Theme Song "Title" by Band
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 19, 1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Capricorn cusped with Aquarius
Aliases Le
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Librarian
Known Relatives Janet (Mother), Mark (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Molecular Manipulation
First Appearance 5/1/09


  • LIKES: Quiet places where he can feel safe and restful, puzzles for him to work on whether they are actual puzzles or just conundrums that hold his interest. He loves a good place outdoors that is secluded enough that he isn't bothered and if there are climbable trees, all the better. He responds better to strong women fingures than male ones.
  • DISLIKES: He dislikes loud and purposeful disruption when he is trying to think. He dislikes people intentionally hurting others for a bad reason. He really dislikes seeing girls upset. All of these evoke strong reactions in him.
  • ATTITUDE: Leon is generally private. He craves the attention of the opposite sex but is careful to not attract too much of this attention. He is sensitive about his appearance and how people judge him. Usually he chooses to work with his ectronics to avoid the uncomfortable situation of dealing with others. This poor lad is in a tormenting tug of war with wanting to be alone and wanting to be with others.


  • MOLECULAR MANIPULATION: A powerful ability to be sure but dangerous too. The person gifted with this power is often cursed as well. The power works by being able to alter the characterists of a molecule in almost any way shape or form which allows energy to be generated or neutralized, the covalent bonds between atoms can be broken or formed(never less than 1 and never more than 8 atomic bonds) to make different substances, the spin of the atoms can even be altered to change the substance's heat level. The downsides? At the early phases of the power several of these abilities are active but extremely difficult to control. Energy and, by association, magnetic fields can be formed that wreak havoc on electronics and flesh in close proxemity making the need for surge protection and special protections against the harddrive damage important… just about everything that could go wrong will go wrong at some point. The achilles heel of this is both the possibility of self injury and the need for time and materials. Something cannot be made from nothing and working on the molecular level means unless it's hurried it will take quite a while to do something in a large scale and fine details may not be possible.


  • CODING: Leon is fluent in several different coding languages. He's been working with them since he was 12.
  • DRIVING: Leon is able to drive and has a motocycle license but is not skilled at shifting gears and is used to tamer vehicles.
  • GENERAL: Jack of all trades they are sometimes called. He isn't quite that talented but he has a rather versed skillset and is able to learn new skills fairly easily. Retention and skill level vary from skill to skill with interest and determination. He is able to sew limitedly, cook fairly well(especially if there is a recipe to follow). He CANNOT swim.


  • TRUST: A trust fund has been set up for him. He has all he could ever want for but he does not always show it. His clothes are average, his apartment is medioqure, and he has a vehicle that is made less for style and power than for reliability and comfort. He has both a scooter and a 4 door sedan, the scooter being for in town travel while the car is more for rainy days and out of town trips. He has three true indulgances. His electronics and his bedding and bathtub.
  • ELECTRONICS: He keeps a laptop and PDA/Cell Phone on him most of the time and he has a Desktop computer that is loaded with server quality components at his apartment and he updates these devices regularly.
  • APARTMENT: Leon has an apartment he rents. It's nice, neat, and just right for him with a nice view and few noisy neighbors. For all of that though, it is kinda small but has all the basic rooms and plenty of room for a few guests.


  • COLLEGE: Leon already has an Applied Science in networking administrations currently but he wants to go back to get a 4yr degree that would allow him to work in a large corporation's IT department. He has the money but with his powers developing he needs to learn more control before risking going around all of that equipment.
  • SAFETY: Leon wants to be safe. That said, he wants to be safe from his own powers. Control is key. Granted, the protestors… yeah. He would like to be safe from them too.
  • LOVE: Believe it or not, Leon's not seeking just some girlfriend or half-thought out fling. He wants somebody who he can grow old with… or at least have a child with.


  • APPEARANCE: Leon's physical appearance has some serious alterations from the human norm. He has a tail, a set of ears, slitted eyes, claws, and fangs that are feline in appearance.
  • ATTITUDE: While Leon can be about the most wonderful guy in the world sometimes, he reacts poorly to people he doesn't know or doesn't trust. He mouths off, leaves, and will even be offensive if pushed into continual contact with such a person.
  • INJURIES: There are often unexplained injuries on Leon. Cuts, bruises, scrapes… if asked he will brush it off and try to hide it. Usually these are from his powers but on occasion he has been the target of a few 'pranks' from people who don't like the fact that he's different.


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