Gwendolyn Lachlan
Portrayed By Amy Ackers
Theme Song "Domo Domo Domo" Smile.DK
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 5, 1973
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Astrological Sign
Aliases Gwen
Place of Birth Detroit, Michigan
Occupation Criminologist / Scientist
Known Relatives Angeline (Mother) and Marcus (Father) Lachlan
Significant Other None
Powers She's a human! None.
First Appearance N/A

Okay, her theme song is totally weird, but for some reason listening to it makes me think of Gwen. Has nothing to do with the lyrics.


  • Intelligent: Up against most people, Gwendolyn would be considered highly intelligent. Of course- not to mention the fact that she graduated high school when she was sixteen and immediately went into college. Very smart, both book smart and by experience of doing her job.
  • Open-Minded: Given her scientific background, she was taught to be open minded, though it helped that she already was. She has no problem accepting just about anything and is absolutely non-judgmental because of it. She will, however, accept and want to learn more about what she can, where she can.
  • Socially Inept: She works, she studies, and outside of work (office and field), she doesn't get to do much socializing with the general populace. She is only slightly out of touch with some typical socializing abilities, such as casual conversation would turn awkward for her half the time, or she would try to spin it into a million questions depending on who she was talking to. As far as sociability, she's just not 'normal'.
  • Workaholic: She works. A lot. And she works more. And more. And overtime? She does a lot of it. 60-70 hour work weeks are not outside the norm for her. She is the type that absolutely refuses (unless ordered of course) to leave work unfinished. If she has a case, especially if close to cracking, that depends on her lab? She'll work as long as she has to, just to get it done. Coffee is your friend.
  • Scientific Plane: Where most people would be considered to be on the 'normal' plane in how they view things for what they are, Gwen lives her world in the plane of Science and is always analyzing or seeing something for its scientific value or problem solving possibilities. The how world is a puzzle to her, and every step is that much closer to unlocking the secrets therein. Such is why she is instantly curious of mutants and may stray suddenly to study a plant she may happen across that catches her fancy.


  • Driver's License: She is licensed to drive in the state of Washington.
  • Chemistry: She currently has a Masters in Chemistry from Michigan State University and is currently working on her Doctorette. This will still take a few more years, but she is hoping to get a breakthrough discovery to put her on the fast track to instant advancement.
  • Forensic Science: She has a Masters in Forensic Science from the Michigan State University. This allows her the ability to process, analyze and collect (though she very rarely goes into the field) evidence pertaining to cases as handled by the justice department. This also gives her the ability to work with DNA in conjunction with her Chemistry Masters in the Crime Lab.
  • Biology: She has a graduate's degree in Biology from the Michigan State University, as required by the terms for her position. She has an understanding of the bodily functions and layout, which helps her interpret evidence.
  • Psychology: She has a graduate's degree in Psychology as required by the terms for her position. She has an understanding of the human mental functions and human behaviors. This helps her interpret evidence as she works on cases. This is however her only social science persual, and likely will remain so, considering she is up for CSI, but has denied in favor of remaining in the lab.
  • Botany: She currently has a Masters in Botany, being one of the rare botany specialists in the forensic science fields. She is not however furthering this to Doctorette until after she has completed her Chemistry PhD. If you need special advice or consultation on botany related evidence? Ask Gwen!
  • Cooking: While she may not be home often, she's a mean cook in the microwave and can heat up hot pockets like no one's business. Leftovers? Sure. She knows how to heat those up too. Though with how small time she spends at home (awake anyway, she goes home to sleep, and to clean up!), she doesn't cook often. There is one recipe she can make flawlessly however: Chocolate pie.
  • Mace Spray: Heck yeah she knows how to use mace. Point and spray. Back off, bitches!
  • Sleep Deprivation: With how much time she spends studying for her Doctorettes and how much time she spends working, when does she ever have time for sleep?! .. Not much. But when she does, she's trained herself to be able to work and survive off of little sleep with little difficulty. (Coffee helps)
  • Fast Learner: One thing in conjunction with her intelligence is that she is a quick learner and able to adapt to changing situations faster than normal people. How else could she have advanced this far so fast?
  • Firearms: As required by the Department of Justice, she is trained and licensed as a Criminologist to be able to use a 9mm handgun. Considering she is always working, she always keeps it on her at her hip, and it is of course always with the safety on and with the strap clasped.


  • Vehicle: She owns (completely paid off and insurance is paid regularly), a 2009 dark blue Eclipse.
  • Apartment: With her income, she's able to at least live comfortably, if not just a little lavish. She acquired an apartment on the third floor of the Promenade Condos in Seattle when she moved here.
  • Office: One of her conditions of accepting the job at Seattle as a Criminalist to work in the Labs was to have her own office at work. Her office is one of the three places she can generally be found (Office, Lab, Home), and is sometimes caught taking her 'few hours off' to nap in her office before her next shift.
  • Laboratory: At work she is the Senior Chemist in the crime lab. She has access to this lab at all times, and able to run tests without question, as she is trusted to use it for work and not for personal purposes.
  • Income: She is paid about $80,000K a year for her work. Most of this is spent on her one bedroom condo, and her studies. The rest has been stowed in a savings, and only little by little taken as she needs it. This has built her, over the past few years of doing it, a sizable savings account.
  • 9mm: She keeps a 9mm handgun as issued by the Police Department holstered at her right hip at all times. Though she generally -tries- to keep it off while off-duty, but life doesn't always give her time to really take it home to put safely away.


  • PhD: She is working towards her PhD (Doctorette) in Chemistry, leaning more towards specializing in Bio-Chem, but may just end up doing Bot-Chem (as is her speciality). Bio-Chem has more advancement and placement possibilities, Bot-Chem is rare as it is and wouldn't be used outside the Crime Lab, likely. She is hoping to get a breakthrough discovery to get this PhD earlier than planned, but if not.. she's got about 2 to 3 more years before she can submit her application for review.
  • Mutants: Mutants are on so many levels fascinating to her, and she wants to learn more about them. The evolution of the human kind has always had a sort of child-like interest in her, and she's just so very curious.
  • Advancement: Career wise, she has two goals. One: Become a shift supervisor for the Lab, or Two: Even better! Become the Criminal Lab Supervisor, over all!
  • Criminals: What else? Catch the bad guys, put them in jail, and make sure they pay properly. She does her part, at least for the greater good.


  • Advancement: She has had the position of CSI offered to her multiple times, though have turned it down in favor of remaining in the lab (And having other goals). She has however helped in collecting evidence when the CSI teams are tapped out, but when worse comes to worse- she's in the lab.
  • Sociability: With how much she works and her lacking in actual social skills (aside from the analytical point of view), she has limited sociability. Awkward conversations or scientific driven questionings is what she would be prone to end up in, the latter likely boring the other party to death unless they are a geek like her. Or perhaps might lead to annoyance if she's doing the million questions to a mutant.
  • Work Hours: She works all hours of the day, any hours of the day. And sometimes multiple days in a row with cat naps in her office. Because of this, she has no 'normal' schedule, and can be about just about any time of the night. This can be good, and bad. Good for work, bad for her social life.
  • Naive: She might be highly intelligent and book smart, and she can 'analyze' a person flirting with her, recognize the behaviors and body language, but it never quite sinks in that they are flirting with -HER- without them just blatantly putting it out there. Very naive, too focused on work.
  • Curiousity: Curious to a -fault- times ten. New plants? Something she hasn't seen before? She HAS to check it out. Not to mention: Mutants. As they are all so different and all so new, she wants to know as much as she can about them- even to the point of taking DNA samples and the like for 'research' purposes just to satisfy her own curiosity.
  • Analytical: She constantly analyzes things, and at times, over analyzes them. With her world constantly on the scientific plane, everything is to be studied, watched, and analyzed. Even her conversations. This can be a rather large hindrance in her making friends. Not to mention over analyzing things can be quite an annoyance and such a hamper on a relationship. Wonder why she's not taken? Read the flaws.
  • Lonely: She is chronically lonely with perhaps a small fling here and there when she just can't take the bodily necessity any longer. Though the way she sees it, is satisfaction of the flesh. She's never had satisfaction of the heart. She's never had a real relationship, being too focused on her studies, and isn't really looking for one. Though if one drops in her lap… why not try it? She'll do anything once.
  • Youth: Because of her petite appearance and keeping very healthy in her foods and vitamins and the like: She looks younger than she is. Not -quite- ten years, but she keeps the appearance of a woman in her late twenties, all the smoothness of youth while having the experienced and womanly look of age. Because of her youthful appearance however she is at times not taken seriously (at least until they notice the gun on her hip.). And her beauty, while she tries to tone it down with boring clothes or keeping her hair back and -never- wearing make-up, can be a distraction in the office amongst those attracted to her.


Gwendolyn Chalice Burke Lachlan was born the eldest of four, two sisters and one brother. She is the daughter of Angeline (Angel-een) Marie Domoeux-Lachlan and Marcus Leon Lachlan, Angeline being of France and Marcus of America (Brooklyn), and was born in Detroit, Michigan. Her parents were well off, her mother being a successful political controvertial writer with a number of novels out on the market, each selling decently, but the outburst of initial funds having kept them well stocked throughout her childhood, and that of her siblings. Her father was a taxi cab driver until Angeline got her big break- then he went to school for Drafting and Design. He is now one of the leading Architects in the Hollywood area, and comes with a high price considering most of his clients are Celebrities.

Though despite the high success of her parents, Gwendolyn has always moved at her own pace. When she was a toddler, she was crawling at six months and walking by eight. Talking by fourteen. She was quick to learn her words and was at a kindergarden level by the time she was two. This is the fast paced course she's led her life through, blowing through school with honors and excellence, failing nothing and always hungry for more. With her fast track, in High School, she did two years at once. Freshmen and Sophomore the first year, then Junior and Senior the next, making her graduate when she was only sixteen.

From here, she went to the local community College for her basic courses, finishing there in two years easily (Able to not have to worry about work hours with her parents so wealthy). And then, it was off to Michigan State. Her way was paid in full with the financial backing of her parents, and with her scores, they would've paid HER to attend! Here, she stayed until all of her graduates and masters were done respectively, and later moved to Brooklyn- the harsh town her father grew up from to join the Crime Lab. Her way of trying to offer back to the community and make his home town a better place. Here, she stayed for a good six years, having priorly had a full fourteen of schooling, and then got a job offer in Seattle. There were mutants on the rise, and with the factions against them, this was a hot spot for her intelligence to be of keen use. As such… she is now in Seattle, and recently joined the Seattle PD Crime Lab.


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