Jakob de Raven
Jakob de Raven
Portrayed By Jared Leto
Theme Song "Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars
Gender Male
Date of Birth January 30, 2984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Aquarius, I think
Aliases Jak
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Busker/Musician/Preacher
Known Relatives Thomas de Raven (father), Willow de Raven (half-sister; unknown)
Significant Other None
Powers Menekinesis
First Appearance Forthcoming…


Dreamer: Jakob is a contemplative individual and stays in his own head a lot. This makes him seem sort of dreamy and quiet. He will often just sit quietly for hours on end, sort of in a meditative state. This actually ties into his power but also affects him as a personality, and when he's talking to you, often he will seem like he's distracted by higher thoughts. Most people will take this to mean that he has his head in the clouds, others might realize he is merely introspective.

Alienating: akob has the bad habit of alienating people by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, not taking an interest in who they are, and acting somewhat arrogant. He's the kind of guy that will go out of his way to drive you somewhere, or give up his seat on the bus for you, or buy you a coffee, but will then act like you weren't grateful enough for this act of kindness, an attitude he's likely developed from being the only child of a rich millionaire.

Flighty: Very much a free-spirit, Jakob is the kind of person to just take off anywhere he chooses. He makes no commitments and if he does, he doesn't necessarily always keep them. He is rarely on time and if he is, it's because he's been there for hours already. Having no real job and living off the continual stipends of his father makes him very irresponsible when it comes to such things, but it also gives him a lot of independence and freedom, which he highly enjoys.

Spiritual: Jakob has an insatiable lust for learning about spirituality, even since his power manifested. He takes a keen interest in reading holy texts, essays, and the like, from orthodox Christianity through to new age paganism. His own belief system is eclectic as a result, and he is very very open minded when it comes to the beliefs of others - from religious opinion, through to political opinion.


Menekinesis is the ability to harness and manipulate lunar energy. His power is most effective during a full moon on a clear evening, but allows him some benefits during the day. When it is during the moonless period of the month, his powers are all but gone, as shall be explained.

Discovered Capabilities

Moonlit Photosynthesis: The fundamentals of Jakob's ability relies on this as a sort of 'first step'. Functionally speaking, Jakob meditates under the moonlight (as minimal as it may be at times) and absorbs lunar energy. He can do this for a few minutes, or a few hours, and the more time he can devote to this, the more power he will have once he's done and during the day as well. By absorbing the lunar energy, he is harnessing it within his body for use on the stunts that will be described.

Lunar Rays: As long as he's 'recharged' himself on lunar energy, Jakob can harness this in the form of a kinetic blast of pure energy. This is similar to lunar electrostatic pulsations. He directs it with his hands. It will feel to the target like a very firm punch in the gut with a low electrifying effect of frazzling their nerves (like an all over static shock), although nothing severely damaging apart from the initial 'punch' effect, which is bruising and sometimes rib breaking if he's lucky. During a clear night on a full moon, he can do this up to six times. During the day between full moons, provided he spent time meditating that evening, he can do it four times with stored energy. On other days or evenings where the mood is obscured, he can only do this twice before he's spent. During the period of the month where there is no moon, he can't achieve this at all.

Power of Flight: As described in the wiki write up, Jakob is able to ride the energy waves emitted by the moon in order to levitate. He can only do this on evenings where a moon is mostly visible (from crescent to full), and very very minimally during the day (as in, he might be able to rise himself a few feet before falling back down again, provided he recharged the previous night). Unlike the ability to actually fly, Jakob's aspect of this power mostly just enables levitation - he doesn't dare go too high or too fast, although he can still travel decent distances as long as the moon is out, and his capability of movement is reasonably dynamic if a little haphazard. But he won't be breaking the sound barrier any time soon.

Lack of Fatigue: During the evenings, Jakob won't have to rely on sleep to rejuvenate - if the moon is out, and he's under it, it's equal to getting sleep, and he often feels alert and energetic during these times. This doesn't lend him any extra physical capability, but he's more awake at night than he is during the day thanks to this.

Undiscovered Capabilities

Magnetic Field: Mimicking the moon's magnetism, Jakob has some limited capability over magnetic fields, and it's entirely unconscious. He basically generates his own, so that if someone were to throw something metallic at him, it would likely be steered around him on a minimal circular trajectory until landing and falling. Metallic dust would emphasize this by floating around him as if in orbit. If someone flung a spoon at his chest, it would probably steer away, fly past his shoulder to land elsewhere. If someone shot at him with bullets, it would give him the advantage in this it would not hit where it was aiming - instead of the heart, he'll wind up with a shoulder wound. This is only enabled if he is recharged, and isn't apparent in moonless times of the month.

Visible Intangibility: Jakob has the ability to manipulate lunar light and it's relationship to his body. Instead of reflecting off him as light ordinarily does, he can make lunar light move through him, rendering him invisible. He can ONLY do this if his only light source is the moon, and considering we're in a city, this is unlikely. More often than not, he will become transparent instead of invisible, city light pollution hindering the ability to become purely invisible. He of course cannot do this during the day whatsoever, or in interior settings.

Light Reflection: The only reason we can see the moon is due to the fact the sun lights it up so spectacularly, and the moon reflects it. In respect of this, Jakob has some basic light capabilities, both lunar and solar. He can bend and draw existing light into his hands in short bursts and use them in a sort of flash-grenade context to startle and temporarily dazzle-blind his targets. He can only harness this ability if he has recharged the previous night, or else he would be 'out of tune' with the know how behind it.


Parkour: During his nocturnal activities, Jakob took advantage of this time to learn parkour, an athletic practice that involves training oneself to move through environments both rural and urban as quickly and efficiently as possible, with an emphasis on getting past and over obstacles. Because of the recharge is ability gave him, Jakob used this as a physical outlet, and is now quite effective at things like jumping over and scaling walls, climbing trees, running, jumping, and such things within normal human capability.

Guitar: Jakob favours playing the acoustic guitar, and is quite exceptional at it. He also knows how to handle bass guitars and electric with moderate skill, and has dabbled in other instruments like the drums and piano, but the acoustic guitar is his instrument of choice and the one he has significant skill in.

Singing: His musical training also encompassed singing, and Jakob has a rich and melodic voice, with technical knowledge that enables him to put some power behind it too, even if that's not his natural inclination. It's probably just above bar-gig level, setting him apart from hobbyist singers, even if he's not as good as full time musicians, although he is working on it.

Crochet: Yes. Jakob knows how to crochet. This was taught to him at a young age by his grandmother, and though he never actually took this on through childhood and teenage years, he started relearning how to do it in order to wile away the time while he meditated under moonlight and didn't feel like reading. He only knows how to make scarfs, end result being? He has a lot of scarfs.


Stipends: Jakob's dad is incredibly wealthy thanks to his hotel business which stretches internationally. De Raven Hotels are upperclass and very exclusive, making Jakob's immediate family privileged. Despite the fact he rejected the education he was afforded, Jakob still receives generous stipends of money from his father - a few hundred dollars a week at minimum, and more should he ever needed it. Despite this luxury, Jakob doesn't actually own a lot - he commutes on his bicycle more often than not, or walks. His apartment is modest. But he generally doesn't have to worry about money.

Studio: One luxury Jakob DOES allow for is the studio he rents. It's shared amongst a few other musicians but he has adequate time to go down there and generally enjoy himself with his guitar, recording music and jamming with other musicians. The studio has a few things accessible to him - the recording equipment, obviously, as well as some musical equipment like a drum set on which he dabbles, different kinds of guitar (although he has his own acoustic) and more.

Loft Apartment: His apartment is no where fancy, but it's generously proportioned, taking up the entire top level of the building. There is a Buddhist vibe in that there isn't a lot in there - simple furniture (his bed is merely a mattress) and very uncluttered. It has a lovely view of Seattle, and direct access to the rooftop, which comes in handy considering his power.


Achieving His Potential: …and that is how he explains it. He quit school for the simple fact that he wanted to devote his time to learning his power. His ultimate goal is becoming the best at it he can be in order to reach some 'higher level' that he never explains, tied in with his spiritual beliefs, as inaccurate as this may be. While this makes him reclusive and contemplative a lot of the time, it also inspires him to meet other people who have power and question them on their beliefs and find out more.

One Song Glory: That's right, Jakob just wants to create ONE song he is satisfied with. Unfortunately for him, he is not a creative mind when it comes to lyric, and struggles to put to words what he feels and thinks. He is a good composer of melodies, but he is not satisfied with this. Jakob's search for inspiration is a second driving point, and actually moves him to experience life and talk to people in the hopes it will inspire him.

Spreading The Word: Last but not least, Jakob intends inspire others through music and speaking. Often he will attend mutant discussion groups and seminars in the hopes that someday, he will be able to contribute to world peace and harmony through showing people the spiritual side of their powers. He has already begun this, starting spontaneous talking sessions and sermon-like performances in public places.


Irresponsible: Thanks to a carefree existence and a personality that means his head is often in the clouds, Jakob is a very unreliable person. It's hard to set a date with him on anything, and it's a good thing he doesn't need to borrow money either, because he'll never return it. He's not ditzy or forgetful (in fact, he has a pretty good memory), but he's just too caught up in the moment to see past it. Deadlines mean nothing to him, and he's never had a job in his life.

Honesty: Which basically means, he's bad at lying. Horrible at lying. He may try, but only the blind couldn't see past his attempted facade. He will crack under pressure and spill the truth with barely a threat, and can't be trusted to keep secrets in general. He can, however, lie by omission, but usually the truth comes out one way or another.

Combat: In short? Jakob can't do it. He has his power which enables him some help in combat situations, but basic hand to hand, holding a gun, holding a knife— he's liable to hurt himself instead of other people. He has the soft hands of a rich boy and it shows through his ineptitude to defend and attack. At least he's good at running away, right?

Selfish: Despite his motivations and good intentions to help the world and other such lofty goals, Jakob is selfish when it comes to the immediate situations of every day life. He won't rush to help anyone if he can avoid it, he will take the last donut, and he will basically opt for cowardice over bravery. It also doesn't occur to him to use his privileged situation in any charitable way, which is founded in his belief that material things have no merit


Jakob de Raven has never felt particularly strongly enthused about his life. His mother was a career alcoholic and lived off her husband's fortune, while his father was a wealthy jetsetter who made his money running hotels all over the world. It allowed Jakob a privileged existence, but not a very happy one. He was raised mostly by nannies, one of which mothered him during the ages of six and fourteen, a Spanish woman who taught him the language but otherwise, she had her own kids, you know?

Jakob didn't have much of a family life - his mother was a flighty woman who was more motivated to spending wealth than looking after her son, and she had an unfortunate fondness for prescription medication. This fondness meant her death just before Jakob's fifteenth birthday when she took a few too many mysterious pills with a few too many nips of whiskey.

Father and son had no idea as to what to so with each other at this sudden gap in their family unit, as fragmented as it was. Thomas, his father, wound up spending more time in Seattle with his son, who mostly resented these too-little-too-late efforts and focused on what he was good at - music. He enrolled into Seattle University and pursued music along with philosophy, forgot how to speak Spanish and buried himself in a world of drinking, contemplation, and his guitar. A directionless young drifter, Jakob found his calling when he discovered his ability.

Drunk on Pendleton whisky and high on some unnamed illegal substance, Jakob stood precariously on the ledge of a building while the moon was high in the sky. His guitar under one arm, he decided it was a good idea to kill himself. All the philosophy in the world couldn't rationalize his mother's death and he hadn't the creative edge to get any further as a musician, and he was fueled on substance and desperation when he simply stepped off the edge.

The moon wasn't willing to let him die.

Instead of plummeting to his death, Jakob found himself soaring on a definitely downward trajectory, but it was as if he were levitating down rather than falling. He landed roughly and got himself a grazed hand and a guitar that needed repairing, but he was very much alive and unharmed in the ways it counted.

He promptly quit school in order to focus on this new found talent, living off his guilting dad's wealth to simply spend time to understand what had happened that night. The connection to the moon was one that came clear to him, feeling more connected to that entity in the sky than anything else in the world. He felt alive when it was out and dull during the evenings it was gone, and he devoted his time to finding out what he could do. During these years, other mutants like him started to come out of the woodwork, but he was determined to understand this on his own terms. Jakob became a Wiccan, feeling a sense of connection with the moon philosophies behind it, but soon his belief system became more eclectic as he learned more and experienced more.

These days, he spends his time busking not for money, but to be heard. He intends to encourage those he meets down a more spiritual outlook as to their abilities, whatever they are, and one day maybe even use all that money he has to kickstart communes for people like him - but that can come later. For now, Jakob is happy to drift, to understand his connection to the moon all the more, and to make music.


  • Meets Taylor. Log forthcoming.


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  • To come.


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