Portrayed By Milla Jovovich
Full Name Eris Dysnomia
Theme Song "Woman" by Wolfmother
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 11, 1974
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases Peridot
Place of Birth Paris, France
Occupation Currently unemployed. Ex-Military & Ex-Body Guard
Known Relatives Harriet Dysnomia (Mother), Rodney Dysnomia (Father)
Significant Other None Currently
Powers Crystallokinesis
First Appearance Meteorite Madness!


Eris is rather beautiful and skilled in combat. Neither of these things are lost to her. She views herself as the epitome of mutant kind and isn't afraid to share this viewpoint with anyone who might think otherwise.

Eris prefers only to surround herself with others of her kind who share her own beliefs. Those beliefs being that mutant kind is far superior to human kind and that mutants should be the ones running this country. She views humans as a step back in evolution, as most humans view apes. She views mutants who are unwilling assist in building a world in which mutants are in control as weak and a detriment to mutant-kind.

Eris is defensive of any mutant that seems as though they need her help. She is willing to assist any of her kind, but at the same time if it seems as though they will try to hinder her long term goals she will not hesitate to put them in their place.

If you do something to severely piss off Eris, she won’t hesitate to react in a negative manner. She won’t necessarily attack everyone who crosses her, but she'll definitely do everything in her power to intimidate that individual.


Eris is capable of generating and manipulating crystals and gems at will. She is capable of manipulating the minerals within water and in the ground to generate crystals and gems. She can manipulate their growth to form objects and weapons crafted out of crystal. By manipulating the types of minerals used, Eris can change the color and hardness of the crystals and can even craft gemstones.


Mineral Detection & Absorbtion
Eris can detect and shift minerals around her. She is also capable of storing minerals within her own body to seemingly craft crystals out of the air. So long as Eris is standing on solid earth, she is able to absorb minerals to replenish those she uses up.

Eris can cause crystals to grow out of the ground within a ten foot radius of her body. She is capable of creating crystals at an incredible rate within two feet of her body. The further out the crystals grow from her body, the slower they are formed. Eris’s crystals do not last forever. Usually she disintegrates them back to their original minerals after she is done using them, but occasionally she will leave them around. The crystals and gems that she creates will become less stable over time and are susceptible to cracking after a few days. After about two weeks they will revert back to their original mineral components.

Crystal Weight Negation
Eris has some telekinetic abilities when it comes to manipulating crystal. So long as the crystals are touching her body, they are weightless to her. This means that she is able to wield large amounts of crystal without it slowing her down.

Future Abilities
Eventually Eris will be able to create mobile crystal constructs and golems. Her area of effect will grow to about a twenty foot radius, and she will be able to create crystals at a much faster rate of speed. She has not yet perfected it, but Eris will also eventually be able to create a protective crystal plate armor to protect her body.

Power Flaws

Crystal Brittleness - Crystals may be some of the hardest stones on earth, but they are still susceptible to breakage. Their structure and rigidity leaves them susceptible to breakage from extreme blunt force. Sound waves of a specific frequency are also capable of causing thinned crystals to shatter.


Eris is extremely accurate when it comes to thrown projectiles. She has about an 95% accuracy with thrown projectiles at a stationary target within a twenty foot radius. Her accuracy decreases as the speed and/or distance of the target increases.


Hand To Hand Combat Skills:
Eris is well trained in hand to hand combat. She is capable of easily handling up to four untrained fighters at one time without the use of weapons. As the skill of her opponents increases, she is able to handle fewer and fewer of them.

Eris is capable of speaking French and English fluently. She is able to communicate sufficiently in Spanish and German.

Military Training:
Eris has basic military training, including combat training, survival and navigation skills, and first aid.

Vehicle Training:
Eris is trained and licensed to drive a car and motorcycle and to fly military and civilian helicopters.

Weapons Training:
Eris was required by her job to learn how to use a gun properly. She is fairly accurate with a handgun but prefers not to use them. She is well versed in several weapon styles including various sword and staff styles.



Eris is capable of creating jewelry-quality gems. She sells them at pawn shops and jewel collectors whenever she begins to run low on money. These gems never last more than a few weeks without her there to maintain them, but by the time the shop owner realizes this she is long gone.

Living Accommodations:
Eris is currently living out of a hotel in the outskirts of town. She has an agreement with the manager that she will pay him a month in advance for as long as she stays there so long as he lets her pay cash and not give credit card information.

Eris has a black Yamaha VMAX motorcycle.


Eris is seeking out others like herself with similar interests and views. She’s been surrounded by normal people for pretty much her entire mutant life and would like to spend some time around her own kind.


Mutant Equality:
Eris’s ultimate aim is for mutant superiority, but for now she will strive for equality. Her means of achieving her goals are less than civil, however, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish them.

Perfect Her Abilities:
Eris realizes that she has not yet fully mastered her powers. She strives to unlock her full potential as a mutant.


Eris tends to be a bit feisty and can be hard to get along with at times. She is strongly opinionated and can easily be drawn into arguments and altercations. Eris sometimes over estimates her own abilities. This can cause her to get into difficult situations without properly thinking through the circumstances of her actions.

Eris likes everything to be perfect. She needs everything to be symmetrical and clean at all times or else she becomes distracted and this can cause her mood to go sour. Aside from her surroundings, Eris needs herself and everyone around her to be perfect. This sometimes causes her to make unrealistic demands of herself and those around her.

Trouble Seeker
Eris likes to show off her talents. She will not hesitate to verbally or physically attack someone because of something they said or did. Though Eris wishes for mutant supremacy, she has been known to attack other mutants simply to test her own strength against their abilities.

Wanted for Questioning
Eris is currently wanted for questioning regarding the circumstances of her former employer’s death. His death appeared accidental, but some aspects seem slightly suspicious. Eris is currently trying to lie low.


Eris was born in Paris, France to Rodger and Harriet Dysnomia. Her father was at that time the American ambassador to France and Eris grew up around the embassy. She was privately tutored and did not make many friends as a child. Eris studied typical school subjects in both English and French. Her extracurricular activities as a child included dance, gymnastics, and fencing. She also took a liking to darts and became very good at a young age.


Eris always felt that her family was a bit overbearing and decided to join the US Armed forces at the age of 18. She completed basic training and was trained as a helicopter pilot in the airforce. Due to her status as a daughter of a political figure, Eris never saw real combat. She was kept in peace zones and was trained in advanced hand to hand combat techniques by a few of the superiors who felt she was a hostage risk. Eventually growing weary of her shielded life in the military, Eris left the airforce at the age of 28.

Eris moved back to the United States. Her flying license and personal combat training easily landed her a job as a personal body guard and pilot to a major corporate CEO in New York City. When she was thirty years old, Eris began to feel a slight change in the world around her. She was suddenly aware of things around her in a way that she was never aware before. It was almost as though she could sense the presence of certain compounds and minerals around her. After a while she found that not only could she sense these minerals, but that she could pull them toward herself. After several months of experimenting alone she found that she could cause crystals to spontaneously erupt from the ground.

Eris spent the next few years honing her abilities. She found that she could distinguish different types of minerals in the ground and eventually found ways of combining them to form crystals of differing color and hardness. After a bit more training Eris was able to shape the crystals into crude shapes, learning to form blades and spikes with some effort. She found that due to the growth patterns of the crystals, she could easily grow flat crystals in the shape of snowflakes or stars. She renewed her old dart hobby and learned to throw these stars with great accuracy.

Several months back Eris was caught training her powers by her boss. He was infuriated, being a major anti-mutant activist. This fact had somehow escaped Eris until this point. The CEO told her not to use her powers in public, and that if she was publicly discovered he would be forced to fire her. Eris was shocked by the sudden change in the demeanor of her boss. The sudden lack of respect he showed her mixed with the growing amount of anti-mutant sentiment around the nation caused Eris to become more and more displeased with her boss.

Eris became more and more infuriated with the world, not understanding why individuals with superior abilities should be treated, as she viewed it, as second class citizens. She began to wonder why mutants didn’t just band together and fight back. Eventually, Eris became so fed up with her boss’s criticism of her race that she murdered him after giving a speech about ‘the importance of protecting America’s youth from the dangers in our own backyard, mutants”. Eris left town that night, hopping a plane to the West Coast and hiding out in a small town in Oregon.

Recent news about mutant activity in Seattle has pulled Eris out of hiding. She moved up toward the area in hopes of finding others who share her views. She intends to start or join some sort of mutant defense coalition . She feels that the anti-mutant activists are getting too out of control and that it is time to fight back.

Roleplay Logs

Date Log Title Summary
May 23, 2009 Meteorite Madness! Eris and Ash go to the park to investigate the Meteor Shower that occurred there. They happen upon Tyler and Dusty. Believing that Ash intends to use found meteor fragments to somehow threaten the mutant community, Eris attempts to intervene.
May 25, 2009 Roller-Bedlam! Ash, Eris, Kera, and Mary are all at the skate park for various reasons. The girls end up getting into a verbal dispute with a gang of kids and things turn physical. Marcus shows up to help in the fight. Police show up and everyone scatters.
May 25, 2009 The Devil’s Paradigm Eris tries to convince Kera that her power could be used to do great things. Mary, Leon, and Evelyn show up. Eris tells Mary that she believes anyone can learn to use their powers properly.
May 29, 2009 The Fate of Mutant-Kind Eris and Mary discuss the future of the mutant race. Marcus pops in to share his two cents.
May 30, 2009 Pile of the Dead Eris and Elizabeth discuss their views on human-mutant relations.



"Things will only go horribly wrong if I determine that this woman over here is somehow a detriment to my people…And in that case it would only go horribly wrong for her.”


Nothing Yet


Eris is not a nice person and she tends to lash out at people. She will not hesitate to attack you if you give her a reason to.

Date Log Title Summary
Title Artist Listen
Woman Wolf Mother Listen!
Paper Airplanes M.I.A. Listen!
Chick Habit April March Listen!
Cherry's Dance of Death Robert Rodriguez Listen!
After Dark Tito & Tarantula Listen!
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