Frustrating Flirtations


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Summary: Dax officially meets Owen for the first time. Flirting ensues.

Date: March 27, 2009

Frustrating Flirtations

Rating: G


If you've been into one Starbucks in Seattle, you've been in them all. Literally. Through some weird quirk of fate and potential dimensional oddities, every Starbucks entryway is connected to one core Starbucks. This Starbucks happens to be the biggest Starbucks ever seen.

The area itself is quite large, with an extra-long service counter. Behind the counter is an exceptionally large work area. The walls are decorated with unique designs, and there are lots of little tables with chairs? hi-tops and low. In the corner, there's even an area with a large number of couches.

The door opens and Dax bustles into the shop, looking around and pushing down the collar of his jacket. He has his glasses pushed up on his head, odd for him to expose his eyes so carelessly. He wanders toward the front of the line and cuts in front of an old woman, tapping his hand on the counter and ordering a coconut late. He turns to face the elderly woman when she taps im on the shoulder, but as soon as he looks at her she seems to lose her train of thought and wanders out of the shop without a word. Dax just smirks and turns back to the counter. "Hurry it up, you worthless kid." He hasn't really looked around the establishment, yet.

Looking up from the want ads when he hears the little bell on the door go 'ding', Owen Mercer quirks an eyebrow. His eyes focus on Dax, trying to remember where he'd seen the man before after some familarity washes over him. When he sees the interactions with the old woman, Owen smirks. "The guy from the park," he murmurs. Getting up, he strolls over towards the couter and the line. "Don't ya know you shouldn't disrespect the people that prepare and handle your food and drink?" he teases as he approaches. "'sides, annoyed and depressed workers are slower than happy ones."

Dax taps his fingers in an annoyed fashion as the poor girl makes his drink and brings it to him. "That'll be…" She doesn't finish her sentence after looking into his eyes. Instead, she blanks out and turns to the next customer. Dax smirks and grabs his drink, hearing the voice beside him and stopping for a moment. What to do, what to do. Using his power three times in a row might seem suspicious to some people, he'll wait out the situation for a moment. The man reaches up and pulls his sunglasses over his eyes before turning to face Owen. Allthough Owen probably saw him that night, Dax did not see Owen, so he is at this point unfamiliar to the man. "Oh? She must have forgotten something, I guess…And the waitress?" He looks back at her, she seems not to care. "She seems not to mind."

Owen shakes his head, planning to leave a couple extra bills on his way out to pay for that. When Dax turns to him, the archer takes a moment to look him over. "Nice…" he trails off. "Care to join me? Maybe talk about what we saw in the park a few nights ago? Ya know…all those people and that girl that doesn't talk was there…" he trails off, staying in a 'pleasant' tone.

Dax is trying to decide whether or not to raise his glasses at Owen when the other man begins speaking. "Nice?" He ponders that for a moment…but what Owen says next really catches his attention. "Eh? Whadda you know about all that, eh?" He looks over Owen quickly, he doesn't remember seeing him there, but things were confusing and Dax was focused on the leader of that gang and the kid they were saving. He looks around real quick as though checking to make sure no one seems to think their conversation is particularly interesting, then he looks back to Owen and nods. "Allrighty, I can join ya fer a bit."

A wide grin spreads across Owen's face and he leads Dax back to his table. He even makes a point to pull a chair out for the other man. "I know quite a bit about it. Happened to be there," he says as he takes his own seat. "Always good having some handsome company," he remarks idly as he picks up his drink. "Of course, while you and the mute-woman were more front line…I played sniper," he says, tone low to keep others from listening in.

Dax quirks a brow as the other man pulls out his chair for him. "Erm, thanks I suppose…" He sits down and looks at the other man from behind his shades. Is Owen hitting on him? He's not bad looking…Though he doesn't look familiar. Dax tends to see allot of people at his night club, but he doesn't believe he's seen Owen before. "Erm…Hmm?" He seems pulled out of his thoughts by Owen's statements. "Ah, well yeah, I didn't turn around much until Tyrone exploded." Dax had officially met Tyler the other day, but he tends to be bad with names. "And Anabelle was there by my side, of course…Were you the one who threw that rubber ball?"

Owen's smirk comes back. "Yeah, and you left him there to bleed to death," he points out. "Good thing I got him to a doctor though," he adds in. "You wouldn't have seen me if you turned around though," he pauses. "No, that was a certain kid who's got a damn big set of balls. Second time I've seen him do something that dumb," he replies with a laugh.

Dax nods. "Yeah, he's fine, though…Mr. Explodes-a-Lot. I saw him in the park the other day carrying around some chicky." He shrugs. "Seems to be fine after being shot…and exploding." He ponders for a moment. "And yeah, I think I did see that kid for a second, the one who threw the ball. I wasn't paying much attention to him, though." He sips his coffee for a moment. "And that kid…the one we saved…I haven't seen any sign of him, neither's Tyler. You seen him around anyplace?"

Owen lets out a little sigh. "Oh well, didn't think he'd be interested anyway…" he murmurs. When asked about the kid, Owen shakes his head. "Nope. Been looking too. He either hightailed it into some place to hide or got nabbed by another group of psychos," he shrugs.

Dax rubs his chin for a moment. "Didn't think he'd be interested…" he wonders aloud what he means by that. "Erm…Yeah well he'd better not have. I didn't almost get shot to save some kid and have him kidnapped all over again. Geez, people in this town." He shakes his head and takes another swig of his coffee. "So you, er…I assume you didn't 'snipe' people with a rifle? Didn't hear too many gun shots back there." He makes little finger quotes when he says the word 'snipe'.

Owen smiles and shakes his head. "Interested in a…what was the phrase I heard the other night…ah yes, a good roll in the sheets," he sas with a wink. "And no, I didn't use a rifle. Not a fan of those things and I wasn't trying to kill anyone," he explains. "Arrows."

Owen smiles and shakes his head. "Interested in a…what was the phrase I heard the other night…ah yes, a good roll in the sheets," he sas with a wink. "And no, I didn't use a rifle. Not a fan of those things and I wasn't trying to kill anyone," he explains. "Arrows."

Dax chuckles. "Ah well, when I saw him the other day he seemed up for a 'roll in the sheets', though with that chickie on his back." He nods. "Ah, arrows…of course." He looks slightly confused. "So…You were walking through the park with a quiver and a bow, then? That's…lucky I suppose." He takes another swig of his coffee. "Does that count as a concealed weapon?"

Owen shakes his head. "Which is why I said he didn't seem interested. How 'bout you?" he asks, that smirk still in place. There's a pause before Owen laughs. "I havrn't carried those in years," he glances around and pulls the stirring-straw from his drink. Sucking the remnants of the liquid from it, he places it on the table and touches it with one finger. Suddenly, the straw becomes a small, detailed, glowing blue spear. "You're not the only one with special powers."

Dax blinks behind his glasses. Did he really just ask that? Dax looks around for a second. Yes, and neither of them are drunk, it seems. Usually he doesn't get so blatantly hit on until last call at the night club. "Erm…Maybe?" He looks back to see Owen playing with a straw. "Now is that really…" Then it becomes a small spear. "Well that's…fascinating. But how many free drinks do you get out of it?"

Owen chuckles and takes his finger off the spear. It returns to being a straw about a minute later. "I don't need it to get me free drinks," he says. "I've got my charming personality and hot body for that."

Dax waves a hand dismissively at Owen. "Well I can get myself free drinks. And if you want a free drink from me, I'll get you one without spending a penny." He shrugs. "And who needs a charming personality when they forget if you were an ass a few seconds later? Makes things more interesting that way." He finishes off his coffee and shakes the cup, making sure it is completely empty.

Owen shrugs. "I'd rather tap an ass than be one," he replies simply. "Or get mine tapped. I'm versatile," he declares with a grin. "Besides, I don't drink too much anyway."

Dax quirks an eyebrow a his straight-forwardness. "Well drinking is my profession…One of them. I'm a bartender here in town. Well, I DJ on the side, too. I work at (insert name of anight club known for its gay clientelle here…Let's call it 'Club Seal'.

Owen is a little surprised. "Bartending DJ at a local gay club," he repeats, having read about but not gone to the place yet. "I may have to go pay the place a visit or two."

Dax holds his hands out in a 'why not' sort of way. "Well, if you haven't been yet, it's worth a visit. I DJ on Thursday nights, mostly. So if you like hard techno and a lot of lazer lights, that's the time to come." He chuckles. "If you like the quieter scene, come on a different day. I can usually be found behind one of the bars serving up drinks. I'll be sure not to double charge you if you stop by." He grins.

Owen chuckles. "Not all about the music. If the sights are good enough, the sounds are tolerable," he states. "And if you're any indication of the guys to see…I will enjoy it," he offers a quick wink. "Thanks. I'll be sure to come get a drink then," he nods. "By the way, I'm Owen," he offers his hand.

Dax smirks and shakes his head at Owen. "Well the creepers temd to avoid the place. I think they've learned they won't get much there. And uh…" He accepts the handshake, "People 'round here just call me Dax. So I guess that's what you can call me." He grins at the other man.

"Dax? Nice…I like it," Owen comments. "No ceepers, eh? What's the usual? Younger, college-type guys? Closet cases playing 'I didn't know it was a gay bar'?" he guesses.

Dax shrugs. "Eh, it's a mixture of the two. We get a lot of girls in there, too. Some straight, some gay. Depends on the night." He taps his fingers on the rim of his empty cup. "I mean, we get a few older guys in there, but most are coupled already or they take care of themselves enough no one minds. You know, Bruce Willis types."

Owen nods. "Yeah, I understand," he replies. "So long as I can find a few willing guys to occupy my time…" he just trails off before finishing his drink.

Dax chuckles. "Oh trust me, you're sure to find at least five or six." He shakes his head and locks his fingers together, reaching his arms above his head in a stretch. Not tonight, though. Dax had a late night last night and the coffee doesn't seem to be keeping him awake enough for a late night tonight. "Well, I should probably head out soon. Don't want to fall asleep on my motorbike, probably not too safe." He shrugs.

Owen lets out another little sigh. "Oh well, I suppose I'll try to pick you up again at the club," he muses. "Be careful on your ride home. And hopefully next time we meet I can convince you to take another kind of ride," he winks there before laughing. "Good night, Dax."

Dax chuckles and winks at Owen, then realizes his eyes are hidden behind his glasses. Oh well. "Eh, not too much convincing needed there, bud. Just…Not tonight, I'm afraid. But yeah, stop by the club anytime. Be glad to show ya a good time." He stands up and offers a quick wave, allowing Owen to say or do whatever he still wants to before taking his empty cup and heading to the door. He turns and offers a quick wave before heading out into the night.

Owen arches both eyebrows and grins. "I'll look forward to it," he calls. The archer returns the waves and lingers for a few moments before going to get a refill. He's got more to do tonight before he plans to go home.

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