Jacob Tyler
Jacob Tyler


Theme Song "Für Elise" by Beethoven
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 16th, 1980
Age 28
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Decker
Place of Birth London, England
Occupation Repairman & Antiques Restorer
Known Relatives Miriam Tyler (Mother)
Significant Other None
Powers Intuitive Aptitude, Illusion
First Appearance High Dive Tension


Jacob appears much younger than he is - seemingly in his early twenties, his youthful face has no beard, nor the chance of growing one. His barely angular jaw and high placed cheekbones do what they can to age him slightly, but the wideness of his eyes and with how spry he appears, his true age is altogether lost. He stands at around five foot ten, and appears to be in fine shape, as good as shape as he can be from the look of it. His black hair matches the darkness of his eyes and the thickness of his lashes, and with the messy way he lets his hair take care of himself he looks altogether ragged.


  • Ability Obsessed: Since the discovery of his own powers and the news of appearances all over the world, Jacob has considered it a personal goal of his to understand exactly how the abilities are working. Every aspect of them intrigues Jacob, and it's come to the point that he rarely does anything unrelated to the subject of Abilities. Some aspects of his life are better, and strengthened because of this - such as his learning curve on his own ability - but some things have been utterly destroyed. The chief amongst these is his family life, but that hardly matters to him anymore.
  • Chaotic Neutral: Jacob is out for himself. He feels very strongly that having an ability that sets him apart from humanity makes him above humanity - however, he can't entirely shirk off his suburban upbringing, and when there is nothing to be gained from a situation, he will do the right thing. The only times he enjoys seeing people suffer is when they have wronged him personally, or there is something to be gained from it… This is his form of Anarchy, and to each their own.
  • Cruel to be Kind: Jacob believes that people are only capable of helping themselves, and so often in situations that call for the development of this trait in others, Jacob finds himself saying or doing cruel things to assist in the process. He believes occasional cruelty does every relationship good, as it inspires self-reliance by inhibiting the appeal of dependancy.
  • Mutant Superiority: Jacob believes that those who have abilities are not only the evolutionary step for man, but that they are therefore better than man. As man to a gorilla, so are mutants to man - Jacob believes this with his whole heart, and looks at humans with a sense of pity for their inabilities. And though he would ideally want everyone to have an ability, he's quite all right with the idea of having humans around to remind him what they used to be.
  • Power Hungry: Jacob knows deep down that one day he will be able to figure out how abilities work, and, though he often is doing the right thing with his life, he feels as if he is biding his time until he is able to harness this hidden potential. When this day comes, he has no idea what sort of man he will become, but often he daydreams of this day. It tints his demeanor. It taints his words. Though he often fights for justice, he often seeks to be above it.
  • Straight Shooter: Jacob may be cruel to be kind, but he is never sarcastic. When speaking with him, those who care to at least, people know he is speaking what he believes to be the absolute truth. Never an unmeant word passes his lips - in those situations in which he'd be forced to lie, he'd likely stay silent… unless of course, his life were at stake. Regardless, even when he's saying something his listeners really wish he wouldn't - it's the truth according to Jacob.



Intuitive Aptitude: Jacob has an innate understanding of systems and the way they work. When observing parts of a whole, he understands logically which part operates what function. Because of this, he can deconstruct and reconstruct various mechanical systems, and even organs as he found experimenting with mice. With this power, he will be able to understand how abilities are produced, and theoretically learn to produce them within himself.

Illusion: This is the power of manipulating the perception of light and shadow by those in the area. With this ability, entire scenarios can be created and believed, without any knowledge of their authenticity. The secondary level of this ability is to transplant the image or scenario directly into the psyche of the intended victim, but this form of illusion is much more in depth and requires a high level of proficiency with the skill. At this juncture, Jacob is only just beginning to understand this ability.


  • Driving: Jacob is able to drive a car, but he doesn't have one. He's able to drive automatic and manual, but he very much prefers manual. He doesn't know how to drive anything but a basic car or truck. Semis and specialty vehicles would require use of his ability to operate and so wouldn't be handy in tight spots until he becomes more proficient with his talent.
  • Endurance +: Jacob trains himself to be able to run and swim long distance, and his endurance is very high. Since he is physically weak, he makes it a point to keep his heart in good condition. Jacob greatly enjoys the act of working his body to the very extremes of its limitations - and has long since figured out how his body works best due to his ability. He is like clockwork.
  • Firearms: Jacob is comfortable handling a firearm, and is more than willing to use it on anyone who puts him in danger. Having already killed three people in his life, and without a gun, the having of the pistol is clearly more for his own personal comfort rather than the necessity of it. He has no desire to use this skill, but can if need be.
  • Mr. Fix-It: Jacob, because of his ability, is able to fix anything - even if it's his first time seeing the object. As long as there are enough pieces to see how it is supposed to all go together, he is very able to identify what needs be done to get it working.
  • Scientific Method: Jacob is well versed in the scientific method - it's one of the only things he learned at Preparatory school that lasted with him throughout the subsequent disasters of his time.
  • Swimming: Jacob is very able to swim, as his lithe body makes him able to float easily. This ability covers long distances, as endurance is nothing he's ever had an issue with. He's also very comfortable with holding his breath for up to a minute under water. Something about water is soothing to him, and he feels just as home in it as he does on land.


  • Jericho 941: This semi-automatic pistol was gifted to him by his father on his sixteenth birthday. It was the last thing his father would ever do for him, and the first thing Jacob would ever be grateful for. Crafted in 1995, this pistol shoots four types of ammo, (.40 S&W, .41 Action Express, and .45 ACP), but his favorite is the 9mm Luger. All black and well taken care of, this is his most expensive and most prized possession.
  • Low Income: Jacob is not wealthy, but he does have an income that supports his true interests. This comes in the form of working part-time at an Antiques & Pawn shop where he focuses on fixing or restructuring objects - watches, radios, all of that. He's able to work as little or as much as he cares to, making the same amount each week due to an arrangement he's got with the owner. This arrangement is: keep Jacob on Salary, Jacob doesn't leave. Where else is he going to find an employee who can literally fix anything, and ask for only minimum wage?
  • Mice: Jacob has a tank full of mice in his apartment that he breeds and uses for experimentation. Since discovering his ability, he's been curious about whether it translates to the systems of the human body - but since he has no human cadavers on hand - he uses these mice as his test subjects. Occasionally taking one apart and putting it back together. Of course, it's not as if they live during the process.
  • Multi-Lensed Goggles: In order to assist in his repair jobs, Jacob constructed a pair of goggles that operate much like the lens of a camera - rotating each lens individually to the required magnification up to 15x original size. The goggles are made of gold colored steel, though covered with minor dents, and the strap that goes about his head is made of black elastic. He loves these. If he could wear them all the time, in public, he would. But he doesn't like the attention.
  • Run-Down Pad: Jacob lives in a run-down studio apartment. It consists of a bathroom in the kitchen, and room for a desk and a cot. On his desk is where he keeps the cage full of mice that he likes to breed and experiment on. But other then that there is a coat rack with his three outfits, watch-fixing goggles, a set of basic tools, his gun and a mirror. That's all he's got.
  • Tools: Jacob has a wide array of tools that range in purpose from fixing the tiniest of gears in a watch, hammering out knots in a plank of wood, and everything in between - all of them are kept meticulously clean and stored in a tool-box. The sort carried around by a handle. On the front of the portable tool-box, in thick black letters, is the word 'DECKER'. He stole this from a store he worked for in England before coming to Seattle. It was when he first learned how to use his abilities, and it inspired the name he chose to go by in situations when his real one wouldn't do at all.


  • Gain New Abilities: Jacob knows via the nature of his power, that he will one day be able to find out a way to harness the abilities of others. It's a dark thought that tickles the base of his brain, and usually in the early hours of the dawn, he's up tinkering with ideas and experimenting with various animals. And though he is afraid of what will happen when he learns to acquire abilities, he can't stop himself from fulfilling his destiny.
  • Master His Ability: Jacob considers his ability a sign that he is of the new evolution of mankind, and not a minute of his waking life goes by that he isn't considering new ways to use his ability for his own benefit or the benefit of his kind. He's obsessed with his own ability, considering it his destiny to use it to discover how they operate in the first place, and will not rest until he's completely mastered every corner of what he can do.
  • Protect His Kind: Jacob feels an innate connection with those who have abilities, and is more likely to come to their aid than to a humans - but ultimately, one of his goals is to discover a way to ensure the safety of all his kind. So far this translates into stopping anti-mutant gang violence in Seattle alleys with the help of his gun - but ultimately he feels the local Government might need some reeducation.
  • Relate: Jacob is hoping that in his days he'll come across someone with whom he can relate to. Someone who understands his obsessions, and the way he views the world. As of now he believes he is the only one preparing for some sort of war that he believes is coming - if he could just find one person who looked him in the eyes and said, "I think you're right," he would he extremely content.
  • Survive: As simple as it may sound, in Jacob's mind the prospect of his living his entire lifetime seems to dim every day as more and more of his kind are being discovered, bagged, and tagged. Or that's how he sees it, at least. And so one of his primary goals, and something he will make sure happens no matter what he must do in order to assure it, is to survive. That's it. To live through what he feels is coming.


  • Addictive Personality: WIth most people, doing something cancels out the desire to do that thing. But with people like Jacob who have addictive personality, the act of doing something makes them want to continue doing that thing for as long as possible. Since this is a brain issue Jacob could easily reconfigure himself to get rid of this trait - but some part of him enjoys this aspect of his personality, as flawed as it is.
  • Deadly Intent: Jacob may start confrontations with every goal to simply win, but at some point in the middle of whatever it is he's doing, he seeks utter domination. It doesn't matter if it's a friendly game of chess or a full on brawl, Jacob never plays with less than his 100, and at times this can turn into an attempt to not only defeat, but destroy. As a result, he's rarely the sort to have a friendly wager, and ruthless when it comes to defending himself.
  • Oversimplifier: Jacob's ability to understand the basic workings of systems has translated into the way he enjoys conversation. He's succinct, and often blatant. Subsequently, he's often short tempered with superfluous speakers - often wishing to rush them to the conclusion of their thoughts. Additionally, he often finds himself with little patience for those who attempt to come off as over-complicated, believing himself immediately to be smarter than those people.
  • Physically Weak: In spite of all his efforts throughout his life, Jacob is unable to build up much muscular strength. His body remains a lithe one hundred fourty pounds of lean muscle. His strength is only sub-par on the basic human level, and this causes him to consider himself even weaker than he is. Because of this, he has dedicated himself solely to the development of the mind.
  • Poor: Jacob can afford nothing more than the basic cost of living. Food, and shelter, is all he can afford. The clothes on his back have been there for years, and there is no luxury to be had for him. His is a life of simple plenitude, all he cares about is training himself for something that he is sure is coming.
  • Underestimation: Jacob is quick to disregard the reality of clear and present danger, often believing he will be able to figure out a way out of the situation at any given moment. Whether he's right to feel this way is unclear, but whether he's still alive is a good enough gauge of success for him.


Jacob Tyler was born in South London on April 16th, 1980 to single mother Miriam Tyler. His father was a a man who claimed to be a traveling salesman, but by the time Jacob was born he was gone. Later, Jacob would discover that the company the man worked for never existed, and his name was a fake alias. But in the early stages of his life, not having a father, and having a mother who cared little for children, made him rebellious early on. From the beginning he was trouble, always breaking everything he got his hands on. Convinced that he was a terror who needed a better environment, he was sent to Barmadiston Preparatory School in Suffolk County at the tender age of seven to live full time.


Barmadiston had no idea what hit it, the school soon found that they could hardly hold Jacob's interest in anything other than the engineering courses, or math. What's worse, is he didn't relate to any of the other boys - he was always on his own, writing in some book or playing with a mouse that he's captured. He received substandard marks until his eventual expulsion at the age of sixteen for destruction of proper - Jacob was discovered in the computers laboratory dismantling their top of the line machines. He decided to move back to London Proper, where Hardware Store owner Harold Jones gave him a job and lodging in his flat.

Harold Jones was a good man, and gave Jacob a sense of having a father that prior to this he had never had. A great eater of beef, Harold had a bad heart, and wasn't able to do most of the heavy lifting in his hardware store, so Jacob was brought on staff for that purpose. Everything was going well until one day Jacob had gone home from his shift - and a gang of hoodlums entered the store looking for an easy buck. They didn't attack Harold Jones, but his bad heart gave out in the stress and shock of it all, and he died from a heart attack. Jacob came upon the scene the next morning, and for the first time in his life felt like he had a purpose - the cameras in the store were faulty - they'd record but there was no system to check the tapes. Jacob prayed for the first time in his life that he could figure out how to reconnect the feed with the screen… and the rest is history.

In the backroom of the Hardware Store, Jacob lifts the case from the security system, and like Beethoven reading the music to 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', Jacob seemed to be looking at the most rudimentary of systems. "Why on earth couldn't 'ey fix that?" he wonders to himself as he makes the proper reconnections. Finally, the screen flicks back to life, and he's able to reverse the feeds from the system. It was then that he discovered the faces of the men who tormented Harold Jones to death. And what is worse, he knew them from school. Without contacting the police, Jacob walked back into the store, picked up a Toolbox with 'DECKER' written on the front, and proceeded to the homesteads of his former classmates.

The next morning, Jacob watched the news and saw just what he expected - a report of a triple homicide. Three school children, aged 15-17, all found killed in the same way in their homes. The first two shared similar wounds - most of which seemed due to torture, with the final resulting in death. But the third one seemed to have been explored as if by a physician. This is when Jacob turned off the tele. He remembers it all, the way it felt releasing the disappointment of his life onto the three people who took away the only father figure he'd ever have. He'd be sick to his stomach with the knowledge of these deaths if it weren't for the fascinating thing that occurred during the third. When he saw the insides of the boy his age, it felt similar to the way it felt when he looked at the security system. It just seemed to all make sense, like a symphony. Jacob decided he would spend the rest of his freedom putting back together all the things he's taken apart in his flat - until the police would come to get him…. but they never came.

There was never an arrest made in regards to the triple homicide, and the serial killer as they feared to call him would never kill again. With this dark secret, Jacob began his routine of education and physical training. He felt like there was a purpose to his ability, and that he had better be in peak condition when that calling came to him. This took him from ages 17-25, when finally, the American Senate begins to debate the existence of mutant abilities. Finally with an idea that his calling might be somewhere in America, Jacob travels to Washington where there have been documented sightings of people with abilities.

It's taken three years, but Jacob has finally been able to secure a small job in an Antiques & Pawn Shop with salary pay - trusting his rather dim witted employer, one Anderson Peebles, with the knowledge that he is able to fix anything. With this salary he is able to afford a small studio apartment, and what little necessities he has in life. Now that all of this bothersome human-like business is concluded, he is twenty eight, almost twenty nine, and is ready to begin exploring the potentials of his destiny here in Seattle.


  • "Show me."
  • "I can fix this."

Roleplay Logs

May 7, 2009 The Man Who Remembered Jacob encounters an ability in Dax that he's never experienced before. And remembers.
May 13, 2009 A Meeting of Minds Kailin approaches Jacob, who subsequently discovers that he might have some mutant opposition.


  • Accent: Jacob speaks with a South London Accent.
  • Peeble's Repairs: Jacob works at an Antiques and Repair shop called 'Peeble's Repairs'.
  • Classical Taste: Whenever doing repairs or restoring some ancient antique, he must listen to Beethoven.
  • Bromley Borough: Jacob hails from the southern borough of Bromley in London.

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