Character Name
Portrayed By Jared Padalecki
Theme Song
Gender Male
Date of Birth 9-9-1985
Age 23
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Eti
Place of Birth New Orleans, LA
Occupation Stripper
Known Relatives
Significant Other None
Powers Empathic Mimicry
First Appearance N/A


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Eti was born to a family that couldn't afford to keep him. It wasn't a lack of desire, but a lack of ability. Shortly after he was born, he was placed in the care of the state and put up for adoption. Infants, of course, usually have a better chance of being adopted. Eti was adopted by a family that were supposedly unable to have children of their own.

The family that took Eti in weren't well off, but they had enough for their needs. Eti was loved as their own, and showed a bright intellect early on, as well as a great love of music. While he couldn't play an instrument to save his life, he was always able to correctly determine the key of the music, as well as the pitch.

School was easy, really. Though history wasn't his strong point, everything else never dipped below an A. Eti made friends decently, but wasn't a popular kid. He was always a little on the overweight side, and didn't take care of himself as well as he should.

Throughout the early years of school, he just wan't a very outgoing or well-known kid. All in all, he was just plain average, aside from his scores. Of course, this lead to all sorts of mood issues as he got older.

During that first year of high school, though, Eti knew things had to change. Freshman year is always hell, especially on the weak and fat. He knew that his only recourse was to do something on his own, after all, nobody could do it for him. He began watching what he ate, exercising, and reading books to see what people thought was the right way of making friends and learning more about people.

The funny thing was, it began to work. After his freshman year, Eti transferred to another local school, with his parents' permission, in order to start fresh. Along with that, he asked his dad to teach him how to drive a motorcycle. Sure, he was a little young, yet, but his dad had an old one of his own and decided that it wasn't a bad idea.

Eti graduated in the top ten percent of his class. He started college locally. He went to a local bar, though, and began to work there at nights, saving up his money, because he wanted to get completely away from anywhere he knew. At the bar, he got rather good tips, because the women liked to watch him, as did a few of the men. He primarily waited and cleaned tables, but he still got a decent amount. Once he saved up enough, he finally told his parents what he wanted to do. Move to a city and try to finish college and go into nursing. His parents were glad that he had decided on that, but didn't really want him to leave. Fortunately, his parents knew that there's nothing they could do to stop him.

His dad gave Eti his motorcycle so he would at least have some means of locomotion in the new city. After applications were made, Eti moved to Seattle, eventually getting a job at a bar there. However, while working one night, he was asked to apply for a position as a male stripper. He figured it wouldn't hurt to try and applied, wowing the owners. Since then, he's been working at Purgatory, regularly.

In the past two years since Eti moved to Seattle, he's gotten himself established. Now that he's finally in the actual nursing program, rather than the basic college courses, he's not sure what he wants to do with himself. He really enjoys stripping, but it's not going to last forever. However, at the moment, it pays better than nursing will. While he decides, he continues to study and work, trying to find himself in the mix. He knows he's destined for something big, but he can't figure out what.


January 28, 2009 Eti goes out for sushi on a night off. While out eating, he meets Selene and Tyler. Nice, pleasant conversations were had, along with a discussion on what people do for a living… and the dangers of going to Starbucks Starbucks Warnings
January 29, 2009 Eti goes for breakfast at Recipe Box. While there, he's followed by a crazy Evelyn who warns him with prophecies and confusion. Eggs And Crazy


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  • Eti speaks Creole, and always has that N'awlins accent.

Previously Held Powers

Owen owen_icon.jpg Eti had a brief meeting with Owen that turned into a one-night stand. During that time, he developed Owen's power for a brief period.


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