Kera Savalion
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Kera Savalion
Portrayed By Megan Fox
Theme Song "Star Generation" by September
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 10, 1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Star, Starborn
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Dance Pop Idol and Hooters Waitress
Known Relatives Lily Markland (Real Mother, deceased), Steven Savalion (Adopted Father), Goro Mitsurugi (Adopted Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Asterokinesis
First Appearance A Shower at the Park


Space Case - Despite the fact that she isn't from another planet, one would get the impression that Kera is just that. Some of her opinions, interactions and actions aren't very typical for a girl like her. At times this is viewed as her just being rather ditzy, but it goes a step beyond that usually. Say for instance, being in the midst of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, becomes an awesome ride, better than the amusement park.

Static Optimist - You know those people that just don't seem to have a bad day, no matter what happens to them? That their bedsheets are woven from the sliver lining of every cloud they've shooed away? Kera is one of those people. She has this permanant state of optimism that doesn't seem to shift, reguardless as to the situation. It is almost as if she doesn't have the ability to be sad or upset. The truth is, she does get upset, but that usually just comes off as a pouty little tissy. Depending on the type of person that encounters this, they either want to punch her, or get infected by it.

Misunderstood - Kera has alot going against her. Just initially looking at her, she's a pretty girl, dresses nice and has this popular thing going on. There are certain assumptions that are often made. It doesn't help that she's somewhat of a bubblehead, either. These things are pretty difficult to look past to see that there is actually more to her that just what you see on the surface. So when she starts making perfect sense and comes up with a fantastically good idea, it comes as a surprise.

Easy-Going - It's not very difficult to get to get to know her, or even befriend her. Kera is pretty approachable, friendly and extroverted when it comes to social behavior. There isn't much she won't try or go along with when in a group, and she is pretty pleasent to be around. She isn't caught up with appearances, stereotypes or other negative social hangups that might put her within certain cliques or not accept certain individuals.

Gullible - Takes very little to convince her of things. Her general air-headed aspect makes her an easy target for those of a manipulative persuasion. This doesn't mean that she'll believe ANYTHING people tell her, but if an idea or notion is presented to her in a manner that she can actually relate to, or has a general interest in, 9 times out of 10 she'll fall for it.

Music Lover - Kera loves music, absolutely, positively loves music. This is mostly in part to the fact that her powers are dependent on the sonic vibrations that she receives from a good beat. But liking music is more apart of her personality than a physical need. Her tastes are quite eclectic. She can generally find something that she likes in just about any genre of music, though those with heavier, steady beat are preferred.

Mutant Ignorance - As far as she knows, Kera has always had powers. Her sheltered upbringing has given her the disillusion that EVERYONE has powers, and everyone is pretty much the same. When she encounters someone who doesn't have powers, she considers/calls them 'broken', thinking that they're just sick with an illness that makes them unable to use their powers. Much like a broken leg keeping someone from running or walking properly. She'll useually give them a hug and wish them to get better.

Sheltered - Kera's parental units kept their daughter out of the general public for a great deal of her life. She was home schooled and didn't have any friends when growing up. While she grew up happy, it became the main cause for her alien-like social/cultural clashing. Well.. that and the fact that one of her father's thought she was an alien for the longest time.

Impartial - With great power comes people wanting to take advantage of it, or even people expecting you to use it for some greater good, or higher purpose. Everyone is either looking for a hero, or searching to make you out to be a monster. To avoid this, it has been instilled in Kera to not take any major action with her powers as to avoid being labeled as a hero or a villain. That isn't to say that the girl doesn't step outside of those values. She is still only human and has a mind of her own. She can butt in and tip the scales in the favor of one side or the other, given the right circumstances.

Just a Girl - Those who discover the nature and extent of Kera's powers seem to start to look at her in certain ways. She could either be viewed as a living weapon of epic proportions, a walking disaster, or a ticking time bomb. They tend to put a lot of responsibility or treat her like some important object. Most don't see that she isn't concerned with destroying the world or becoming some great hero. She is just a girl. She is young, vibrant, pretty, and talented. She is more concerned with what she'll wear tomorrow, or if she'll ever fall in love like in the movies or even if she remembered to TiVO her favorite sitcom before she left the house. Her carefree personality makes it easy for her to dodge such serious subjects such as the MTF.

Generally Good - Despite her neutrality, Kera grew up in a loving, stable home environment, which made her into a generally good person. No criminal activity, major deviant behavior, or antisocial tendencies. She has a general understanding of norms and the difference between right and wrong, but that isn't to say that her understanding cannot be askwed by outside sources.

Imagination - With no friends growing up, Kera had to entertain herself. This gave her one heck of an imagination, which she is perfectly happy to dwell in on her own if need be. This trait gives her something of an almost childish quality at times, as she is normally just out to have fun, and act out the zaney things that she comes up with in her mind.



Asterokinesis - Kera is a mutant with the superhuman ability to transduce sonic vibrations which reach her body to fuel her ability to mentally manipulate the energy generated by stars, dark matter, quasars and the cosmic media in space. This ability seems to operate over a great range of frequencies, including the audible spectrum (35 to 16,500 cycles per second), and a great variation of sound pressure levels regardless of the complexity, dissonance, or randomness of the sound. For example, a car crash and a symphonic passage of equal duration will both produce usable incoming acoustic vibrations.
Kera, however, prefers utilizing the sound of music, particularly that which is rhythmically sustained. Not only is music more pleasant to her ears, but the steady beat of contemporary popular provides a more constant source of sound to convert. The precise means by which this conversion process works is as yet unknown, but it must involve a body-wide energy field of some sort. This ability of course gives her a wide variety of things she can do, yet there is a limit to her control so far:

-Quasar Generation- - Kera has the ability to generate the proper energies around her body(or just portions of her body) to create a small active galactic nucleus a Quasi-stellar radio source; or Quasar. In this state, she is capable of expelling most any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum: radio waves, infrared, visible light, ultra-violet, X-ray and/or gamma ray wavebands. Usually she just generates pulses of various types of energy for offensive use, ranging from stun to small explosive in lethality. When generating a quasar when in the earth's atmosphere, she has to provide electromagnetic shielding against throwing the planetary balance out of whack. In doing so, she draws in particles of substance, gases and certain energies to make small stars and planets gravitating around her, giving a stellar effect

-Dark Matter Generation- - In astronomy and cosmology, dark matter is hypothetical matter that is undetectable by its emitted radiation, but whose presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. Kera can actually convert her body into what is called hot dark matter. Hot dark matter consists of particles that travel with relativistic velocities, and the type Kera can manipulate are known as neutrinos. Neutrinos are elementary particles that: often travel close to the speed of light, lack an electric charge, are able to pass through ordinary matter almost undisturbed and are thus extremely difficult to detect.
When Kera converts herself into these particles, it permits her to fly at the speed of light, with the ability to pass through almost any substance, save for lead, which contains radiation. In this state, she has no eyes or ears to really hear or see, but seems to have a very elementary sense of direction and general surroundings. When in this state, if not directly viewed, Kera is almost impossible to detect, as is the nature of dark matter. It isn't impossible, but it would require some special scientific equipment or certain detection powers to trace her as long as she remains as neutrino particles.

-Stellar Rage- - Under optimal conditions, and in extremely desperate moments of stress, Kera could possibly become the cause of a cosmic disaster or uncommon anomaly. If she were to lose control over her emotions, her powers could allow her to become a human sized super nova or a black hole, generate a giant explosion of solar energy known as a solar flare as much as 6 × 10^25 joules of energy, a temporary disturbance of the Earth's magnetosphere called a geomagnetic storm, caused by a disturbance known as a stellar wind, or even call down a meteor shower in her area(or possibly manipulate the weather). This aspect of her powers has not yet come into reality, though there is great speculation and theory.

Current Control - The abilities listed above are simply just the abilities she has at least managed to manifest once on some very small level, a potential uncontrolled reaction to extreme negative stimuli, or a predicted path of development for her abilities. Just getting to understand her powers, Kera has only managed to harness the power Quasar Generation. The degree of control she has over this is rather average, allowing her to actually generate pulses of various energy types of the electromagnetic spectrum: visible light pulses, ultra violet, a disruptive pulse of radio waves(which plays hell on wireless signals and radio transmissions), microwave pulses, hard radiation and gamma shots. These types of blasts use up average amounts of her energy. She can also generate a single potent radial electromagnetic pulse which burns up a massive amount of her storage.



Japanese - One of Kera's fathers speaks fluent Japanese, and as such he had taught it to her when she was very young. Kera can write, read and speak Japanese as fluently as her father does.

Astrophysics - The nature of her powers gave Kera a natural interest and knack for the subject of astrophysics: astronomy that deals with the physics of the universe, including the physical properties (luminosity, density, temperature, and chemical composition) of celestial objects such as galaxies, stars, planets, exoplanets, and the interstellar medium, as well as their interactions. The study of cosmology is theoretical astrophysics at scales much larger than the size of particular gravitationally-bound objects in the universe. She could probably tell you the names of every star in the sky, draw you a star map of distant galaxies and make predictions about stellar anomalies that would otherwise put most astrophysicists to shame.

Singing - Kera has a spectacular singing voice, and a talent for performing. She was the winning contestant of the most recent season of the European show The X Factor, which earned her a contract with Virgin records. While her career is just starting, she has already established her talent to many people.

Dancing - On top of singing, Kera got into dancing. While she wasn't really able to join any teams or competitions through her childhood, she took a very active interest in watching reality shows and cheer leading competitions on TV. In the safety of her own home and backyard, she taught herself to do the things they do on the shows, which pays off with her new career.

Acrobatics - When she was but a small girl, Kera's parents bought her one of her most cherished possessions, a trampoline. A girl with very little social interaction and a lot of time on her hands would spend hours on end bouncing and flipping around on the large bouncy object in the backyard. As such, Kera took on acrobatics, pretending she were in the 'space circus' and one day she would flip and twist up in the sky.

Calculation - She doesn't go around doing math contests or solving major equations as a hobby, but Kera is exceptionally good at mathematics of any kind. This isn't something someone would generally know about her, but it normally manifests when someone idly asks a mathematical question or seems stumped on an equation. Kera can usually process the answer in her head and casually spout off the answer. This doesn't make her a genius by any means, she is like a computer with an outdated driver. It works, but only so well. Her skills for calculation range in: Arithmetic, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry and so forth.



Job - As she got out into the world on her own, Kera obtained a part-time job working as a waitress at Hooters. This was obtained as just something to do. She was just under the assumption that all girls her age wanna work there.

Contract - Kera was the winning contestant of the popular European show The X Factor. Her talent for singing and performance earned her a contract with Virgin records when she returned to America. This career is just starting for her, but is set to become her main source of income.

Vehicle - Kera was bought a vehicle by her parents when she got her drivers license. It was one custom to fit her personality.


Living Conditions - Kera has two roommates, her parents. She is actually renting the upstairs level of their house. This is the assumption that she is under, as her fathers managed to convince their gullible daughter that this is the way things were. In this manner they are able to keep an eye out on their wild card of a daughter.

Material Possessions - Kera can get just about anything she wants, within reason. Her fathers were pretty doting on their daughter in that aspect. However, she didn't ask for as much as they might have expected she would. Half the time they asked what she wanted for her birthday, and she would say, 'I dunno. I'll like whatever'. And she would. Some of her bigger possessions aside from her car are: her trampoline, gymnastics set, computer, big screen TV, Wii, X-Box 360, library of various books and so forth.

Wardrobe - Clothes, accessories, shoes.. you name it and she has it. Name brand, off brand and even stuff that hasn't completely come out in the mainstream yet. Her massive walk-in closet is full of these things, and she cycles through them rather regularly.

Pet - Kera has a pet female ferret named Juliet that she holds pretty dear. She usually keeps her in the house but occasionally she will take her out and about.



To Live - The most important goal Kera has set for herself is just to live. Period. She plans to experience life to it's fullest, and live up to no one else's expectations but her own. This is something she feels she has a lot of catching up to do since she was mostly confined to her home for a greater part of her childhood life.

Career - Kera likes music, she likes to sing and she likes to perform. So the music career she has lined up is the perfect thing for her. She doesn't have any plans to be the absolute best, or the greatest artist on the the market. She just plans to ride the train to wherever it takes her, like many of her other goals.

Relationships - Throughout her life, Kera has only had one relationship, and that is the relationship of being a daughter to her two fathers. She didn't have any friends until she got into the X Factor house. It was a rather delightful experience, and she plans on having all kinds of other relationships: a best friend, a boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend, even ones that are future oriented, such as a husband someday.

Love - With the TV as her main source of outside information and window to the outside world, and storybooks being the second, Kera has a preconceived notion about love and the way it works. She wants very much to fall in love, even if her belief and understanding of the emotion is a little fiction based. She might be shocked when she realizes that the reality isn't quite as golden as it is on TV.

Space Travel - Kera wants to go up there. Into the vastness of space. Her instincts tell her that there is a whole 'nother world up there that is just waiting for her to explore it. She plans on learning enough about herself and powers to reach up into the space and explore the universe, without the use of a space craft, because she has this feeling that for her, it is quite possible.



Social Handicaps - Living a sheltered life with two parents that wanted to protect her from the rest of the world, and protect the world from the possibility that their daughter could cause catastrophic disasters, has given Kera a rather difficult time adjusting to social interaction with others, now that she is out on her own. She has manners and is pretty good-natured, she just doesn't always stay within the norms of general social behavior. She might say the wrong thing without meaning it, touch something she isn't supposed to or be that one dingy girl that messes up an important dinner party.

Capacity - In order for Kera's powers to work, she has to have energy stored up in her body, converted from the sound vibrations she receives from external sources. This in itself has a capacity that is finite within her. Whenever she uses her powers, this takes up a portion of the stored energy, and eventually, as her capacity starts to dwindle without being replenished, so does the overall strength of her powers. Certain aspects of her powers take up more energy than others, so she has to be cautious of how much she uses and watch her levels.

Lethal Levels - Kera's life support and well-being are dependent on the energy she converts from sound absorbed. Much like blood, she has a certain capacity of how much she can hold, and how little she can have. This puts a big importance for her to watch her levels and power usage. In the event that Kera is depleted of her energy without any restoration, she will die within an hour or so unless she can absorb sound and convert energy to sustain herself. The bad part is, the energy she converts doesn't stay within her infinitely if unused. It loses it's frequency and starts to burn off out of her like evaporating water. This rate is pretty steady, and never burns off enough that she is normally in a crisis. It is much the same as the human body's requirement to rehydrate itself. She normally gets enough sound from everyday things that she doesn't have to worry about burning out.

Lead - Kera's powers have a natural order to them, they are a scientific anomaly and don't have any real strange weakness or anything. Infact, the main weakness to her powers are something pretty simple. Lead. A lot of Kera's abilities are radiation based, and lead naturally blocks/shields radiation. As such, Kera is unable to pass or blast through pure lead, and could even be contained within a prison of lead, bars or otherwise. It has also been proven that she could essentially be rendered completely unable to use her activated abilities if her wrists, ankles and neck are fashioned with pure led shackles. Her absorption and conversion abilities still work, but using any of her stellar abilities becomes impossible, unless the bonds are removed(Only one of the bonds needs to be removed, actually. If one of the 5 areas is uncovered, she can use her powers somewhat normally.) The lead also has to be pure, things such as lead paint, or compounds containing lead do not completely stop her abilities. She may have a little more difficulty with those things, but only pure lead can absolutely stop her powers.

Musical Addiction - Kera's powers are dependent on sound, and she not only prefers the sound from music, she craves it. She is unable to actually benefit from the sound of her own voice for some reason. The actual usable sound has to come from an outside source. Because of this, Kera is something of a fanatic about music. So much so that she is rather obsessive-compulsive about it. She finds it hard to resist stopping to hear a local street musician play, even if she is late for an important meeting or work. She often has music going in the background, and often times too loud, as the sensation of loud vibrations feels like a nice massage to her. When she isn't able to hear any music, she starts to become antsy. Snapping her fingers, humming and even exhibiting symptoms of RLS, finding it difficult to focus on anything. She also tends to become entranced by good musicians on an infatuated level quite easily.

Control - Kera has to maintain control of her emotions. Her father's stressed this point all throughout her life. The research that was done over her powers has theorized that should Kera lose control of her emotions, she could cause cataclysmic disasters in not old her immediate area, but possibly to the natural state of the world itself. Not only is this a problem for the earth and it's inhabitants, but for Kera as well. Such an outburst would probably deplete her capacity of energy so quickly that her body would perish from the shock and inability to restore itself. This is something that has never happened, but it is a rather solid theory.

CCM - It's not known who started this term, but it was one developed especially for Kera. CCM is an acronym for Cosmic Calamity Magnet. It's used to describe the misfortune that Kera seems to carry by just existing with the powers that she has. The theory is that either the Earth is acting out a sort of self-defense system, viewing her as a threat and trying to get rid of her like a foreign body, or that her powers just simply attract natural anomalies like a beacon. Whatever the reason, unlikely cosmic events have a greater chance of happening in her presence than normal. Meteors falling, sunspots disrupting signals and other such cosmic possibilities that might be otherwise slim to none in occurrence.(Staff Plot Device) Heck, if there is intelligent life out there and it decided to invade? Their initial spot of attack would probably be right where Kera is at that time. Something she can't really see coming.



*A snowy TV screen then a picture of a bright eyed girl, adjusting the camera to fit her image in*

"Is it on? Is it working? Stellar! Helloooo people! I'm Kera, and this is my video blog! Okay so I'm 21 years old, and I live in Seattle, and this is my first blog, yay! My friends call me Star, and they said I should start up a video blog, since the X Factor competition. So I guess the best news right now is I actually have friends! I'm totally excited that I have friends now, and fans too. Hi all!

I guess though, I should start at the beginning? First of all, I have two dads. They're a domestic partnership, which is totally cool, and they're both amazing! They're not my real dads or anything, they adopted me out of some big tragedy that occurred."

*She holds up a picture of a well known popular singer. A beautiful blond woman.*

"This was my mommy. Wasn't she beautiful? Her name was Lily and we just discovered that she was my mother. You see when I was born, my mother was flying from America to England in secret and from what I am told, a world record-breaking meteor fell and crashed right into the plane! What rotten luck, huh? My one daddy is an astrophysicist, and he had been out watching the stars with my other daddy that night, and he saw the plane accident.

The wreckage landed really close to where they were, so they ran to investigate and as it seemed, there weren't any survivors. Daddy Steven said they heard a baby crying, so they rushed to clear away the debris. And to their surprise, there I was, unharmed! Like something out of a movie! Sadly, there were no other survivors, and there was some kinda trouble identifying who I was. So daddy Steven and daddy Goro adopted me as their little girl. That's about all I hear about the beginning. It's a pretty interesting story. I don't tell it as good as they do, but-"

"Kera! What are you doing?!"

*She looks over at the male voice addressing her*

"Hi daddy! I'm starting a video blog! I'm gonna post it on Myspace! Maybe even Youtube!"

"Kera, no honey. This is my video equipment for my research. These videos are important-Wait.. What.. are you-Are you recording over these?! Ker-"

*The video suddenly cuts off, leaving snow for a moment, then a video of a large blond man in glasses and a white lab coat*

"-become rather complicated." The man squeezes his nose bridge below his glasses and sighs. "I suspected Kera was different and that the circumstances of her tragedy and survival were rather unusual. Goro believed she was some being from outer space, and I told him his wild ideas might influence the girl if she didn't stop. But.. even I am skeptical now.

My research in the mutant phenomenon brought me back to my suspicions about the various anomalies and disturbances that occurred throughout Kera's development. I originally thought it was foolish to assume that this infant child could have anything to do with he accident that brought her to us. But now? I just don't know. She is 16 years old now, and the incidents of highly improbably events has increased with her age. In all these years, a total of 34 falling stars has dropped into our backyard. All in the same spot. Statistically, the chances of that coincidence are? so miniscule!

And now, the actual manifestation of those abilities? Just the other day, in broad daylight! On her 16th birthday in the backyard. Goro said that there was almost no time for NASA to detect it, that there was just a sudden change of course, bringing the meteor down without warning. It failed to burn up in the stratosphere and headed right for us. She just? glanced up so calmly like it was an expected guest, and up went her hand, halting it with just a single gesture. And then, she just? smiled. She smiled and said 'bye bye, take care' and sent it back up where it came from. I couldn't believe my eyes! After that, she immediately fell ill for several days, and she hasn't manifested anything else since then? The nature of her powers makes me not regret our decision to keep her away from the rest of the world, to keep her safe from the hate against mutant kind."

"When I think about what that girl is capable of? I mean, her abilities make me question the incident with the plane. She can control the aspects of the very cosmos itself! She can alter, create or destroy things that are only marginally understood by man. Goro could better explain on this subject, but the possibilities of Kera's powers are? dangerous. She is a good girl, and we raised her well, but in theory, with her power over the cosmos being mental, should she lose control of her emotions, she could reign down destruction, but kill herself in the process.

She depends on the energy she derives from sonic vibrations like life-blood. It could be entirely possible for her to generate a burning star, which would put such a significant stress on her physical state that she would surely perish. She could even call down meteors to shower down onto Earth, which is the theory that makes me very suspicious that she was the cause of the accident. Could she have had some degree of powers at that young age? Or was it just a coincidence? Or maybe she is some sort of karmic magnet for cosmic disasters, which opens up a different can of worms.

My daughter is both my greatest joy and biggest fear. I just pray that she can keep her powers a secret, and learn to control them, retaining the morals that we instilled within her before someone gets the notion to use her as a weapon. She is a sweet girl, and she has absolutely no inkling of how dangerous she could be. She just seems to enjoy life, and hasn't displayed any notions of superiority or threatening traits.

Goro and I did the best that we could, home schooling, providing the best love and support that we possibly could. But we sacrificed human interaction for her safety. She has never had a friend, play mate or otherwise. Yet not once has she ever wondered why. But that cannot go on forever. If she is to have any hope of showing restraint, she has to get to know humanity. I just hope that the world she discovers is one she finds worthy of protecting. So I'll continue to teach her what I can, and help her to gain the control over her emotions and her powers. It is all I can do. That, and pray.

There is a trump card to all this however. Goro gathered together everything he knew about astrophysics and cosmic phenomenon, and came up with one fact. Pure lead shields against radiation. It was a long stretch, but I had fashioned her last Halloween costume. When I asked her to show me the 'trick' that she can do, she couldn't produce any effects with her abilities. Encasing her neck, wrists and ankles in links of pure lead will render her unable to use her active powers. But my time of making her a prisoner is almost at an end, this will only be used as a last resort. She'll grow up, and then she'll be out on her-"


*The video suddenly cuts off and then Kera is back infront of the camera again.*

*She waves large into the camera.*

"Show time! It's me again everyone! I'm back now. Sorry about earlier, daddy can be a little intense sometime, but I think I got this video thing all figured out. This time, I'm using a different tape? I think? Well anyway, just a little bit more about me for starters. I sorta grew up by myself, with my two dads as my only friends, really. They said that I just had to stay with them inside until I was ready, and wanted to explain it to me all the time. I understood it the first time, they were just trying to protect me is all.

I had my books, the TV and my music to entertain me.. Oh! Oh! And my trampoline! I love my trampoline! Daddy Steven got it for me when I was just a little girl.

They're both pretty well off, daddy Goro is the astrophysicist, and daddy Steven is a geneticist. They always wanted to buy me stuff for some reason but I've never been one for material possessions? Except for my clothes, I LOVE clothes, and shoes, and accessories! But anyway, I lived with my parents in the outskirts of London until? well until now! Just this year, I tried out for the popular television show, the X Factor. This was the most amazing experience of my life so far! I was able to make some friends, get to meet some really famous people, and do what I love to do best, sing! Both of my father's were really supportive.

There was a segment done on the show, discussing the circumstances of my orphanage, and a lot of research was done by the staff. They discovered that Lily was my real mom! She had gone on the flight under an alias, and simply disappeared for all those years, because no one knew she had died on that plane crash. I was so proud to find out about my real mom, and I sorta wished she had gotten to hear me sing. I made it all the way to the finals in the show, and in my final performance, I did a tribute to my mother, which I guess was enough to win.

I didn't expect to win, so it came as a pretty big surprise when I did, and before I knew it, I was on my way to live in America with my contract to Virgin records. Of course, my parents came with me, and insisted that we all become roommates. I guess that was a good idea, they're pretty fair, and they let me have the whole upstairs of the house, yay! I get to go to school if I want to, and I got myself a part time job working at Hooters! I finally get to be a normal girl, and I can't wait to get out there and just? live! Daddy just says I have to be careful about using my powers. He says it's probably best if I don't let people know that I have them, but sometimes? That's kinda hard, yanno. I just sorta use them, like a reflex or something?. Oops? Um? I probably shouldn't be talking about that on camera, right? I can edit it out of there can't I? Yeah, I'll do that later! Okay, I gotta go now! I'm meeting some of my friends from the X Factor house, and we're all gonna go out to the club! Yay! I hope there's some pretty good music there, I'm feeling a little low. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell. My life is just beginning! Thanks for listening everyone! Dewa mata!

*she waves wide before cutting off the video feed*



Coming Soon!


*blink*blink* "Really!?.. Nuh-uh!"

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  • Kera's debut single released on the 28th of May, featuring the first two songs off of her album titled A Star is Born. 'Real Emotion' and a bonus track, 'Everyone Get Down'.
  • Rumor has it that Kera was said to have been a romantic item with X Factor House hottie, contestant AJ. The two were always seen together, but as you may know, Kera beat AJ out of the final three. AJ's Journey with Kera didn't take him to America however. The status of their relationship is unknown. It is also rumored that the single 'Brown Haired Boy' is about AJ.
  • It was discovered that Kera's birth mother is the famed European singing sensation Lily Markland. The discovery of this fact also solved the mystery of Lily's disappearance, which turned out to be her untimely demise. Kera plans to follow in the footsteps of her mother, paying tribute by remaking her most popular songs.
  • Kera is immune to tranquilizers.


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