Energy Plasmoids

Ability to produce globules, or energy bursts, in various colors and strengths. The plasmoids come from the fingertips and at that moment can mold and move to the telepathic comands of the weilder, creating fireworks, banners, streamers, etc, or explode upon command. In the beginning stages, considering the dangerous sub-atomic furthering skill it can possess, it can be extremely uncontrollable until later in life and highly trained and honed skill. When uncontrolled, at earlier stages, it has the power to smash objects, destroy property and explode items as large as a car. These explosions do have the ability to set fire, depending on what they are introduced to. In more controlled instances, it can be used to detonate a small globule in a person's brain to create the effect of a stroke- or a stronger one to bring instant death (consent only.) This power is very versatile in its use, as it can also be used to perform 'fireworks' or temporary blind a person with a multitude of sparkles. These globules, the mutant can absorb back into themselves without damage.

As this ability is honed and learned to bring under control, it has the possibility of detonating on the sub-atomic level, more or less able to create fusion bombs on command- but this is as dangerous as it is potentially deadly.

Character Limit: 1

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