Kailin Knight
Portrayed By Shemar Moore
Theme Song "Superstar" by Lupe Fiasco
Gender Male
Date of Birth February 29, 1980
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases None known
Place of Birth San Diego, CA, USA
Occupation Consultant
Known Relatives Gloria Knight (Mother), Kelcy Knight (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers None known
First Appearance N/A


PRIVATE: Kailin is very private about himself and what he does. He is content to stay out of the spotlight and let others take the glory. When he talks about himself, it is only for lack of a better subject.
GUARDED: Kailin doesn't trust easily. He's had no great trauma in his life, but he grew up with a keen insight to a human condition - one that has since been reinforced. He has many acquaintances but very few friends.
AMBITIOUS: Kailin has always been competitive. When he was younger it was a trait bred from a constant involvement in sports. Now that he is older he finds that he enjoys competition of a more mature nature. He wants what he wants when he wants it.
CONFIDENT: There is a quiet confidence around Kailin that comes from knowing that any bad experience can be learned from. While he doesn't allow himself the luxury of making mistakes, he does take comfort in the fact that they teach good lessesons if he pays enough attention.
CURIOUS: Kailin likes to learn. He likes picking up new information and knowing things. His interest in information is often inversely proportional to how much he should know that information. It isn't a very often that something goes by that he doesn't know that he completely ignores without making a note to look into it in the near future.


None known


ATHLETICS: Kailin was always an athlete. He was a basketball, football, and track athlete in high school, and he chose football when recruited to college. He still occassionally likes to play whenever he can.
MARTIAL-ARTS: A skill that was picked up from his time in the military, Kailin has more recently been studying mixed-martial arts to learn how to protect himself. His physical skill is enhanced even more with his knowledge of tactics and maneuvers for particular situations. He devotes at least thirty minutes a day to practicing his martial arts as a way to stay in shape.
KNOWLEDGE: Kailin has amassed a wealth of knowledge in his time with an emphasis in history and sociology. As a result, he's got a ton of information in his head that he has learned through experiences or studying - but without the academic degrees to prove it.
DRIVING: Driving is a hobby of his, both sports cars and motorcycles. He likes going fast when the speed comes externally. Like a lot of people, he gets an adrenaline rush from it so he's done it often and he has gotten good at it.
GAMBLING: Picked up over the course of many years of intense gambling sessions, Kailin has become an expert player. From the many vasriations of poker to the high end baccarat, Kailin knows them all and has played most of them enough to be an expert. While it isn't an addiction, he certainly does like to practice this skill whenever he can.


WEALTH: Gambling was the quick money. Here and there, small stacks of money turned into large portfolios of investments. Small bets at tiny Indian Casinos turned into moderate bets in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, which in turn became large bets in Monaco, Macao, and Dubai. Then gambling became too risky and the money went into investments instead. Betting on stocks was a lot less risky - and less time consuming. The final result is an amassed wealth that allows Kailin to live quite comfortably and pursue many of his personal interests.
HOUSES: Kailin owns a large house outside the city that is suited for large parties and two houses inside the city that are slightly more modest. Kailin also owns two condos inside the city along with an apartment complex from which he often uses vacant apartments.
CONTACTS-POLITICS: If there is a Democratic political event in Seattle, Kailin is most likely there. He is a regular contributor to all the winning candidates and as any special interest, he makes his prefered positions known. As a wealthy Democrat in local politics, his money was always well placed with Seattle decision makers.
CARS: Kailin has several vehicles to choose from depending on what he feels like that day. His black Astin Martin is usually kept at his estate with his silver Mercedes. A red BMW stays in the city at the condo along with a Ducati morotcycle.
TECHS: PDAs, computers, laptops, cellphones - Kailin has all of that stuff to keep him entertained. There isn't much about business on it. All those things he keeps to himself, but there are plenty of toys to alleviate boredom and make his life easier.


HIRE HELP: In order to establish himself in the city, he is going to have to get a staff to help him. People that know the city a little better than he does and know more of the mutant population. With several different groups popping up regarding the mutant populations of the world, it won't be long before they begin clashing and when they do, whoever is on the losing end is going to be looking for help. Kailin will need a team of people on both sides in order to efficiently and effectively render sufficient aid where it is needed.


IMPATIENCE: Having the ability to travel in time has made Kailin very impatient. Waiting for something is not something he likes or tolerates. This often manifests as either a very short fuse, such as when dealing with people, or ADHD when dealing with objects or situations. While he doesn't like to act out publicly or conspicuously, he will take almost any chance he gets in order to not have to wait on something that he wants immediately.
RISKTAKER: Because of his love of gambling, Kailin is prone to taking risks that other people might not take. Everyone has limits that they will not go to, but Kailin often finds himself pushing those limits. Sometimes he pushes those limits to push himself. Sometimes he pushes those limits just to see what will happen.
ARROGANCE: Kailin is used to knowing the right answer. He is used to getting what he wants. So his attitude reflects that in ways that are not always flattering. He doesn't bother with tact sometimes, even when it might help him. Even when he is trying to be in someone's favor his natural instinct is often to look down on people and sometimes overshadow his charisma because he talks down to them as well.


"An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."

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