Portrayed By James Purefoy
Theme Song None
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 22, 1986
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases J
Place of Birth New Hampshire
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Deceased
Significant Other None
Powers Regeneration
First Appearance N/A
Table of Contents

From the Pages of Sportscenter.

Welcome to Sportscenter's online reference center and to this series of articles we like to call Sporting What Ifs!
Today in our fifth installment of Sporting What Ifs we'll go into one of our more obscure stories, one we like to call Johnny Hanson, or Mayday J.

Those of you who are regular viewers of our cable counterpart will most likely recognize John from last year's highlight reels, but not the good kind. Johnny Hanson had the dubious honor to headline the outtakes for a few weeks back in late 2007 when he suffered a horrific injury in UMASS' critical game against Notre Dame. On a routine counter tray play he was struck and suffered a compound fracture of the left leg that unfortunately ended his career. What few people do, however, is look past what happened and look at what could have been. Today we're going to do that, right here on Sportscenter's What Ifs!

Born into a prominent New Hampshire family, Mayday J didn't seem destined for football prominence. It's rare that such a gift and a talent can be nurtured or comes to the fore in such an environment. Suffering from early health issues, the young man not only bucked that trend, but bucked another when he started playing ball for his local high school team. Spurning offers from other high profile programs, the young man went with UMASS under the tutelage of Coach Brian Wilkins. The old coach must have seen something in young Johnny, and he gave the young man the opportunity to start as a red-shirt freshman.

We all know what a powerhouse UMASS became in those last few years, and the strength of their record speaks for itself. All of that changed when one fateful night, a missed block, a painful impact… all ended Mayday J's career before it had a chance to truly get started.

Where is he now? Well apparently after a year off, the young Johnny Hanson has returned to school, choosing to transfer to Seattle University and finish his education there. We wish him the best of luck. But tonight… we examine his play, his contribution to his team, the future draft order of the teams who were to have selected and what they might have changed if Mayday J was available to play.

Tonight, on SPORTS WHAT IFS!

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