Imperceptibility or Incorporeality is the ability to sheathe one's body in psychic energy, which in turn makes the user unable to be detected by the senses. This aura is not the same for every faculty, and it may induce any of the following effects:

  • 1. Invisibility- inability to be seen (ability for one to make himself or another unable to be seen); if the psychic aura deflects light, it makes the user invisible
  • 2. Intangibility- Also known as phasing.
  • 3. Inaudibility- inability to be heard (ability to keep oneself and other subjects from being heard); if it deflects (but doesn't absorb) sound, the user becomes inaudible
  • 4. Insipidity- inability to be tasted (ability to negate one's own and the taste of other subjects) if it deactivates the sensory in taste buds, it renders the user of the ability as insipid
  • 5. Inodorosity- inability to be smelled (ability to deactivate one's own or another's odor); if the aura defers air waves, the user cannot be smelled
  • 6. Entire Imperceptibility- the inability to be detected (even by ESP, scopaesthesia or the most advanced equipment—-even more rare than normal imperceptibility)
  • 7. Selective Imperceptibility- inability to be detected by selected people (people without an empathic link to the user).
  • 8. Mechanical Imperceptibility- inability to be detected or controlled by machine (even if it is a video camera, a sonar machine, it won't pick the user up).
  • 9. Telesthetic Imperceptibility- inability to be detected by telekinesis or telesthesia (cannot be felt by telesthesia or picked up by telekinesis).

If said aura does all of the above given functions (or at least most of them—preferrably from the first five), the user of the ability becomes completely imperceptible

Character Limit: 2 per aura

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