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This is a thread for important game announcements that affect the game as a whole. This can be anything from closures to down times or other such news and information.
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Information on the status of MutantMUSH.
310by daemon213daemon213
19 Aug 2009 03:54Jump!
Announcements dealing with the gameplay, rules, code and anything else dealing with the game.
12by daemon213daemon213
19 Apr 2009 19:44Jump!
Character Information
Information on the characters of the game.
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Introductions for characters.
These are a listing of characters that other players and staff want to see played on the game. These can be family members or enemies.
11by Mercutio87Mercutio87
19 May 2009 01:10Jump!
Game Information
This is the place for discussions regarding the game that doesn't fit in any other areas.
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This is a thread that deals with the major developments that have happened ICly.
44by RatFinkRatFink
31 Mar 2009 15:54Jump!
OOC information about the anti-mutant factions.
11by Mercutio87Mercutio87
19 May 2009 01:01Jump!
This is for the posting of OOC discussions. These do not have to deal with the game.
25by Black StarBlack Star
16 Mar 2009 21:01Jump!
Quick fix solutions for problems with the coding and errors that may occur in the game.
11by daemon213daemon213
08 Feb 2009 17:42Jump!

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