Position Plot Admin
Status Active
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 14, 1984
Age 24
Staff Duties Plotting exciting things!
Alts Dax & Eris

Basic Information

Hyena lives a modest life as a termite inspector outside of New York City. He used to be a zookeeper and once visited Costa Rica, things he mentions to his roommate almost constantly and to the point of great annoyance. In his free time, Hyena enjoys playing video games, pretending to have mutant powers on the internet, and watching embarassingly bad anime programs.

RP & Plots

Hyena is happy to listen to plot requests and hear your ideas. Also, if you see Hyena on and would like to RP, he has a couple of alts that he can send out your way. Don't hesitate to page if you need anything or would like to chat.

Previous Experience


Hyena co-staffed "Neithermux", a short-lived non-affiliated mutant MU that was unfortunately cut short due to college time constraints.

  • NeitherMUX - Anubis


Hyena has played on x-men and mutant themed MUs for about seven years now. He ran the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in a couple MUs and currently plays Dax and Eris in Mutant Mush.


As part of the Plot Administration, Hyena can run and help with plot questions, NPC requests and GM scenes. Also able to answer general game questions.

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