Little Miss Goth Boutique
Little Miss Goth Boutique
Owner & Operator Angela Stone
Business Function Retail (Clothing)
Opened est. 1995
Hours of Operation Mon. - Fri.: 9 am - 10 pm Saturday: 12 pm - 10 pm Sunday: Closed
Location Pioneer Square
Employees Rachael Saunders (NPC)

Little Miss Goth is a retail clothing store that sells gothic, punk and metal clothing and items. It is located on Broadway.

Establishment History

  • May 7, 1995 - Little Miss Goth Boutique opens it's doors.


The 'Little Miss Goth' clothing boutique is a fairly small shop compared to the other shops in the area and is most certainly a lot more darker in decor. There are racks and racks of clothing that fill the main portion of the shop. The far wall houses various changing rooms for customers to try on clothing before purchasing. To the left of the shop exit, a large display window shows off various pieces of clothing to passing customers. On the east wall, shelves of various CDs, DVDs, dolls, toys and other such products are housed.

Hanging on the west wall are various T-shirts that are housed in plastic containers, showing the designs of each shirt. Below these are shelves that house these shirts. In the center of the shop are glass display cases that form a horseshoe and house the various items that are too small for the shelves. Resting on one of the display cases is a cash register.

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