, and that comes in the form of Marcus, whom comes along the beach, low and cautiously, watching for anyone that might pose a threat. Since the city's gone to hell, it's basically mob rule. And mutants are a minority. But Starborn and the demonic looking mutant get his attention as he inches towards them, his eyes looking over the scene and only one statement escapes his lips, "What the fuck is going on here? And just what the hell are you two?"

"My name is Starborn.." she tells him, "I'm from the planet-" Marcus' arrival and demand catch her attention, the girl looks over and gasps, recognizing him, even though he might not recognize her, "Marcu-um-ix Prime.." she quickly turns back to Micah. "The people of Marcomix Prime are normally observers of the planet Earth, but this sudden explosion of humans with powers has spiked a change in human behavior that we.. That I cannot ignore. I've come to your planet to ensure that the balance is restored, and maintained so what has happened to this city does not happen to the rest of the world." She really thought about this, even if she had to rename the planet she is from because of an error almost made. She looks over to Marcus, "This human used his powers to destroy these humans without their powers. He would have moved on to me next if this earthing here hadn't distracted him. I was able to escape, and neutralize the threat. I don't think he will be using his powers on another anytime soon.."

"Marcomix Prime?" Micah repeats the name of the planet as if he doesn't believe it at all. And lets be fair. He doesn't. Of course, as she starts talking, his face only seems to harden. "So mutants appear and you're hear to… restore the balance. Yeah. I've heard this speech before, sister." One of his hands has started to twitch, slowly curling into a fist although it's more a subconcious motion rather than planning to attack the outlandishly garbed hottie. He takes a half step backwards now, "And maintained? That sounds like taking control to me…" Suddenly, he's not so sure that this woman is on the good guys side.

Marcus frowns, as he too, finds the story implausible. "So what are you going to do? Since this was caused by someone with powers, does that mean that the rest of us with powers have to go to keep the 'balance' from getting out of wack?" He moves towards Micah, but not too close… The enemy of the possible enemy is my friend… maybe? In any case, the two likely might find themselves against the woman.

This doesn't seem to be going as she had planned. But then again, she is going to be met with aversion from both sides if she is going to maintain the ruse she is intending to. But fighting a friend isn't something she really wants right now. "Control? Well.. I suppose yes, maintaining balance is maintaining control. I don't know about TAKING control, because you can't actually take control, you have to learn it, right? I think.. I think you all misunderstand me." Starborn sighs, the girl reaching up and taking off her mask revealing her identity, "I don't want to kill anyone. Marcus, you understand right? I just want it all to stop. Look, he isn't dead.." she points to the guy writhing on the ground, his face melted from the blast she shot earlier. "Don't you recognize him? This is the guy from the other day! He.. caused the plants to come up from the ground, remember? He caused me to.. to.." she frowns a little, and then lowers her gaze, "He killed these people, without a second thought. I had to stop him from doing it to anyone else."

Oh my god! It's… its… uh. Nope. Still just a chick to Micah, the mutant not up to date on his reality music stars, his pop music adn the celebrity culture. But since she clearly knows who the new guy is, whom Micah now shifts a bit to study a bit more. There's more to Kera than meets the eye, obviously, but it seems that this guy is linked to her too. Great. Just… just great.

"You two hash…whatever needs to be hashed out. That guy needs to get to a hospital." Of course, as soon as he says that, he mutters, "Not that we really have a hospital to take too at this point, but…" And yeah. Micah really isn't that sad about a bunch of mutant haters biting the bullet. He's not an advocate of killing, mind you, but don't take a knife to a gun fight.

Marcus frowns as soon as he sees who it is, letting out a sigh, "You really aught to be careful there, Sunshine." He looks at the guy writhing on the ground, looking at his face and sighs, "He killed people huh?" He looks the guy over a little more and glances to Micah and says, "Hospitals are all fucked up and overloaded, even if we did get him there in time, he'd just die anyways. And he did kill all these people, right? So best leave it in God's hands. If he lives he lives… if not, he probably got what he deserved."

"That's what I said!" Kera exclaims in a somewhat 'Thank GOD, Hello people!' manner, "But then you both marched down here all offended and wanting to jump down MY throat on doing what I did, and planning what I plan." she points down to the guy, "He is the reason that I caused all of this. If he hadn't attacked us, I wouldn't have created that gravitational singularity, and the city wouldn't be in peril. Well.. I'm not gonna let it stay that way. I'm gonna get stronger, I'm gonna use my powers to maintain the balance so that I can reverse what I have caused. I'll have to become Starborn so that I can hopefully go back to doing what I truely want to do, and that's just.. be a girl." she sighs and her shoulders sorta drop down in an exhausted manner. "I can't join the Mutant Underground, Marcus, I heard people talking and they said that because of me.. so many people died. You should see how they were looking at me. I don't want that. I just-" Speaking of bullets. There is a loud bang that interrupts her midsentance. The sand suddenly shoots up in a small area as a bullet strikes just at their feet. Followed by another shot, the another. They're under fire!

"Wait… YOU did this?" Micah is certainly more than suprised to hear this, suddenly Kera's standing in his eyes dropping quite suddenly and he completly forgets bout his attempt at defending the plant controlling mutant. And yeah, the last thing Kera probably needs right now is to hear yet another person getting angry about the whole 'stone age in Seattle' thing but to be fair… Micah only got here on the beach because he had been escaping a lynch mob out for mutant blood. It's… been a long day. He's just about to give his own NonHelpfullRant(tm) when the reports of the gunfire echos across the beach and the sand explodes at their feet.

Micah feels a surge through his blood, his heart beat racing, feeling his body shifting. Whatever's happening inside of Micah, though, doesnt' matter. It's the outward things that matter and Kera and Marcus will see it. As soon as the blue skinned mutant realizes what's happening, suddenly he starts to bulk up, a thick series of chilitinous plates seeming to seep out of his skin and solidify. The usefullness of said armor is proven a second later, as a loud SPRANG echos out as a bullet recoichets off his left shoulder. "Down! Behind me!"

Marcus listens to Kera's little speech and nods, "It's not about joining it, Sunshine. Hell I'm not even apart of it, I just stay there when shit goes bad." He then hears the gunfire and growls, "Again? I just dealt with fuckers like this…" His eyes attempt to pick out who's shooting at them as he dives behind Micah for right now, glancing at Kera to make sure she got out of harm's way.

Nooope! She doesn't get out of the way. The gunfire startles her, and she looks to view the source. There, futher up on the beach is a mob of about 12 or so people, carrying guns and bats and other weapons, all focused on the group. She blinks as she looks over to see Micah forming armor about his body, and Marcus taking cover. But she doesn't break for cover. She places her mask back over her face, "This has to stop.." She generate two small quasars, one around each of her hands and drawing them together and holding it at the oncoming group. A massive pulse of energy rockets out from her hands, streaking for the mob and smacking into the sand right infront of them, causing an explosion, noise and sand burst up and spray before them, causing them to all cringe. The mob's ears are probably ringing and they're rubbing sand out of their eyes momentarily. "Help me.." she looks back over to Marcus and Micah, "We have to neutralize them.."

A few more bullets bounce off Operation: Human Shield here, said shield glancing over at her command. Neutralize them? He pauses and glances back lightly at Marcus, "You know I'm going to get blamed for all this…right?" He grits his teeth and nods a little at Marcus, "Okay. I'm going in… so you two… do whatever it is you do, but try not to do me. I'd like to stay medium rare, if I could…"

Micah shifts his focus on the men as they continue to rub their eyes and he starts moving forward, waving his arms franticly. "Hey! Over here! You want a piece of this?!?" After all, they probably only starting /shooting/ at the trio since they saw an obvious mutant there anyways. Might as well give em what they want, right?

Marcus glances at Micah and then at Starborn and sighs, "This really sucks." He focuses on the area where the group is shooting from and then lashes a hand outwards at the area, increasing the gravity twofold where the group is, and what this will do to them is anyone's guess, but he's hoping it will take their minds off shooting, as he moves cautiously on the ground to a safer area, minding to keep the effect going whilst he does so.

Kera could end this. She has the power to open up another black hole and let it swallow every one of the mutant hating attackers in one swift blow. But that would cause more deaths, and possibly make the situation worse than it already is in this city. Neutralize them.. she realizes that this is easier said than done. There is little that she can actually do with her powers that would not either A) Cause their deaths, or B) Cause a catastrophic imbalance.

Micah gets his wish. The group with the guns bring their weapons up pointed toward the obvious mutant, preparing to fire. But Marcus' power suddenly weighs down on them, and the all find it rather difficult to keep their aim up, let alone stand now that gravity has become different. They all start to gripe and complain and even freak out at their own helplessness. Starborn in a little hesitant to do anything, but she seems to be thinking about her options.. Seeing Marcus' power gives her an idea. "The stratosphere!" she exclaims, "Atmospheric stratification! If.. I could simulate- No.. the thermosphere. A simulation of the thermosphere would make the air thinner, and they'd lose consiousness. I don't know if I can though! I'll try." Kera starts to focuse on the group, her eyes narrowing, hands raised, "Keep.. them busy, please?"

"Keep them busy, she says…" Micah continuing to move forward. As get gets closer, that's when the men start dropping their weapons, having trouble standing up and a second after making that realization, Micah feels his armor plating disseapering, reabsorbing back into his body now that the danger is past, something quite noticble to the other two if they're paying attention since the blue skinned mutie's bulk tapers down quite a bit.

He breaks into a run now, still getting closer, "Hey boyos! C'mon, that the best you've got! I've had grannies on walkers put up a better lynch mob than -thieeeeerrrk!" And that's about when he gets a whee bit too closer, hitting the edge of Marcus's gravity field. He slams to the ground for a second before his bulk starts to increase again…but not with plating this time but rather with huge muscles, his bones strengthing to support his increased mass as he starts to rise up again, adjusting to the increased gravity. "NOw…where were we?"

Marcus reaches some cover as he growls, the stress of maintaining a constant field of that size. Doing stuff to himself is easy, projecting it outwards is hard. "Sunshine… hurry!" He hopes that gets his point across as the field stays up… for now. So far none of the mutant haters have realized the one that's -not- attacking is the one doing this stuff to them… and it's not the worst he could do either.

It is beyong the scope of her control, and she know it. But how else is she going to get better with her powers if she doesn't try. Her hands are moving as she starts to extend an invisible electromagnetic bubble around the whole mob, encasing them in a shell. "Marcus.. I'm not sure if I can do it. If I can do it, I'm not sure I can do it for long. I'm running pretty low.. we might have to run." she completes the shell, and starts to focus on changing the gravity further, given Marcus' present power affect. "Your power is making it easier, but.. I don't think I can do it."

Micah rises to his full height, one far more impressive than his usual five foot eight,closer to topping seven foot at this point. He steps forward with a huge step, reaching down to grab one of the men and lifting him up into the air. "Like picking on mutants, eh?" he replies with a growl, just letting go of the man and letting the increased gravity to the work of sending him slamming down into the ground. He's still, of course, waiting for the OTHER mutants do something but in the meanwhile… He slams a huge foot down on one of the rifles, snapping it in half.

Marcus notices some of the mob starting to take aim at him, either out of desperation or otherwise, despite the fact there's a big mutant in the middle of them wreaking trouble, and frowns, with a twist of his hand, he inverts the gravity towards the center of his bubble, causing everyone to be pulled towards a single point, the center, causing them all to hit each other. That probably includes Micah, but his mutation might allow him to overcome it… anyways, it makes things easier on Marcus… and probably easier for Starborn.

Because of reduction of space, Starborn is actually able to shrink the size of the bubble. And the thickning of gravity is already taken care of within the simulation, all that is left for her to do is to add in the other factors. She expends her energy to decrease the tempreature and make the oxygen molecules move much much slower than they are supposed to at this altitude.. or lack there of. It doesn't take long within that little personalized bubble for the mass of people to start to lose consiousness, oxygen starting to fail in getting to their brain, their bodies shivering from the drastic freezing tempreature. Just a few seconds within that simulation puts the group down to sleep, and just in time too as Kera loses it, unable to maintain hold, causing the affect to disappear, and the girl to slump, reaching to catch herself on the closest thing, being Marcus. "We.. did it." she smiles weakly, pushing herself up to standing. She looks a little pale however, "Did he get out okay?" she looks ahead for Micah.

Micah, however, was completly unprepared for the sudden shift in gravity and he lurches forward. Maybe it was all the skulls hitting together, maybe it was a gun hitting him right at the right moment or maybe it was just a big rock… hard to tell with that big mass. Whatever it was, however, it knocks the demonic looking mutant right the hell out, no doubt along with most of the humans. Thus, when the mess is settled, Micah will there in the middle… back to his originaly shape and size, his shredded jeans stretched horribly from his previous transformation and… yeah.

Where will he wake up?

Marcus nods as the people are knocked right on out and suffocated out… goodie, he drops his field with a sigh of relief as he walks forward to the pile of bodies and shakes his head at Starborn, "Nope… knocked out, but at least he gave us the time to do what we needed to." He looks her over a little more and as he walks towards the bodies, "So, any ideas on how to restore power to the city yet?"

As Marcus moves to inspect the bodies, Starborn lets herself give into her weakened state. She seems to be trying to do too much too fast recently. What's more is, she feels a tickle from her nose, and as she reaches up to wipe it, her fingers are coated in blood. She looks, quite certain that she understands why, wiping the rest of it away and rubbing it from her fingers, onto her uniform before anyone can see. "No.. not yet." she tells him, "But if I can make myself strong enough, I might be able to fix it."

Marcus nods and then straightens up. "What do we wish to do with these mutant haters? I disdain killing them, but we can't just let them go around continuing this crap. They may target people that aren't even mutants." He looks up at her, wanting her opinion.

"No.." she tells him, "No killing just.. take their weapons. We should destroy them so the don't use them again. Maybe they will go find more but.. we can stop them from at least using these." she sighs, the girl feeling rather tired and light headed. "I just have to.. rest here for a little bit.. just for a minute.." she moves to drop onto her side, starting to curl up right there.

Marcus notices the girl and sighs, "You're about to pass out Kera." He sighs, letting sleeping girls lie as he roots through the bodies, finding guns and dismantling those he can and sabotaging those he cannot. In short, if they try to use them again, they're gonna get a nasty suprise. His task done, he looks at Micah and to the nearly-asleep Kera, wondering which he's gonna have to cart home.

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