High School Mutant Blues


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Summary: Argosy meets Evelyn during lunch.

Date: February 16, 2009

High School Mutant Blues

Rating: PG

Armstrong High School - Gymnasium

The gymnasium is like most high school gymnasiums, set up with a wooden floor and basketball goals built in, as the gym is actually the school's basketball court as well. On either side of the room are collapsible bleachers built into the walls of the room, in order to give more room for classes. Scoreboards are on the north end of the room on the walls. Pennants decorate the higher parts of the walls for previous years' victories in various sports. The center of the court is also emblazoned with the school's mascot and colors. To the north are the locker rooms as well.

It's lunchtime, and the new kid sits on the bleachers, eating a sandwich from a sack lunch at his feet. It's raining, and the usual basketball crowd is on the courts playing their pickup games, and judging by the way he's watching, it looks like Jason'd like to join in, but he stays where he is.

A young woman walks into the gym, her hair is put up in a ponytail and she is wearing a light yellow shirt that is tight around her and a pair of black jeans, her booted feet make a thud noise on the gym floor. A few whistles are thrown her way, well because she is good looking. She carries a tray with some of the cafeteria food and looks around, where to sit.. where to sit.. Evelyn just begins to pass Jason by when a basketball comes flying towards her head.

Argosy moves so fast, most people won't process it as motion. One moment he's eating his sandwich, watching the attractive girl walking by him, the next he's got one hand out, palming the basketball he just snagged out of the air. He tosses it back towards the courts, ignoring the boos of 'mutant!' that come his way as he returns to his lunch.

Evelyn just.. blinks and looks up at Jason. She comes to stand in front of him and then moves to sit not to far from him, she looks at him all the while. "Thank you.." she says softly. "The mean ones, don't mind them." Today is a good day in the sanity of Evelyn. "Jealous." She comments and eats a french fry.

Argosy shrugs. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," he intones, in a voice heavy with sarcasm. "And after that, I don't think they'll be throwing too much stuff at me." He smiles a crooked smile. "I'm Jason. Nice to meet you."

"Yes.. they will break your bones.." she echoes and then looks down at her food as she eats. "Evelyn." She smiles softly at Jason. "Nice to meet you as well." She's doing good.. not scaring anyone yet. Her eyes are alight in the fluorescent light of the gym. "New here." She doesn't ask, it's a statement.

"Yup," Jason agrees. "Just transferred here from Phoenix - my mom got her own store." He smiles back at Evelyn. "I'm still waiting for the sun to come out around here - I'm not sure how much rain I can handle."

"You'll get use to the no sun. It isn't that bad." Evelyn observes and stares at Jason, "You wanted to play with them?" her head jerks in the direction of the basketball players.

"A bit," Jason admits. "But it wouldn't really be fair." He takes a bite of his sandwich. "Not like I have to worry about it now, anyway."

"A lot of people.. don't play fair." Evie points out with a light shrug. "You'll have to get use that too." Evelyn points out and she takes a bite of the cheeseburger she bought. Her eyes are on Jason. "Like it?"

"Just because they cheat doesn't mean I should," Jason says with a shrug. "LIke what, here? It's not bad. Way greener than I'm used to, and like I said, I'm still in mourning for the sun." He finishes his own sandwich, and extracts a ziploc bag of Girl Scout cookies. "Samoa?" he asks, holding the bag out in her direction.

"Honorable." Evelyn smiles and takes one of the cookies. "Thanks. Don't worry if people don't like you here.. a lot of people think I'm weird." Which she is.

"I'll deal," Jason says, as he has one himself. "At least I'm not getting flak here for costing us the state championship - after that, 'just' being a mutant feels almost cozy."

"They'll get over it.." Evelyn trails off. "Rain.. rain go away." She hums softly and then the urge to /do/ something comes over her. "Come on." She says and she hops to her feet and begins to make her way towards the basketball crowd.
Evelyn has disconnected.

As Evelyn heads towards the court, Jason finishes his cookies and follows after her, curious. "OK," he says - it's not like he has anything better to do. "Where are we going?"

"To play." Evelyn says and she nods at the boys playing. "We're in." she says and shakes her head. She waits for the boys to reply.

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