Looks Can Kill Pt. 1


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Summary: Selene discovers she's not alone, and Jacob discovers a willing test subject.

Date: February 19, 2009

Looks Can Kill Pt. 1

Rating: PG-13

Agresta's Pizzeria

Low lights and arcade games are a dead giveaway that this is a popular teenage hangout. Agresta's has been here for years, serving basic italian foods and classic pizza.

The music comes from a jukebox that keeps the classics and adds a lot of what's new and hot to the mix. Most of the waitstaff are also teenagers, working to get a few extra bucks.

It's about noon. The sky is sunny, which is quite odd but a relief from the rain. It's not busy at Agresta's a few people here and there. Selene is sitting at one of the tables looking at a menu trying to figure out what she wants to eat. A glass of coke sits in front of her and her jacket is on the back of the seat.

In comes a young man, no older than eighteen. He seems visibly bothered, making his way into the restaurant and sitting at a table by himself. He buries his head in his hands and tries to calm himself down. …soon thereafter, Jacob enters the Pizzeria, entrenched in his coat. He steps in slowly, and then looks around secondarily - as if where he finds himself isn't his purpose of arriving at all. But this is when he spots Selene, and a grin covers the brits face. He makes his way towards her table, saying, "Min' if a'join ya?" He places a hand on the back of the chair opposite her tentatively.

Selene looks up to Jacob and smiles, "Sure have a seat." she says looking at him. "How are you doing? Sorry about that night at the bar, but that cell phone barbie bitch got on my nerves. Not much for a first impression huh?" she says with a grin. She picks up her glass of coke and takes a drink and sits the glass back down and continues to look at the menu. "What kind of pizza do you like?" she asks looking up to meet his eyes.

As he's allowed to, Jacob takes the seat out, and sits thereon without taking off his trench coat. As she goes on about pizza, Jacob offers "What?" in response, his tone seemingly surprised by the mention of pizza. But he remembers where he is and says, "Oh right. I'm a plain mate, cheese f'me." He looks over to the teenaged kid who sits a few tables down. He's still resting his head on the table.

Selene smiles, "Okay. I'll buy. I like cheese myself. My favorite, always has been." she says looking at him. "What do you think Medium or Large?" she says sitting the menu down. She turns her head to see the boy sitting at the table and then looks back to Jacob, "Wonder what's wrong with him." she says picking up her glass of coke.

Funny, when Selene addresses the thing holding Jacob's attention is precisely when he's willing to discuss the pizza issue. "Fanks… for buyin'. Can' really… medium, eh? Name's Jacob by th'way." He gives her a sideways grin, before looking back towards the kid. His tone drops to a low whisper, and after leaning slightly towards Selene, he utters barely, "'is mates jus' called 'im a mu'an'." His eyes flicker to Selene's.

Jacob ignores the pizza issue as his obsession begins to take over his social skills in this situation, "You're jokin' righ'? B'n in th'news an' all…" He looks back to the kid, then slowly back to Selene. Slowly he leans back, looking at her in a completely different way, tilting his head the other direction. "I fough' you migh' be. Somefin' you said t'th'Barbie Doll, abou' bein' angry." He folds his arms over his chest and tilts his head back the other direction to watch her carefully as she replies.

Selene shakes her head, "Nope. I'm a mutant. You see, if I get too pissed off, I could have just looked at that barbie and killed her. That's why I told her not to piss me off." she says to Jacob. She picks up her coke and takes a drink. "What can you do?" she asks looking in his eyes.

Jacob licks his lips unconsciously. Then with a clear of his throat he looks over to the kid at the table. Then he looks once more back to Selene, deciding to let him go in exchange for this one. "Medusa…" he says in recollection to a conversation he had last night. "Well… I… figure things out. I fink I can figure out how … yours works." He flashes a grin in his eyes briefly, leaning forward slightly, "I can show you."

Selene nods, "Ah. You think so? I can't hardly control mine. I just got it not too long ago, so I have to be very careful. But if you can great." she thinks a moment, "You can show me? How?" she says with a grin. "I want to see it." she says looking Jacob in the eyes.

"Not here," replies Jacob, as more teenagers come into the pizza shop for school lunch. "Peeble's Repairs, on fifth avenue." He slides her a business card with an address and his name, Jacob Tyler. "Bring some veggies wif you." He stands and looks around briefly, before looking at her and saying, "Don't get pissed before then, eh?" He waits to see if she has anything to say before making his departure, as if staying too long in the same place is bad for his safety. Jacob is slightly paranoid, after all.

Selene nods, "Okay. I'll be there. What time do you want me there?" she asks looking at him . "I will." she smiles, "I'll try not to." she looks at him waiting for him to tell her what time to be there then turns to the teenage kids for a moment then turns back to Jacob and takes the card and stuffs it into her jacket pocket.

"While we're open," replies Jacob with a wink before finally making his way out of the restaurant. Selene nods and smiles, "Okay." she watches him leave then stands up and goes to pay for her drink.

to be continued…

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