Ignition or Energy Abilities are abilities which are generated and emanated from the body, and based on only one type of energy (electricity, light energy, radiation, cosmic energy, etc.). This may include the more specific energy abilities which, upon coming into contact with the bodies of living creatures, are capable of inducing severe physical damage. These faculties may include:

  • Energy Absorption or Energy Backlash (when that faculty is used) is the ability to take a certain type, or multiple types of energy into the body without bodily harm to the absorber of the energy. One with this ability can usually release it at will, sometimes amplified beyond the amount received. The energy, however, can also be bided until it has gained enough power to strike a deadly blow to foes. This ability may be accompanied by Energy Conversion.
  • Energy Activation, also known as Energy Boosting or Ignition is the ability to psychically increase the energy of any fire, electrical spark or other energetic faculty. One with this ability could psychically spark up energy to keep fires going underwater, or allow electrical appliances work in dead zones. One with this ability could even allow abilities to work when a power-nullifier attacks an ally.
  • Energy Blasts or Energy Beams - generation and emission of beams or rays of intense radiation, light or cosmic energy from the eyes or hands, usually hot or capable of melting but sometimes the energy is simply concussive and forceful
  • Energy Bolts - generation of powerful bolts or flashes or radiation, light or cosmic energy, which fire from the hands and eyes as though firing from a gun (and may hit with the same-or more-force and/or heat)
  • Energy Channeling or Energy Shielding is the ability to endow objects (or subjects, including oneself) with a certain type of energy. This can be used to protect an object from being stolen by a foe by covering it in fire or electrical energy, or to form an offensive/defensive sheathe over one's own body to better handle attacks. The user first covers the target in psionic trails which are immune to these types of energy, so that any object or subject can be covered in electricity, for example (without the electricity being grounded or the object being shocked) or the like.
  • Energy Constructs are forms made out of pure energy by simple act of will. One with this ability could form energy into simple tools, shapes or even (with enough practice) solid, functional weapons, or limbs for tasks requiring dexterity. The energy may even be invisible, so the user of the ability can appear capable of walking on air by creating invisible steps, or imitate telekinesis by grabbing things with invisible "arms", or appear invulnerable to harm, or to seem to be invisible if he sheathes himself in said energy. Force fields and barriers are shoot-offs of energy construction.
  • Energy Continuity, also called Energy Exhaustion or Flux is the psychic ability to continue any flow of energy at maximum capacity until the source of the energy taps out. This may seem useless, but one with this ability can keep a person in motion until they run out of kinetic energy, or keep a fire burning until runs out of fuel, even if wind is blowing or if one is underwater. One with this ability could even cause a person with powers like Quintessence Emanation or Laser Vision to keep emitting energy at full strength until they are so tired that they can't muster up the strength to emit any more energy.
  • Energy Conversion is the superhuman ability to physically absorb and psychically convert one form of energy into another form. For example, one with this ability could absorb sound energy and convert it into light energy, or absorb psionic energy and convert it into heat energy. One with this ability could even turn psionic energy into nuclear energy. This ability can be used to turn detrimental types of energy into harmless types, and vice versa (although one may only be able to convert one form of energy).
  • Energy Nova - emanation of intense radiation, light or cosmic energy from all parts of the body, similar to a normal explosion in the amount of light and concussive force, but said force does not detonate the user’s body
  • Energy Perception
  • Energy Shield Generation or Energy Barrier - generation of powerful shields which, instead of just deflecting projectiles, can also be used to burn any subject or object which passes through it, through the use of intensely hot or powerful energy
  • Energy Spheres, Energy Balls or Energy Plasmoids- generation of spheres or amorphous plasmoids of intense radiation, light or cosmic energy, which are thrown like projectiles sometimes they detonate like time bombs and/or move according to the user's will.
  • Energy Suppression is the ability to exude a psychic aura which diminishes the capacity of energy. One with this ability doesn't always completely extinguish energy, but they lessen the effects, causing lights to dim, fires to dim, and energy-based attacks to have a lot less power than they normally would. However, this energy-quelling ability could, upon being developed, completely ground out energy, keeping lightning from even hitting the ground or extinguishing fires almost instantly. This ability may or may not be able to be suppressed at will.

Note: Only one of the above abilities will be accepted per character.

Character Limit: 3
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