Lost in Seattle


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Summary: Summer gets lost and asks Tyler for directions.

Date: February 10, 2009

Lost in Seattle

Rating: PG

Streets of Seattle

Tyler moves away from one of the warehouses, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he walks, his eyes scanning over the area as he makes his way towards the street nearby.

Summer wanders down the street, her iPhone practically glued to one ear as she talks in a bubbly, yet increasingly shrill tone. "I know, Chelsea, but I am like totally lost now. I took this left and then a right and passed some houses, and now I'm surrounded by warehouses, and it's way creepy. It's so creepy, there aren't even any paparazzi stalking me, or I'd ask them directions. Look, I'm going to like, hang up and call OnStar. Maybe they can tell me where I parked." She hits the end call button, and looks around with a puzzled frown.

Tyler draws closer to the street and pulls a pack of cigarettes from his pocket as he reaches the sidewalk. He pulls out a single cigarette as he glances up and down the nearly empty street, spotting the woman on the phone. He looks away for a moment as he lights the cigarette and then puts the pack and lighter back into the pocket they came from. He takes a deep drag from the cigarette before he returns his attention back to the woman as she hangs up, exhaling the smoke slowly through his nose.

Summer pauses in the middle of dialing a new number, when she catches sight of the smoking guy watching her. She gives Tyler a quick once-over, assessing him for signs of danger. Apparently deciding that he's not too likely to be an evil rapist mugger freak, she changes direction. "Hi!" she chirps. "I was supposed to meet my friend Chelsea at the Green Dolphin cafe, but like, parking was a total nightmare, and they didn't do valet, which is so barbaric for such a cute little place, and I drove around and found a parking spot but couldn't find the Green Dolphin and now I'm like, here. And not there."

Tyler raises an eyebrow slightly as he watches the woman make his way towards him. He takes another drag as she approaches and starts to speak. He nods his head slightly as he listens to the woman. He exhales the smoke, making sure not to blow it in her face, but rather up and to the left. He looks up and down the street before he looks back to her and speaks. "Well, if you keep going that way-" he says, pointing to the west. "-you'll end up at the Seattle-Bainbridge Ferry Terminal, which is pretty much a dead end." He flicks the bit of ash from his cigarette. "You'll want to go back the way you came. I don't know where the Green Dolphin is at, but at least the way you came back will get you back to civilization. Which street is the Green Dolphin on?" He asks her before bringing the cigarette back to his lips.

Summer gives Tyler a look of big wide blue eyes, listening intently as he gives her directions. "Oh! Go back the way I came! I guess that would work. I think the Dolphin was on Washington? Or Jefferson? It was totally a president, I know that!" She offers a bright smile. "I'll have to Mapquest it again!"

Tyler laughs softly and nods. "Madison." He says with a smile. "That's quiet a ways from here. You'll have to follow this road until you find James. From there follow that North Western…ish until you find Broadway. From there, go north until you find Madison. Peace of cake." He says taking another drag from the cigarette and flicking the ash as he exhales, making sure to keep the smoke away from the woman.

Summer blinks, and then smiles again, still brightly. "OMG!" Yes, she says it and means it. "Thank you sooo much. I might never have seen civilization again at this rate, and like, I'd become one of those suburban legends, and they'd put my picture on milk cartons, and I'd be on America's Most Wanted with that one guy, you know the one who does those things, and you've saved my life!" She glances around, trying to orient herself directionwise.

Tyler chuckles again as he shrugs, looking down at his cigarette. "I don't know about saving your life, but I do what I can. It looks like it's going to get dark soon, so you may want to have a friend meet you somewhere close so you're not out wandering alone." He says as he drops the cigarette and crushes it beneath his shoe.

Summer nodsnods enthusiastically, hair bouncing. "I'm totally going to do that," she says. "Call a friend, that is. I'm so glad you didn't turn out to be like, a totally scary weirdo pervert stalker." Pause. Her brow furrows. "If you're noooot, though, why are you out here in the middle of the spooky warehouse area?"

Tyler nods his head as he looks at her. "That's good." He says before he looks back at the warehouse he had previously left and looks back to her. "I work down here." He says simply, his hands going into his jacket pockets.

Summer exhales with relief, visibly relaxing. "Oh, goodie. I mean, sorry I thought you might be, y'know, a drug dealer or something. Because, like, totally understandable, I'm down here and it's so easy to start imagining the worst, especially after all those icky editorials they were running last month." She's talking too much. Again. As always. Like a runaway train of the mouth.

Tyler smirks and nods. "Yeah, I know. I've seen the best and worst that this town has to offer. I've lived here my whole life, so I've seen it all." He says with a slight shrug of his shoulders. "But, there's no other place I'd rather be."

Summer nodsnods again, still enthusiastically. "Oh, like, no kidding. I like Seattle, except when it rains, but it's a cool city and really kind of neat." She glances up, eying the sky. "And I should totally be getting back to civilization before they think I got kidnapped and eaten by sewer alligators."

Tyler laughs and nods. "Yeah, but the rain is what makes Seattle, Seattle." He says with a smile. He looks up at the sky as she does before he looks back to her. "Yeah. No problem. Stay safe and hope you find the cafe alright." He says to the woman before he offers a wave and starts off towards the Ferry Terminal.

Summer goes wandering off into the night and the wilderness. And with any luck, she'll find nothing scarier than a Starbucks. But she seems the sort to survive through sheer dumb luck.

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