Laurel Yeung
Portrayed By Kristen Kreuk
Theme Song "Secret Life of Plants" by Stevie Wonder
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 4, 1990
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Aliases Lau
Place of Birth Pasadena, CA, USA
Occupation Sophomore, University of Washington
Known Relatives Wendy Chambers (Mother), Lee (Lawrence) Leung (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Agrokinesis
First Appearance N/A


  • Spoiled Brat - Laurel is a spoiled brat. She loves being the center of attention (to the point of being an attention whore), she throws your occasional tantrum when she doesnt get what she wants, and she's very conniving and manipulative. This makes her a HUGE BEEEEETCH. Most people dont like her. She doesnt get along with them, and isnt easy to get along with. She thinks she's better than most people.
  • Daddy's Girl - Laurel has a daddy complex and wants to always be "daddy's precious" which cripples proper social adjustments.
  • Manipulative - Laurel has always been good at manipulating men. Now that she's grown up a bit, she has found that her feminine wiles and her generally outgoing nature allow her to manipulate people (some of the time). As such, she tries to get what she wants and will manipulate anyone to achieve her goals.
  • College Co-ed - She's young and in college. She likes to party, flirt and generally havea good time. Because of this, she's still slightly immature, but hopefully this will change with time.


  • Agrokinesis - Agrokinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate wood, plants and flowers in various ways shapes and forms. She has a natural green thumb and can make plants grow unnaturally fast, turning a seed into full bloom in a manner of minutes for a flower, and hours for something like a tree. She also has the ability to direct a plant's growth, being able to, in some instances, use fast growing plants like weeds and ivy, or for aesthetic purposes to grow a beautiful garden. Simple and naturally fast growing plants can be be grown at exceedingly quick rates in a manner of seconds, allowing her to trap people in vines or shrubbery if need be. Meanwhile, more complex plants like trees can be grown at a rate of half of it's current size in approximately thirty minutes to an hour depending on the complexity of the branches. It is physically taxing for her to use her powers, not being able to use her powers for more than four hours for fast growing vines, ivy, weeds and flowers, while maxing out at approximate two hours for a tree depending on the complxity of the branches and whether it bears fruit, etc. Her limits are still being explored, but it is quite physically taxing to affect a larger area and can often lead to nose bleeds, blackouts and other such things.
  • Enhanced Physiology - Spores - Another naturally occuring defense mechanism without any known form of conscious control is Laurel's ability to emit spores. These spores are much like the spores of a plant, except they dont have her genetic material. People who are normally allergic to spores (especially to those of a grass variety) will still have the same immune response leading to various allergies. When she is truly excited or scared, her body will emit a cloud of these spores in about a five foot radius cloud hopefully allowing her to escape, much like a squid would use its ink.
  • Enhanced Physiology - Photosynthesis - This is as of yet something she hasnt realized consciously, but Laurel's body undergoes photosynthesis. She does not technically need food to survive as her body will make it in the presence of sunlight and water. This could, in the future (with future upgrades), lead to regenerative properties, but alas, she has no idea this occurs and thus it wont be used in play until some time from now.


  • Botany and the sciences - Her father is a university professor of botany. She has access to books, and well she read them. She has enough knowledge up to a sophomore in college level of biology and botany, including subjects such as general and organic chemistry, enough to know what she's talking about.
  • Singing - She's no American Idol, but Laurel loves to sing. She's always been one to be the center of attention, and singing gets her that attention. She's got a good mezzo soprano voice, and can belt out Aretha hits when she really tries. However, she'll never win American Idol. She's too spoiled.
  • Rudimentary Self Defense - Kungfu master Laurel is not. However, since she's out on her own now in the real world, her father made sure that she take at least a basic self defense course, and wanting to make him happy, she did it. As such, she knows the basics of fisticuffs, and is the equivalent of a green belt in Tae Kwon Do, which is just two ranks above white belt.
  • Cooking - The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That's one piece of advice her mother gave her. As such, Laurel is skilled in cooking fine cuisine, at least homemade style 'fine' cuisine and often uses her Korean routes to cook a variety of Korean meals. She specializes in cooking Asian foods and can cook Chinese, Japanese, Malay and Filipino foods as well.


  • Alpha Chi Omega - Laurel is a member of Alpha Chi Omega, one of the more well funded sororities on campus. It's a national sorority and thus, she has access to A Chi O's alumni network, which could help in the future when looking for jobs, internships and other such things. Right now, she just finished her pledge semester and is now a full sister, and thus, she has full access to most parties and the latest gossip on campus.
  • Daddy - Self explanatory


  • Understand the nature of her powers - One of the reasons why she chose to be a biochemistry major is to understand the nature of her powers. She's a naturally curious girl and as such, she wants to learn about what makes her do what she can.
  • Understand botany - In addition to understanding her own powers, she wants to know exactly what it is she does to plants, to perhaps gain further control over her powers. As such, she is taking biochemistry courses and electives within the plant biology department at University of Washington to help her achieve this.
  • Mature and become independent - She's growing up, she knows this. Daddy wont be here forever, and as such, she's trying to slowly move away from her parents. Maybe one day she'll be independent.


  • Herbicides and fertilizers - Due to the nature of her powers, Laurel is horribly allergic to herbicides. Weed killers will give her mild allergic reactions, and really strong herbicides can send her to the hospital with a near fatal reaction (epi-pen anyone?). On the flipside, fertilizers affect her much like alcohol affects most people. They affect her mood, often making her feel frisky, and inebriates her, proportional to the strength of the fertilizer (meaning it's ammonia and nitrogen content).
  • Lack of control - Her powers, though formidable are still mostly unconscious on her part. She can direct the growth of plants, but when she feels really strong emotions, plants will respond, even going as far as to harm those who might be trying to help her even when she's scared or angry.
  • Spoiled Brat - As mentioned earlier, she's a spoiled brat. She tends to throw tantrums when she doesnt get what she wants and she's quite vindictive as well. HUGE BEEEEEETCH. Not really good around people if she feels threatened.


Laurel Yeung is born on July 4, 1990 to Lee (Lawrence) Yeung and Wendy Chambers in the suburb of Pasadena, California. Lee is a professor of botany at the University of Southern California, and Wendy is a house wife. She's the only child and grows up quite spoiled. She was the apple of her father's eye and her birth was a joyous occasion for the family. As she grows older, she is lavished with attention, and was above average in intelligence and worked diligently throughout school. Primary and secondary school were relatively uneventful. She was quite the talented singer growing up, often performing at karaoke parties and talent shows throughout her childhood. As such, she was given private voice lessons along with violin lessons to make sure that she'll eventually be able to go to an Ivy League university.

High school itself is normal for the most part. She was one of the popular girls due to her good looks and outgoing personality. She was known to be quite the flirt, though she had a steady boyfriend much throughout high school Her junior year, Laurel and her boyfriend, Joshua go to a local party. Drugs and booze flow and in a drug induced haze, her powers manifest in a rather violent fashion. Apparently, Joshua had been cheating on her with one of the cheerleaders at the party. Already quite drunk and not knowing what she was doing, her rage triggered a violent manifestation of her powers as the plants in the garden at the house started to thrash revealing in her rage. Ivy vines start whipping and entangling themselves around Joshua and the slut who he was cheating with, and Laurel blacks out from the intense use of her powers. When she finally comes to, Joshua and the cheerleader are dead. She is never implicated, and it remains an unsolved case ruling accidental death from alcohol. This is definitely one of the skeletons in her closet which she never talks about.

A year later, she graduates high school, and Laurel begins her freshman year at University of Washington with a major in biochemistry. She rushes for the Alpha Chi Omega sorority in her first semester and makes the Dean's List, using her Advanced Placement classes from high school to have a sophomore status. She still doesnt have much control over her powers, though experimentation has given her very rudimentary control, though most of her abilities are still raw and untrained. With the public manifestation of mutants, she keeps a weary eye hoping she doesnt get discovered.


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