Fire and Rain


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Summary: Argosy and Taylor run into Trip at the abandoned amusement park, and other stumble onto the scene.

Date: 27 February 2009

Fire and Rain

Rating: PG-13

Abandoned Amusement Park

Darkness seems to prevail here whether night or day as long shadows ebb and twist through the abandoned place. Upon first entry into the park, one is met with a long, chain fence in which the wires had been cut away at some point by someone, and allowing entrance into the place. Past the cut fence lies an old, rundown ticket booth. The ancient wood cracked and chipped in several places as a few stray old ticket stubs litter the ground around it. Some graffiti is tagged on to the booth of various gang symbols and 'decorations' that serve as a warning within the more dangerous motif of the place. The park itself is large and houses many attractions that once a long time ago served as a hot entertainment spot for this part of the city, though now only lies in desolation and ruin.

The ground is littered with various debris as well as some forms of used paraphanalia. A few needles, condoms, used drug bags and trash stain the floor here and there. Within the park are several rotting attractions. An old coaster, once roaring with screams of fright and enjoyment, now lies dead and silent upon its track. A few more rides reside within the park dotting here and there, though all now lie in an eerie quiescence within the abandoned place. For now the empty park seems to be used for other various means of enjoyment, whether it be a quiet place to bring a date for a good rumpage within the funhouse, or for a private spot for drug deals and the like. Sometimes other forms of degradation can be found here, as a few bums have taken up residence within the place for a good squatting spot. Every now and then the place is used for fights to be settled, or a meeting place for more nefarious uses.

Late afternoon brings about the crash of thunder and lightnight as streaks of electric rays flash across a storm, heavy sky. Dark greyish-black storm clouds line against the backdrop of the heavens as their thick, silvery edges gestate with a thickness of rainwater. Fat, heavy drops pour down from nearly pitch skies as the water crashes agiasnt the hard asphalt of the old, abandoned park. The loud beating of rain splatters in large silvery pools of chaos as they pour down form high up above. The air itself thickens in saturation and humidity as a strong, frigid wind whips in from the west coast and chills all within its path. Tay can be found within the park under the protective awning where some more of the graffitti can be found. A somewhat confused if not agitated look paints across her soft, sunkissed features as she stares at one of the newer tags there on one of the buildings. Her long, golden-blonde tresses are matted and hug her agaisnt her face as a few strands drip with rain water. Her clothes hug against her tight, slender figure as the dampness and wet drenches them. Looking more like a drowned rat then anything, the poor kid shivers terribly as the full petals of her lips quiver within the cold. Though that face that she wears seems to be in consternation as she muses about the new 'art'. "What the *fuck* is this shit?" Her own soft voice drowned out by the surrounding storm the kid starts to search around and near the empty buildings as she makes her way on over towards wherever it may give clues to whomever the hell decided to paint her hangout in gibberish.

"You're gonna catch cold if you keep standing outside in the rain," Jason says, as he comes dashing for the shielding presence of the rain, dressed in his rain jacket and carrying and umbrella.

From behind a pile of rubble the kid appeared, Trip's footsteps holding a slight hop to them as he slowly nodded his head. Small bud style earphones resting in the crook of his earlobe running out of sight into a faded and dirty jean pocket. The kids eyes closed for the moment as his voice sounded out, a soft yet nice singing voice leaving him.

"You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher
Come on baby, light my fire
Come on baby, light my fire
Try to set the night on fire"

Trip's right hand drawing up with a small rolled cigarette like object sticking it between his soft thin lips as he inhaled before opening his eyes, The depths of blue focusing upon the two for a moment as he exhaled the smoke smelling of marijuana. A certain life dancing behind the depths of blue, a fear and anger welling up within the teen as he watches them both. His hair becoming matted to his head as his clothes begin to grow wetter by the moment, Perhaps it was not right to come out today? Perhaps slowly moving back into hidding would be best, yes of course why not? it worked everytime the humans gave chase and tried to injure or kill him. And well these two before him were humans of course? They had to be, But how did they trail him here? Was his home in danger? these thoughts begining to race through his mind like a bullet train.

Taylor frowns as she reads on over the new gibberish that dares to paint it's ugly face agisnt her park walls. "What the hell is this shit anyway? Fucking chicken scratching bullshit." Yeah, she was in one of them moods. From the looks of it, she was far more in the 'here' and 'now' then she might be on other days…today being a 'good' day at that. Her disorders seemed to decide to take a more cynical approach to her thoughts and emotions today, that special cleverness and quick wit hiking up on the charts of her mind as she makes her little exclamations to the wall…as if it just might talk back to her. When the kid was in this kind of mood, her mouth was dangerous…as it often got her into more trouble then she was worth. Looking on over the 'art' as it were the teen shakes her head as Jason makes his way on up to her…the both of them having hung out here more often then late as the two seemed to get along fairly enough. The new decorations before her though seemed to only annoy her as she can't seem to get off that subject. "Who the hell thinks that they can make their place here without having earned it. Fuck…Ricky's gonna be pissed once he finds out." Looking back on over at Jason she shakes her head again as she offers him a warm grin, "Nah, I'll be ok. Nothing I haven't faced before anyways." Says the girl that looks like her little body is about to convulse with cold. Her soft cheeks paint a dark tinge of red against them as they flush with the chill against her face. Though she does notice the noob singing quietly to himself close by as her brow furrows lightly. Her soft tone nearly a murmur as she looks on over at him, "Who the hell is that?"

Argosy shrugs. "I dunno, and right now, I don't care," Jason says. "You look like you're about to freeze solid - let's get you inside and warmed up, all right? We can deal with the tags once the rain's stopped."

Trip's brow lifts hearing the words of the two, His eyes watching them closely as something within the depths of blue begins to change. A colder more distant appearance forming within the depths as a small spark forms within the center of his eyes. His lips quivering slightly as his form shook, a mixture of cold and also stress seeing the two. The joint forgotten between his fingers, the cherry slowly burning against his flesh and going unnoticed. His brow furrowing slightly as a look of anger slowly began to form across his facial features at mention of something or other.

"Fine then." A soft frown is offered in response to Jason's persistance, though his better logic seems to win the day as Tay slowly manages to peel her eyes off the wall where the tags are. Nodding her head a little bit she makes to move to Jason's side as the two make their way headed towards the fun house…a place that they've seemed to go to as of late when they'd meet up. A look though is spared toward Trip as the young girl gives him a somewhat odd look. His fiery temper seeming lost on her as to why he'd be angry out of the blue. Being the noob that he was within the are, Tay seemed to be lacking on the knowledge of who the hell he was or why he was even here…or for that matter how the hell he'd managed to avoid those that already staked their claims here. That soft, delciate frown seems to be a perpetual state upon her gentle face as she continues along her way with Jason into some form of shelter to get out of the rain. A look every now and then is given back on over to Trip though…as if making sure that the guy wasn't up to anything overtly stupid. Once inside the cover of the fun house though Tay shakes her head a bit as she wrings out her hair and hoodie. "Fricken weather…always so gloom and doom. Mind you, I like the rain and all, but constant bad weather can be a downer ya know?" Her soft remark made back to Jason as water nearly flows out of her clothes when she does so.

"You're lucky you like it," Jason says, slipping out of his coat to wrap it around Taylor. "I swear, I'm gonna get out of this town as soon as I can, move back somewhere where the sun shines once in a while."
Trip's eyes watch the two as they dissapear into the fun house, His shoulders lifting and falling in a shrug as he slowly began to back away. Heading behind a pile of rubble before begining to slowly make his way back to his little place of sanctuary.

Within the fun house, The wall just inside the entrance slowly grows bright. A small flame flickering on the center of the wall for a moment before suddenly spreading out. Words being formed suddenly from the flames reading

Leave or else

Taylor leans back on one of the props within the funhouse as Jason comes on over to offer up his jacket to her. The kind gesture is noted as he simply drapes it on over her whether she wishes it or not, or even if it might very well leave him cold. A sudden realization seems to strike across the teen's face as she looks on up and over at him. The vastness of her cobalt and violet gaze lingers upon his own for a moment longer as her own gaze intensifies with that look. Her shivering had quieted down some once the warmth of his jacket had been placed on over her and she lowers her gaze once more as a thoughtful expression crosses gently on over her youthful face. Pursing her full lips a bit as a few droplets of water trace down on over from the top of her brow along the gentle curve of her flushed baby cheeks and angelic visage. The girl goes silent for a moment then nods her head as she answers back in kind, "The weather I don't mind so much… sometimes… though it can be a downer every now and then. I've always wanted to get out of town and move somewhere nicer…somewhere where I can get away from all of this shit." She shakes her head a bit as she closes her eyes lightly. They open on up once more as she offers a warm smile on up to Jason. The edges of her full lips lifting upwards as her gaze greets his own, "Thanks for the jacket Jason." It's only then that the girl notices the wall by the entrance light on fire as words suddenly form from the glowing, orange and yellowish flame. "What the fuck?" Her utterately confused and surprised words are lost though to the pounding of the rain outside on the roof, and the sudden motion of her body reacting to such. She's up like a shot as she quickly looks around the place as if expecting someone or something to appear.

As the fire suddenly appears, Jason leaps to his feet. "OK, let's stay calm and get out of here," he says, reaching out to take Taylor's hand. "This place is probably full of stuff that'll go up like a match…"
Notes that the fire wasnt that big.

Being that Jason is far fricken faster then Tay could ever hope to be, the girl is easily taken by the hand as he grabs her and makes to haul ass outside, or wherever he wishes to take her. As much as Tay might act tough or give off an air of badassness…she simply doesn't have the structual capacity to be overtly physically menacing…nor really have the sheer strength to do anything too destructing. So when Jason takes her hand as such with the strength behind someone who scales walls for a hobby…the girl is rather easily taken along, even if she isn't too apt to simply flee. As Jason heads back outside Tay furrows her brow as she shakes her head though she still does follow with him. Her soft voice nearly almost drained out from the ongoing downpour. "Wait! Jason…I'm not about to be scared out of my own fricken hangout. Something's definitely up, but that does't mean that we have to run scared like mice. SOmething is definitely up, and I'd like to find out what. Even if I can't stop whoever or whatever is threatening us…I sure as hell can call backup if I need to…and plenty of it." Back out into the rain they go as the youth attempts to huddle under one of the awnings of the building. Looking around as she shivers terribly, she attempts to try to search for whoever or whatever might be nearby that might've cuased the flame.

Argosy stops as Taylor asks him to, and listens to what she has to say. "All right," he replies, watching her face. "But what are we gonna do, even if we do find whoever's responsible for this? I mean, starting a fire that quick, in this weather? Either we're dealing with a mutant here, or a ridiculously good arsonist."

Taylor hugs herself as her slender arms wrap around her full chest. Her breathing is a bit faster now since the 'incident' as her azuremist and violet gaze traverses the area for whomever might've started the fire. Frowning softly she shakes her head as she replies back in a soft tone to Jason, "Whether it's an arsonist or not…I"m not about to let some assbandit scare me out of my own grounds…and even if whoever the hell did start this shit, it'll end real damn quick when I fricken tell Ricky someone's pissing on his tree." Whoever the hell Ricky was, Tay seemed fairly sure that she wasn't in any kind of immediate danger…why or whatever the hell for, though is another question entirely. The girl strips off Jason's jacket as she hands it back on over to him with a light smile. His hand still clutching hers she attempts to hand over his jacket as she only leaves his grip for a moment. "You'll need this. It's fricken cold outside and I don't want you to suffer simply becasue I'm cold. I can deal." Looking back on out towards the rest of the park the girl calls out in a loud tone that strikes agaisnt the falling rain, "Whoever or whatever the hell you are, we're not frightened by your little homo flame on tricks! Fucking show yourself and grow a pair if you wish to defend what you think is yours so badly!" The girl looks back on over to Jason once more as after she states such she replies in a quieter tone, "This isn't your fight Jason…you don't have to stay if you don't want to, but whoever this prick is that thinks that they can just waltz on into the are and get away with trying to fuck with me has another thing coming."

Argosy shakes his head as Taylor offers him the coat back. "You hang onto it for now, all right? I've got more meat on my bones to keep me warm." He scans the surroundings looking to see if anyone else is out there. When Taylor suggests he leave, he shakes his head again. "What, and leave you here all alone with who knows what sort of freak? Not gonna happen."

Trip's eyes watched the pair, His form resting in the far end of the lot watching them from behind a pile of boards and other assorted debris. His clothing growing even more and more damp causing his form to begin to shiver violently as he watched them.

Taylor's eyes continue to traverse the are as the rain pours down from high up above. Her own clothes clinging terribly to her small body as they reveal some of her slender, tight figure, even as much as she seemed to try to hide it. Her chest raises and falls lightly if not a little faster from after noticing the fiery words. The outline of her full, supple chest perfectly curving round agaisnt her drenched clothes. A few droplets run down her soft face as they lightly drip on over her full, quivering lips and drain down against her slender neck. She moves then as her saggy pants cling tighlty to her nimble, long legs and betray her feminine waistline and small, rounded, cute bottom. With each step she seems to be searching for something…those cold cobalt eyes nearly icy in their reflection as she looks around for…something. "He's got to be around here…I know it's him. Has to be…no one else here." She mutters quietly to herself, though as Jason looks to be willing to stay she nods her head as she recoats herself with his jacket. That sudden realization from before that she'd seem to notice with his actions towards her causing her to flush a bit brighter in the cheeks. Her tone is soft though loud enough to be heard by those within the close distance, "Thanks…I…I don't really know what to say." Though her words are cut off at her own frustration for trying to find whoever she was and seeming to fail miserably. A soft sigh escpaes past her lips as she furrows her brow then quietly mentions to herself, "Wish I could fucking find this jer…" And it's only within that moment that she spots him as her head tilts lighty to the side, her brow furrowing shortly afterwards. Moving along closer towards where Trip is hidden she manages to make out words through the thundering storm, "What the fuck is your problem dude?! You put that shit up there in the fun house?" Her words directed towads the pile of debris where Trip hides as she carefully moves closer towards him.

Argosy does his best not to stare at how the water makes the clothes cling to Taylor, and overall does a pretty good job. The cold and the rain make it easier by providing something else to focus his attention on. When Taylor spots Trip, he follows after her, doing his best to stay under stuff, but keeping close enough that he feels he can get between her and whoever's out there if something happens.

A small flame begining to dance upon the girls right shoulder and resting upon the jacket's surface. Trip's eyes narrowing upon her as she began to move towards him in the hostile fashion, Hearing her words of hatred causing his heartbeat to slowly begin to race. His eyes growing bright, the blue hues falling away to be swallowed by fire within the depths of his eyes.

The sudden spark alights against Jason's jacket to Tay's right shoulder as her dark gaze quickly turns to watch it get snuffed out just as fast as it came by the thundering downpour. A soft smirk alights agaisnt her full, soft lips as she edges closer towards Trip…she's careful though as her right hand slips down into her right pocket and gripping some sort of hard object there. Her eyes never leave Trip's as she smiles somewhat wickedly. The edges of her soft petals lifting upwards slightly in her own amusement. "Bad day for a flamo boy ain't it?" She comments as she closes in on him. Though as menacing as she may seem to be towards Trip, she doens't actually attack as of yet, though she does stop not but a couple of feet from him and the debri as she calls out to him, "So what's up with the trying to scare my friend and I here? We didn't do nothin' to ya. You the fucktard that decided to scribble your bullshit art on the walls over there? Because I can tell you now pyro boy…you're pissing on the wrong grounds. This park doesn't belong to you. You might want to watch where you step before laying claim to something that definitely isn't yours and that could easily get ya killed for trying to do so. Take this as a 'friendly' warning…watch your goddamn step." The kid stands her ground as she waits with Jacob close on by. The girl looking quickly on over towards Jacob to make sure that he's alright.

"Hey, let's stay calm here," Jason says, somewhat spooked by the fact that the guy managed to light his jacket on fire. "I'm sure we can talk this out calmly, without needing to get violent or anything."

Trip's brow arched slightly hearing the girls words, A soft laughter falling from his lips as he slowly rose up and moved from behind the rubble pile. "See your first mistake is believing that that was all that waited you..I will not hesitate to defend myself through other means hood rat.." His eyes focusing upon taylors as his hand moved into the jacket and moved back out. His fingers having wrapped about the hilt of a black tanto bladed tactical knife. Small brass knuckles formed as a guard upon the knife as he watches her. "You came out here towards me…I just wanna be left the fuck alone..And I been here for a few years now..Off and on..So kindly fuck off and leave me the fuck alone."

Jason's words seemed to be forgotten for now as the youth narrows her eyes on over at Trip's. Her dark midnight azure and violet gaze flashing with intent as her own intensify with an inner fire herself. "Your'e the fucktard that decided to light the goddamn fun house on fire shit for brains. You're fucking warning my friend and I and trying to scare us on out of here when I've lived here all my goddamn life. You want to start shit with me fucking flamming faggot boy? I'll bring the fucking vatos on your punk ass! You don't know who the fuck you're messing with assmunch! You want to start shit with me? Let's start some shit. I'm not the coward that decided to fuck with us then go hide and wait for us to find you bitch." The girl's posture steadies as she takes up a defensive stance. Her hand wrapped around that object within her right pocket comes on out to bear a nasty k-bar that looks like it's seen plenty of fights itself in its days. Wary of where and what her surroundings were the girl bringst he knife out in front of her as she watches Trip in front of her and Jason to her side, or behind her, wherever he was placed. That fire within her eyes intensifies as she grits her teeth in a nasty sneer, "Better fucking listen to my friend here holmes…you start shit with me and you start shit with a good number of others."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Jason says, stepping in between the two glaring daggers at each other. "Both of you calm the hell down, all right? And freakin' put the knives and crap away! This isn't worth fighting over!" He wipes water from his eyes from the cold rain before continuing. "There's plenty of room around here for everybody, as long as we just don't act like freakin' idiots."

"Your a waste of time girl, you dont know shit about the streets.." His head shaking some as he moved to a pile of rubbish and reached in pulling out a skateboard. His knife finally replaced as he set the skateboard down on the ground. "I will deal with you later though little girl, Might prove entertaining enough when you don't got ole romeo here.." A chuckle leaving him as he stepped onto the board and began to push it with his free foot guiding it towards the exit of the park. "And it aint always gonna be rainin..remember that..Besides..Buildings are always nice and dry.." His shoulders lifting and falling in a shrug.

Tyler moves through the paths, his eyes scanning over the area as if looking for someone. He has his hands stuffed into the jacket pockets. He lets out a sigh as he doesn't see who it is he's looking for, but his eyebrow raises slightly as he hears a couple of voices and makes his way towards the sources of the voices.

"Uhh, Jason? As much as I condone your efforts being the responsible person and trying to stop this fight…you might want to not stand in the way between two people with rather large blades standing off with each other." And then there was Tay's little act of cleverness and sarcasm within the intense situation, obviously not overly threatened by Trip, the girl doens't exactly pocket her own knife but more so lowers it when she sees the other move to take off. Answering back to Trip with a soft smirk, she replies back in kind, "Really frightened here fuckbrains…I'm fucking shaking in my goddamn boots. Get the fuck out of here bitchass." Then looking back on over to Jason the girl offers an appologetic smile as she backs on up a bit and moves to Jason's side. "Sorry bout that." Her tone a bit more softer now and nearly almost drowned out by the pouring rain. "I just don't like getting bullied around by others or threatened by some punkass bitch that thinks he owns the goddamn universe. I don't take threats lightly, if someone wants to start shit with me they'll quickly find themselves in a good goddamn deal more trouble then they might've liked." Her gaze casting downwards for the moment as she finally puts the knife back away. The sign of others coming into the old abandoned park causes her to be a bit wary as she looks on over to where antoher figure makes its way towards the small group.

It looked like a decent enough place to hunt for some interesting things to use as totems. And it was just an amusement park. Owen Mercer wasn't worried at all about potential dangers as he snuck into the place and began his search. "Needles, no. Those suck…" he mutters to himself, walking along with hands in his pockets as he scans the ground. He pauses at the sound of voices and frowns. "Hmm, oh well," he murmurs, heading towards where he'd heard the sounds while hoping he wasn't walking into a fight.

"Well, it sure sounds like you've got shit started now," Jason says with a sigh, as Trip goes skateboarding off. "And I liked coming here, too…"

Taylor furrows her brow on up at Jason as he seems troubled by the little incident. "Dude, no worries, not like I haven't been in worse shit before. Besides, if he tries to start shit with me I've got plenty of back up. I'm not going to let some assbandit fucktard come kicking me out of my own damn grounds. Besides…this place is run by some of the local gangs…I'm not too worried about one flaming freak making too much trouble. If he does decide to start shit there'll be plenty of others that smack his ass down. I've got my connections." THe girl watches as Trip makes his leave then frowns softly as she puts her knife away. Looking back on over and up at Jason that frown softens to more of a guiltful look, "I'm sorry Jason…I didn't mean to start trouble for you. In any case…he's not after you anyways, or at least it seems. So you don't have to worry."

Tyler makes his way towards the voices, but the voices quiet down. He continues in the general direction that he was heading towards. As he arrives, he sees others gathered, his eyes scanning over each of them in turn for a moment.

Gangs? Now that has Owen's attention. An eyebrow is quirked, especially at the choice of words of whoever he's overhearing speaking. Then things get quiet, bringing a slight sigh out of the man. He turns a corner and comes to a stop when he sees that someone's beaten him there. Blinking, he glances past the man to see who was talking.

Argosy sighs, and shivers a bit. "Well, he's gone now, at least," Jason says. "What say we go back inside, so we don't both freeze to death or something?"

Taylor was all for that…the not freezing to death thing. So far the adrenaline from the possibility of fighting had kept her warm…for the time being. Though when things had finally settled down and the issue seemed to pass on along for the moment, the girl takes a look around her as she sees others starting to come closer towards the two. With Trip gone for now, the girl was left to the devices of the 'adults' as it were, and with that innate fear of having to deal with bystanders acting on up, the kid noddles her head as she looks on back up at Jason then answers back in a quieter tone; her soft voice somewhat muffled by the downpouring rain, "Yeah, let's get the hell outta here. I have a um…friend that lets me hang out at his place every now and then. We can head there if you like? It's a hell of a lot warmer then here anywho and there's food there and such. Can get a bite to eat there maybe if you like? That is unless your mom wants you home?"

Tyler glances towards the two kids he sees there, his eyes moving from one to the other. "Everything alright here?" He says after a moment. "Thought I heard a fight." He says, pulling a pack of cigarettes out of his coat pocket.

"Seems like we heard ths same thing," Owen speaks up, walking towards Tyler. "Hey," he greets the smoking man. "Hey, it's the kid from the track…"

"Just a little bit of a disagreement," Jason says, eyeing the two adults. "We were just about to head out, though, so everything's cool!"

As Tyler and Owen walk on up to the two kids, Tay immediately starts to become rather uncomfortable…and it was at that moment that she really started feeling that icy cold chill that seemed to seize her little body and run its course through her. She was shivering visibly now and to some greater degree as her body shakes terribly now. She goes quiet for the moment as she lets Jason get her ass out of trouble this time…seeing as to how much she put herself in such more often then not. Casting her gaze to the side the girl looks back on over her shoulder towards where the fun house was…seems like it'd be a failed mission for the two. Now? Now it was more so the fact of trying to convince the adults to let the two of them flee without any trouble. Shaking her head lightly she answers back in oddly a more submissive and softer tone, "No Sir…just heading back home with my friend here." Hopefully the other two would let them leave without any repremanding or such. Facing off others around your age was one thing…trying to face off with someone much older than you…well that was a different matter entirely.

The dull thud of rain could be heard against the surface of a black umbrella as it spins slowly over Christian's head, his fingers slipping along the wood grip as if playing with it somewhat. His footsteps had carried him into the amusement park relatively unheard as he looked down at an odd device in his hand, "Let's see, let's see." He comments to himself before raising his dark gaze to cast it about the park slowly. It drifts across a few of the rides slowly, lingering before raising an eyebrow to the sight of a group of people there. Maybe he expected it, maybe not, though the expression would say that he hadn't to any who saw him. "Hmm, now, this park does seem to have a certain feel to it when it's raining." He offers to himself before casting a glance towards the Carousel with the small curl of his lips. A soft hum could be heard afterwards only to find him looking at the others idly as if to see what was going on.

Tyler chuckles and shakes his head. "No need to call me Sir. I don't like being called sir." He says as he looks to Owen and nods. "Yeah. It does seem that way." He says with a chuckle. "Just wanted to make sure no one needed any help."

Owen makes a face. "Woah. I am way too young to be calling sir," he says, shaking his head. A smile is offered to Tyler as Owen looks his way. "Same here, actually. Sounded like a fight might've been starting," he nods. "Isn't it a bit later for you to be out?" he asks Jason, looking right at the kid.

"It's the weekend," Jason says with a shrug, in response to Owen's comment. "But yeah, everything's under control here, except Taylor's a bit cold, so we'll just be going. See you round at the gym sometime?" he adds, as he puts an arm around Taylor and starting to head out.

Taylor eyes Owen peculiarly as she makes a somewhat odd face up at Owen, "Um…not only is it the weekend…but it's like only eight pm? Normally curfew is around twelve am dude, maybe elevish at best?" Looking back on over at Jason the girl goes quiet once more as he seems to take control over the situation for her. Though as Tyler makes his friendly comment the kid can't help but smirk softly as she answers back in a kind tone, "Sorry…never really sure with that kind of stuff. Don't want to like upset no one or anything." The sound of a familiar face strikes the girl though as she hears someone or something in the distance. Not really able to place the sound as it's raining, she does though see a figure coming on up closer to the group. Unable to really tell who it is until they get closer the teen simply keeps an eye out for now.
Tyler nods his head as he looks to Taylor and chuckles. "It's chill." He says, pulling a cigarette from the pack and places it between his lips. He puts the pack away before he snaps his fingers and creates a flame over his thumb. He uses the flame to light the cigarette before he opens his hand and the flame goes out. He takes a drag from the cigarette before he exhales the smoke.

Owen blinks a few times, looking down at his watch and finding it at a very different time. "Well. Guess my watch is wrong then. Gotta figure out how to set this thing right," he says with a nervous chuckle. "Weekend? Man…I thought it was Thursday. I'm really off this week," he sighs. When Tyler snaps and creates the fire, Owen jumps. "Woah," he says, staring at the other man.

Christian raises his eyes to look back at the woman as Jason goes to draw her away from the group, a flicker of recognition seen in those dark eyes of his before arching his brow again. "Ah, the protective one. Yes." He comments to himself musingly before raising one hand to run his fingers through his hair. The strands part to the touch only to fall again when they've cleared his features before taking a few steps closer to the group. "Hello Jason." He comments to the man, having oddly remembered the name that had been given to him in the coffee shop before casting a glance to the smaller woman that he'd been directing away from the seemingly uncomfortable situation, "I -do- hope everything is alright Taylor." The question was said in more of a statement than otherwise.

The color seems to leave Tay's soft face as she notices exactly who it is that just walked up. Her deep, midnight, azure and violet gaze intensifies upon Chris's own as she goes near deathly quiet after her last comment. Quickly casting her gaze back downwards she simply nods her head in response as she answers back in a rather very quiet tone, "Yeah…I'm cool…not starting anything." The lie was broken as much as she tried to hide that fact. Letting Jason take her away, or at least seeming to hope that he does, the two, or at least Tay is stopped by Chris's presence as he walks up to them…and they were *that* close to making a quick escape. Looking back on over at Tyler though as he creates a flame from nowhere…and on his hand at that, the youth raises a brow lightly as her gentle features go somewhat solemn. Commenting on that, she answers back quietly, "You know…there's a guy you should meet…"

Tyler looks to Owen as he jumps, raising an eyebrow slightly. "What?" He says as he takes a drag from the cigarette. "I don't have my lighter." He says simply, as if it was a normal everyday thing that he did. He turns back towards Taylor and tilts his head slightly. "Oh? Who's that?" He says as he flicks a bit of ash from the cigarette.

Owen shrugs slightly. "Just…not expecting that. Is everyone I meet in this city gonna be one too?" he asks no one in particular. He quirks an eyebrow when Taylor speaks up, wondering just what's going on here tonight.


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