Portrayed By Summer Glau
Theme Song
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 14, 1991
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Astrological Sign
Aliases Ev, Eve, Lyn, Evie
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Roger Talin (Father), Lisa Talin (Mother), Eddie Talin (Brother), Diana Jones (Aunt), Sophia Jones (Cousin), and many more family members.
Significant Other None
Powers ???
First Appearance N/A


  • Insane- Evelyn was a fairly normal girl until her ability manifested itself. Now she is on the brink of insanity. Evelyn is usually spacey and mumbles words and phrases that appear to make no sense.
  • Knowledgeable- Another component to Evelyn’s psyche is that she has a thirst for knowledge since she was a little girl. This leads her much of her time reading up on different topics that interests her. Evelyn though insane, knows when someone is patronizing her and she hates it with a passion it might be the quickest way to make her not like you.
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  • Dance- Evelyn has been dancing since she was a child. In many different forms, her favorites and the ones she is must adept at are ballet and interpretative dance. Her skill in learning and picking up a new dance move or style of dance is proficient.
  • Fight- Eve has been taught more than one type of martial arts to defend herself with by her father, her favored being aikido, kick-boxing and judo. While she doesn’t compete in tournaments and the like, she is pretty capable at these three forms of combat and blends them together. Her weight and height make her fast, not superfast but faster than most.
  • Smarts- Evelyn is a smart girl. She reads a lot and spends time on the internet looking up different topics she wants information on. Before her ability manifested she was a pretty okay student, now not so much. Especially since she has been falling asleep in many of her classes.
  • Learning- The young woman has a skill for being able to learn new things quickly. Not like Adoptive Muscle Memory where she can do the action right completely. But with enough time and study, Evelyn is able to learn how to do a number of things. She has to /study/ it of course and then she may be able to do the skill but it’s not like she is some sort of mater mimic, she just is able to pick up things quickly.


  • Wealth- Evelyn’s family is wealthy, from her mother being a scientist for the government and her father working in some mysterious position for the C.I.A., their salaries are pretty hefty. Not to mention her grandparents are both successful entrepreneurs. Eve has a trust fund that was set up when she was born, it has /a lot/ of money in it. Evelyn could survive off her mini fortune by herself for a while.
  • Government Contacts- Because of her mother and father’s jobs, Evelyn has outstanding contacts within the government, having been forced to come along to many a fancy ball and dinner for government officials. Evelyn is on a first name basis with many of them. Many of the government officials remember Eve as a smart young girl that had a bright future in whatever career she decided to pursue.


  • Evelyn is on a quest to find her older sibling that has recently mysteriously disappeared. He went on a backpacking trip around Europe and hasn’t come back, that was six months ago. Now her family is doing everything in their power to try and find the lost boy.
  • The only goals will be filled in later.


  • Evelyn is quite frankly insane, this leaves her in a wander like state most of the time and can make her a real flighty person. This might make it hard to depend on her at times. She also often has breakdowns where she cannot function or will not stop crying and going on about things that make no sense to people.
  • Evelyn doesn’t usually ask for help if she can avoid it, not wanting to depend on people too much. It also comes with the fact that she doesn’t want to get people hurt because of her own situations.
  • Because of her ability, Evelyn hardly gets any sleep and this makes her tired and she sleeps whenever possible if she had a dream the night before. Some nights she can sleep just as peacefully as a baby.


Mysterious, she doesn't talk of her past.. at all.


  • Character's time line.


  • "The sun moves faster than the dog."


  • Evelyn has recently joined her high school's soccer team.


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