First Intro


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Summary: Taylor and Zack meet for the first time.

Date: March 23, 2009

First Intro

Rating: PG

Union Park

Union park is yet another well-developed and pleasant entertainment place within town for one to go to and spend time in. The park itself is rather large and housing several attractions for an individual to browse themselves with. It holds a large playground for kids as well as benches for parents to watch them play in. Also within the park is a long jogging trail as well as a pond and several picnic areas to sit oneself down at. There's also a couple of barbecue and fire pits in which a person, or group of people can hold a party at in the outdoors.

The area is lush green and full of life. Various trees, shrubbery and flowers litter the area as they add to the attractiveness of the place. A couple of shady spots can be found to hide away from the heat of the sun, or to bask under the silvery glow of the moon and starlight at night. There's also an abundance of wildlife here, varying from squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and even opossums. It's not all too uncommon to see people lounging about the area, either having a picnic, party or simply taking the pleasure to exercise on the jogging trails. The area is rather active not only in the daytime, but also at night as well and is monitored by some few security and is kept fairly litter free.

Dawn strikes against the canvas of the sky in deep shades of vermillion and crimson hues as the sun starts to rise on up over the horizon. Bright rays of glimmering gold cascade down upon the city below as they pierce through the thickness of greyish-black, puffy cloud cover. A thin mist lightly decorates through the streets as it lingers upon the way and tip toes gently on little cat's feet as it creeps steadily into the area. A brisk wind blows in from the western coastline as it chills lighlty against the flesh and causes goosebumps to rise upon one's skin. The air lines in a steady moisture within the park as it delicately coats the fresh grass in a gentle frost. At this early of hour there appears to be very few people here within the park though a few joggers can be seen running along the jogging trail. The rush of morning traffic streams through the streets as those that are headed to work fight each other in the congestion throughout the roads. Tay can be found here sitting underneath a tree as her small back rests against the base of the trunk. Her knobby knees pull on up to her chest as her slender arms lightly wrap aroung her legs as her fingers hook together there in front of them. Her head leans on back as she seems to simply enjoy the quiet of the place, as the soft azuremist and violet of her mismatched orbs search the rest of her surroundings.

As the joggers do their daily routine, as the busybodies are on their way into the daily grind that is work, as the kids are on their way to school, and as Taylor sits beneath the tree, Zachary continues a slow walk through the park, along the trails. He too appears to be a little chilled, as his arms are crossed across his chest, and a faint puff of his breath can be seen against the cool of the morning. He walks slowly, almost as if he is in no great rush. He appears to be lost in thought, as some of the morning runners pass him in their hurry. Zack manages to step out of their way, but its almost a natural instinct rather than noticing his surroundings. He is wandering, lost inside of himself. As the seconds fade to minutes, he makes his way closer to where Taylor sits, just out of sheer luck.

Tay's soft eyes continue to search throughout the park as the kid leans back upon the tree where she rests. The soft chill of the fresh, morning air casues the youth to shiver lightly as her soft, small hands lightly rub at her own slender arms. The girl look out through the depth of her impassioned dark midnight-blues and violet touched eyes as she notices a taller figure come closer in her direction. Looking on up and over at you she offers a soft, yet warm smile as the edges of her full lips pull back to form the brightness of her face there as she grins. Greeting you softly the girl replies in a quiet tone, "Morning." Her greeting was short, yet still held within it a certian politeness and friendliness as she casts her gaze on upwards to look you over and eventually meet your own eyes. There was a certain intensity within her own gaze as the very heart and fire of her passionate and high-spirited nature lies just beyond the expanse of her own eyes. The youth shivers once more as the wind seems to pick on up a bit and causes faint goosebumps to rise lightly upon her sunkissed flesh. A few wips of golden-blonde decorate and gentley flicker across her soft, angelic features as he looks on up at you and seems to keep your gaze.

It takes quite a bit longer for her voice to register in his head, than it did for her to notice him. Though, when it does he offers her a pleasant smile. She could likely tell that it took him quite a bit of effort to force his lips to form the desired shape. "Morning to you as well." Zack replies to her, his voice soft, a hint of sadness lingering in it. "Aren't you a little young to be hanging out here in the park at this hour? You can't be of age yet?" He asks her, his dull green eyes match her look. "You gotta be careful out here, there's lotsa frea…" he pauses for just a second, "Lots of bad people out here." he says, his own words seeming to hurt him as he says them.

Taylor raises a brow lightly as you comment about her age, though that soft, warm smile never seems to lose its shape from across the petals of her full lips. The kid looks on up at you as she shakes her head, her own smile broadening lightly there across her baby, soft face as she answers back on up to you in that same quiet tone as before. "I'm sixteen which is of legal age in Seattle. I might be young, but I can handle myself well enough." There within her own words was a hint of stubborness as well as a faint amount of pride. Indeed the girl seemed more of the rough tough cream puff of sorts. As much as she would've liked to seem tough on the outter edges, she was far more delicate then she may have appeared to be. Her own smaller figure an attestament to just how incapable she might be in handling herself if a fight ever came to pass for her. Though as you mention about bad people in the area and with that certain pause, the girl cocks a light brow as she shakes her head then simply smiles once more, "I'm used to most kinds of people here. Like I said I can take care of myself well enough." Whether she was right about taking care of herself or not was at least yet to be seen as from the look of her, she was anything but.

Zack shrugs at her comments. "The difference between 15 and 16 isn't much to someone who would take advantage of you. The difference for a child molester, and frankly little miss sixteen, you don't appear to be even that, is nil." He shakes his head as he approaches a little bit closer. He stays far enough way to let her feel safe. "Not that your doings are any of my business, but what in the hell are you doing out here anyways? Its colder than snot out here, and you are sitting your tiny ass under a tree?" He looks at her incredulously. "Why don't you take yourself somewhere a bit warmer, or at least get offa the cold frosty grass?" He asks her.

That soft smile seems to arch downwards agaisnt the soft contours of her young face as she frowns lightly just then. The full petals of her lips turning downwards as she speaks back to you in that same soft tone of hers. "Cause right now I've got no other place to go…or be for that matter. And I'm not too worried about child molesters. If someone really wanted to mess with me I have the capability to defend myself." She shakes her head as she shivers lightly under the cool of the wind. Her little body quivering lightly there beneath the tree as she continues. Her fingers seems to fidget just a bit as she rests them into her small lap now, though her eyes never seen to look away from your own, the fiery passion within them enough to give hint of her own rebellious nature. Though as you continue to talk to her she answers back quietly in turn, "You don't know me, so why do you seem to care so much anyways?" Her comment though doesn't seem to hold any harshness to it as it more appears to be an honest and curious question.

He offers a sad shake of his head. "Whether or not you can defend yourself is one thing, but saying you can take care of yourself, while you are sitting underneath a tree in the cold cause you have no where else to go, that's a-whole-complete-nother." He approaches her now, close enough for him to offer his soft hand out to hers to help her off the ground. "I don't care. But I am a father, and I have the heart of a father. So, if nothing else, let me get you a cup of coffee, or at least hot chocalate." He says, a smile coming up his lips for the first time in this entire conversation. "You're a little young to be drinking the brew."

The kid eyes you carefully as you come to approach closer to her. The hint of her muscles tensing if ever so briefly might very well be seen when you do approach, though the kindness that immediately seems to follow causes her to relax once more and especially so as you offer out your hand to her. The soft pink of her tonuge lightly slips on out past her full lips as she gently moistens them while looking up at you. As you offer your hand to her, she takes it. The ever soft touch of her small palm fitting into your own comfortably as your hand seems to dwarf hers. As you comment about her being unable to take care of herself, she casts her gaze downwards with a faint hint of another frown. Shaking her head she responds back in that similar soft tone of hers, though there's a touch of sadness that lies just beyond the depths of her own gaze, "It's all I've ever done really…haing to take care of myself." She doesn't go further into that story as she stands on up to meet you as you offer her help to do so. Though as you comment about not caring she can't help but smirk ever so lightly at your words. Shaking her head once more she comments, "Well for someone who doesn't care you don't seem to act that way." At you comment about getting her something hot to drink, she seems to debate it somewhat then finally nods as that broadness of her smile brightens there across her warm features, "Yeah, I think I could go for that right now. Thanks again, I appreciate it."

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