Character Name
Portrayed By Mariloup Wolfe
Theme Song "Imaginary" by Evanescence
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 10, 1990
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Lulu
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Artemis (first guardian), Fenix (second guardian) and Phoebe (third guardian)
Significant Other None
Powers Object Relocation
First Appearance N/A



Mariloup is a little naive. When reality and imaginary can mix together, it gives a different outlook on the real world. As of sort, to those who can't really understand Mariloup's situation, she might often sound 'simple-minded' or 'naive' about the real world. Though it's mostly because the boundaries of normal people aren't the same ones for Mariloup.


Mariloup is calm and relax — nothing stress her beyond measures. In fact, it enhances the fact that she seems so spaced-out. She has paper due tomorrow. No problem. She's five minute later to a meeting? No problem. The only time where she gets a bit stressed is when she has done something that she shouldn't have — basically, this tends to happen more often than not in duo with Artemis.


Constantly listening to Artemis, Mariloup is the incarnation of curiousity. It tends to get her into a lot of trouble, but nothing seems to quench her curiousity. She is a 'got to touch everything' kind of girl, see everything, test things out on things she has seen for the first time… She definately wants to have new experiences.


Having different boundaries between reality and imaginary, Mariloup's imagination flourished quite steadily as she's grown in age. As of sort, she has quite a broad imagination and good creativity. Alas, she has so much imagination that there is little boundaries between fiction and reality, meaning she can be pretty gullible. Too much imagination does that to people.


Mariloup is a day-dreamer. Real life is as much of a dream than her real dreams, and it makes her seem disconnected from reality. She has a short attention span and can be easily distracted from one thing to the other, making it hard for her to concentrate for long on important tasks. As of sort, she tends to forget important things, tends to forget due dates and other things of the like. Thankfully, she's not all that stressed about things like that.


Mariloup is cheerful and very optimistic. She often sees the best of any situations or always finds the good parts into them. To every problem there is a solution, you only need to find it out! Alas, she lacks the attention span to actually focus too long on major problems, but if she has to, she can be relentless on overcoming any obstacles… And often in the most creative and unexpected ways.


Mariloup has a rather exuberant fashion sense. She loves color since it reflects life and liveliness, so she dresses accordingly. She hates routine and constance. As of sort, she often changes her hair and dresses in colorful ways.


Material Relocation

The most common and basic form of Mariloup's power is conjuring 'real' objects. Basically, Mariloup simply has to concentrate on the object she wants to have, and it will materialize in her hand or near of her. It can be done for any moveable object, so long as there is enough space for it to materialize where Mariloup is. It does not create the object out of thin air, it causes a similar object elsewhere on the planet to dematerialize so it can materialize where Mariloup is. This power has a few limitations and/or flaws to it though:

Conjuration time. The time required to summon the object depends on three factor. First, the size of the object. The bigger the object, the longer it is to summon the object and the more energy consuming. Second, the familiarity of the object. The more familiar Mariloup is with said object, the faster the conjuring will be as well as less energy consuming. And last but not least, the distance of the summoning. If the item she desires is on another continent, it would require tremendous efforts. If she wants something from a store across the street, she'd have it with relative ease.

Combine those three factors, it will give the results on the time and effort required. Sometime, the amount of effort required might be too high for Mariloup to make the object materialize.


The other dimension of Mariloup's power is to materialize things from her dreams. Basically, anything she could dream of or imagine, she can craft them and materialize in real life. The difference between this and material relocation is that material relocation makes real things switch places on the planet. Dreamcraft basically makes her appear things that does not exist in the world but that she imagined.

Unlike material relocation, it requires a certain amount of energy for those creations to remain in the real world. As of sort, she is limited in what she creates, and once she no longer pays attention to it, it is likely to fade away and disappear. While they are in the real world, they are certainly real. It also requires more energy to create and a bit more time to materialize any object. With time, she may be able to craft more and more objects that are 'imaginary', but it will require years of work to allow her to create imaginary things that can be stable or create imaginary things in large quantity.

There is just one exception to those contraints of efforts and creation. Her guardians. Her imaginary friends that comes from her mind. She has summoned them so much, that she barely has to wish for them to appear that they do. They do not strain her, it's as if she has gotten used to use her power to conjure them that she doesn't need any concentation whatsoever to summon them or keep them in the real world. She possesses three guardians. The three of them are sentinent and talks, but they generally just talk to Mariloup, as if other humans did not exist.


The very first manifestation of Mariloup's powers were her guardians. Slowly, as years went by, she has gained more and more guardians. Currently, she possesses three guardians spirit. Her first guardian spirit, Artemis, used to be her imaginary friend when she was a little girl. Her second guardian, Fenix, was born out of the necessity to be consoled and feel secure. The third and last one, Phoebe, was born when she felt the need for a greater guidance in life. Each of these guardians mark a different stage in Mariloup's life. Childhood, teenages and adulthood.

Her guardians can appear all at once or seperately. They often appear without her particulary wishing for them so strong is the link she has with them. Her first guardian, Artemis, is the one she spends the most time with, since she has known him ever since she was a kid. As for Phoebe, Mariloup hardly calls upon her unless she's in dire need, alas.

Her guardians can never go too far from Mariloup. If they do, they will disappear and can reappear back at her side (if she wishes them to reappear at her side.). While they are in the real world, they can be injuried and killed. However, being of an imaginery source, Mariloup will be able to conjure them again… It will just take sometime before they can be conjured again. Generally a few weeks. (Not that it has happened before though…)


Artemis is her guardian spirit of her childhood. Her first imaginary friend. He is the voice of curiousity. His incarnation is a mixture between a bunny and a dog. He's the size of a dog, with long pointy ears, an even longer fluffy tail and a small muzzle. His soft furr is of a light emerald color. He is playful, curious, simple-minded, fiercy loyal and cheerful. He is the incarnation of childhood's innocence, and unfortunately, he's rather mischievous and tends to drag Mariloup into trouble. The problem is more that Mariloup gets dragged by him and listens to him. Phoebe often refers to Artemis, in a gentle manner, as the voice of trouble. He's the guardian spirit that can be seen the most often by Mariloup's side.


Fenix is her guardian spirit of her teenages. Born out of her insecurity, her protector against the real life. He is the soothing voice. His incarnation is a mixture between a goat and a lion. About the size of the lion, with immaculate snow white furr, his from paws are claws while his rear ones are hooves. He has no tail, but he has a large soft and cuddly mane, as well as two horns on his head. He is maternal, protective, loyal, caring and attentive. He is a good ear for Mariloup when she has trouble and console her. He is truly the one that fits the most the role of protector, like an ever caring parent watching over her to make sure no harm comes to her. He doesn't get fooled by Artemis' plans, but acts as a mediator between Phoebe and Artemis, sometimes.


Phoebe is her guardian spirit of her adulthood. She is the voice of reason. Her incarnation is that of an angel. A beautiful woman with long feathery wings. She is loyal, strict and stern. She is calm, patient, logical and posed, and her words of wisdom are generally the ones to follow. Unfortunately, Mariloups does not call on her all that often. She hasn't made the transition to being a real adult now, so Phoebe is more sitting on the bench than actively with her. When Phoebe comes, generally, it's to save the day. Hence the incarnation of the strong and impetuous angel, her savior in her time of need.

Psychic Lure

This is basically conjuring a person from one location to another. Unfortunately, Mariloup does not possess the power to do it, nor has she tried to do it. It would require enough training and also require the other person to be willing to be transported away. Forcing someone out of their location is all together even more difficult.

What would happen though if Mariloup were to try to conjure someone like she does with object, is that this person would feel a sudden urge to go in Mariloup's direction. Either by hearing Mariloup's voice calling for them, or just a hunch, it depends on the person. Still, this power directs the other person directly to Mariloup's location. Either the voice is guiding them, or they just 'know' where to go to find her if they want to get to Mariloup's location.


All aspects of Mariloup's powers have limitations. Restraints due to her control over her power. Here's where she's at with the different aspects:

Material Relocation : This power is limited by three factors. Weight, distance and familiarity. The following chart gives an idea of what she can do:

Familiarity Up to Split between
1. Very Familiar 30 kilogrammes / kilometers
2. Familiar 15 kilogrammes / kilometers
3. Not familiar 7 kilogrammes / kilometers

1. Very Familiar : Any objects Mariloup sees an average once a day. A spoon, pencil, forks, chairs, table, books, refrigerator(though the weight would make it hard or impossible to get one). For example, if she wants a book, she can will one and one will appear in her hands. It will be any book, though. If she wants one in particular, or any 'specific' items she wants for, it falls in the 'not familiar' category. Another example, a television would fall in this category. However, if she wants a Toshiba or a 32" television, it would fall in the 'not familiar' category.

2. Familiar : Any object Mariloup sees an average once a month, but not often enough to be a few times a week. A fire extinctor, a guitar, most food, domestic and cosmetic items, sports goods, etc.

3. Unfamiliar: Any objects Mariloup has seen a few times in her life. A weapon, flares, safety vest, flashlight, first-aid kit, etc. This category also englobes any 'specific items'. For example, if she wants a book, she will get any book. Though if she wants to get a particular books, it falls in this category. She can only will specific unfamiliar items if she has eye-contact on them.

Example: Mariloup wants a pencil. It falls in the very familiar category. Since it weights less than a kilogramme, it means that if there is a pencil within a radius of 29 kilometers of her, she'll get one. Generally, it will take the closest pencil to her. Mariloup wants an apple. It falls in the familiar category. An apple weights less than a kilogramme, so if there's an apple in a radius of 14 kilometers, she'll get one.

Time required: No matter the category, it follows the same rule. The closest and the lightest the objects are, the faster they are summoned. If the range and weight are approaching the limits, it can take up to a minute.

Dreamcraft : Making things from her dreams appear. At any given time, she can't create more than 15 cubic meters 'dream matter'. Not only would she lack the energy to do so much, but it would risk to make the other things she created crumble and disappear. The objects she creates are not stable. If she doesn't pay enough attention to it, they might twist and deform, or even disappear. If her objects are away of Mariloup's eyesight, their lifespan is up to ten minutes, after which they crumble into dust. The things she creates don't defy the laws of physics. For example, she could create a floating ball. It's like a balloon, all round, but it has just the good mixture of helium and oxygen inside that it causes its density to be about the same as the air, which makes it float. Each cubic meter of matter takes up to five minutes to create and form totally.

Guardians : Her guardians are an exception to her dreamcraft. Since she has been summoning them over and over, the strain and effort required is different, and they do not come in the balance of her limitation in the same way. They can remain present in the real world even though Mariloup is away from them. Though they can only appear near of her. In the real world, they suffer the same afflictions as everyone else. They can be injuried, killed, feel pain, hot, cold, etc. It makes them feel uneasy not to be around of Mariloup, but if they have to do it to protect her, they could withstand up to a distance of five kilometers before disappearing.

Artemis : This is her first guardian. The one that can stay in the real world the longest, up to eight hours before he has to leave. Mariloup had him since she was a child. He's about the size of a dog, since he looks like a fenec. The only difference being that he can talk. In terms of power, he has none, and had he to fight, he'd be about as strong as wild dog.

Fenix : This is her second guardian. He can stay up to two hours in the real world before he has to leave. He's the size of a big lion but he can talk. He has no powers, though if he had to fight, it'd be just like fighting a big lion, so he's obviously more scary than Artemis.

Phoebe : This is her third guardian. She can stay up to one hour in the real world before she has to leave. She is an humanoid woman with wings, and thus, can fly/hover but only on short distances and she can't carry more than thirty kilogrammes of stuff on her. She is the most apt at defending Mariloup. She wields a sword and is skilled with it. Though she's an average a fighter.

Psyche Lure : This is an ability Mariloup is unaware of, one that she can use only in time of danger to try and call someone forth to help her. The distance is very limited, a kilometer at most, since she needs immediate help. Again, it's a lure, it does not assure that anyone will come, if they don't listen to the siren's call and have a strong enough will not to be lured.



Mariloup enjoys playing music. She has a musical ear and could replicate, with a little bit of practice, almost any tune she'd hear on an instrument she knows how to play. She has a natural affinity for music in general, and has learned a good theorical base as well as how to play a few instruments. Most notably, violin, piano, guitar, flute and saxophone. While she hasn't practiced or played other instruments, the knowledgage she has about music and instruments in general would probably allow her to learn to play simple melody with relative ease.


Mariloup loves drawing. With her wild imagination, it allows her to scribble what's on her mind. Whenever she has a piece of paper and a pen, she scribbles just about anything. It's one of her favorite past-time. She has been drawing and painting from a young age and has taken special courses to learn better techniques. Mariloup definately possesses a talent when it comes to drawing and painting.


Mariloup plays different video-game in her spare time. Being able to materialize any platforms or games make it easy for her to test things out. As of sort, she has played a wide range of games and has developped good skills in gaming. Be it the usual platform games, or the first person shooter or the classic arcade games.


Mariloup enjoys physical activities. When she has the chance(enough teammates), she loves playing volleyball, basketball, soccer or hockey. She is definately good at sports and she enjoys the competition. On her own though, she tends to opt for solo-sports like rollerblading, ski or gymnastics.



Technically, Mariloup's resources are almost unlimited. Her powers allow her to materialize objects at her location. If the objects are too big, or if she needs services, she can materialize money to actually buy what she needs. As of sort, she can easily get whatever she wants by willing it. She does not abuse of her power by living over her capacity, since she knows that her power doesn't 'create' things, it 'borrows' them from elsewhere and gives it to her… But knowing that, she doesn't think twice to use her power if she wants something.


While Mariloup technically can have whatever she wants, she hasn't told her parents about her special gift. Her parents believe she's going to the university and they've been giving her some funds to help her out. Barely enough for her to pay the rent of her appartment and to pay a part of her tuition. As for the rest of her 'needs', for her parents, she works on the campus to earn the rest of her money, while in truth, she has no job and just uses her power to get what she needs.


Currently, Mariloup possesses a modest appartement not too far from the campus. Her appartment is full of useless things though, stuff she has accumulated over the years. Scrapbooks, pencils, canvas, musical instruments of all sorts, books, videogames and dvds. In terms of electronics, if she were to sell all of her games and dvds, she could earn a good sum. All of the box are sleeping in huge piles all about her living room. As for instruments, she has a few old guitars, a synthetiser, a saxophone, a trumpet, a flute and a violin.



Her main goal is to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. While she isn't all that conventional about it, she tries to make the most out of life. As of sort, she spends most of her time doing things she likes, especially since she doesn't need to work to make a living and isn't particulary in need.

Reality Sculptor

Having listened to one of her friend's suggestions a bit too often, Mariloup has gotten into her mind to become a Reality Scultpor. To use her power to actually craft a new world, a world of her dreams and bend reality to her will. Unfortunately, she lacks the power to achieve her goal right now, but she has the potential of eventually being able to sculpt reality as she wishes. Though for now, it's something that's out of her grasp.


Despite being horrible at school and not particulary needing it, Mariloup wants to graduate. Her parents want it so bad, she feels like she has to. Of course, her heart is not all into it, but she'll keep on studying until she gets through university. No matter the cost!



Work hard and you'll get a good job so you can make a good living. That's what they say. It's a good enough ambition to strive for. Unfortunately… What's the point when you can 'have' whatever you want within your grasp? That's the problem with Mariloup. The usual set of responsabilities one get when they grow up and become an adult is something Mariloup could deal with much differently. As of sort, she is pretty 'irresponsable' for an adult. She doesn't have a job, she spends most of her time having fun and going what she likes, and overall, she has a more childish outlook of life. It makes it a bit hard to rely on her for important things.


While Mariloup is good at sports, arts and music, the backlash of all of this is that she is horrible in mathematics and sciences. It's as if the creative part of her brain expanded into the territory of the logic part and took some of its place. She doesn't put up the necessary amounts of effort and so, she has a very hard time with those fields. She doesn't particulary stand out in social siences of langages either. She's just a below average student when it comes to those things. She studies at the local university and her grades are mediocre. She doesn't put her heart into it, but even if she did, she'd still be below average. Alas, she has other passions and doesn't see the necessity of getting a good job.


Mariloup doesn't consider herself a thief. However, the fact is, when she uses her power to materialize objects that aren't hers, she has stolen them from someone. She doesn't know who she stole it from (since generally the object appears with no way to indicate to whom it belonged) because she has no control over which object will be summoned to her. She can only control what object she wants. However, the fact remain that abuse of this power can get her in trouble. Generally speaking, when she wishes for an object, her power will find out one of the closest instance of said object, dematerialize it and rematerialize it in Mariloup's vicinity or in her hands. Of course, this can be quite a problem if she wishes to get a common object that people around her possess, since they're more likely to notice they've been stolen.

Trouble magnet

Mariloup is curious, and unfortunately, she doesn't listen to the voice of reason in her head. In fact, the voice of trouble in her head -is- often by her side and always hints her toward situation that gets her in trouble. Talk about a good guardian. She hasn't gotten in trouble over her head, but the mixture of her irresponsable behaviour and the fact she prefers to listen to her trouble-luring guardian makes it even worse.


Due to the nature of her power, Mariloup tends to gather up a wide variety of items. Though she doesn't throw them away, she keeps them all. However, this is truly to the extreme. Piles and piles of stuff everywhere. In the living room, in the kitchen, everywhere. She can be considered messy, but she manages to find her stuff into her hoards of things.


No one except Mariloup's close friends call her Lulu. It's a priviledge and it's something Mariloup will not tolerate. She refuses to have those she doesn't want to call her Lulu. It's like a special nickname for her best friends. And she's very insistant on that point.


While Mariloup's dreamcraft allowed her to create her guardians from her dreams, it also enables her to create monsters from her worst nightmares. Not that she wants to create them, but it could happen. She has no control over the creatures she materializes from her dreams to this world. The only rule they follow is that they don't harm Mariloup. The reason is quite simple — they recognize her as the master. And hurting the master might mean disappearing, so… They don't. However, when it comes to any other humans… Thankfully, it never happened, but it could happen, that she summons such beasts by accident… And while she knows how to materialize things in front of her, she doesn't know how to relocate those objects somewhere else.


To most, Mariloup might seem a bit spaced-out or anti-social. She's not easily approachable by normal standards. She doesn't really go out to make friends, since she already has her own -real- imaginery friends. Not to mention that since they come out of her dreams, of her psyche, and that the people you hang with often make up who you are, she might appear to be a bit spaced-out sometimes. At least, she's not totally disconnected from reality and she knows better to be careful.


Mariloup's family is the most common one you can find. Both parents have a decent job but don't live in luxury, Mariloup has an older brother, but she is the only one gifted in her family. She started to manifest very early in her life. As a child, her imaginary friend seemed as real to her as anything else. When she wanted toys at the store and wanted them hard enough, she would end up getting them (which sometimes lead to trouble, of course, since her parents believed she stole it!). Her first imaginery friend, Artemis, has been following her and playing with her all of her life. They're like best friends. At first, no one could see him, but she soon managed to literally materialize it, and make him real. Which led to even more problems, alas.

After a few problems of chasing away a beast in their room, Mariloup learned to materialize her friend only when no one would see him. At least, when she was a child. They grew together, and Mariloup didn't friends like kids normally do. She was a bit distant, but that's solely because she already has a good friend with whom she shares everything.

Alas, Mariloup seems to spend more time with her imaginary friends and in her world. As she grew into her teenages, her powers developped further and she learned to properly materialize objects she wishes for. Her special power made her see things differently than others, and soon, she felt the need for another friend, one to help her through all the emotional torments of the teenage years. A soothing protector and attentive ear for her. Her second guardian was born, Fenix, the voice of comfort.

Mariloup didn't really pay much attention in class, often day-dreaming and away in her imaginary world. She showed great interest in arts and other forms of fields were creativity and imaginations are keywords. She focused her attention mostly on having fun and playing games of all kind.

As she grew into adulthood, Mariloup refused to take her responsability. Refused to grow up into an adult. Being an adult, for her, means to have a job, the routine, and a life similar to her parents. She took the opportunity to quit the familial nest when she had the chance, to have more independance and to allow her to use her power more freely and flourish that way. To calm her parents though, she subscribed in Seattle's university, so they think she's trying to do something of her life (though she sees little need to get a 'proper job'). She tells them she has a job, to pay her rent and everything, while in truth, she uses her power to get everything she needs.

With the change of surrounding, without anyone to guide her, her third guardian was born, Phoebe, the voice of reason. It's an eternal conflict as she refuses to grow into an adult, which is reflected by the clashes between Phoebe and Artemis. Unfortunately, Mariloup tends to listen more often to Artemis than Phoebe.

Mariloup now lives on her own — her power allows her to subside easily enough, but she doesn't over-abuse it, since she has learned of the trouble that over-abuse can lead to (she had some experience here and there when she was younger).


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