Eleven Jones
Eleven Jones
Portrayed By Kat Von D
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 14, 1980
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Ele
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, USA
Occupation Tattoo Artist
Significant Other None
Powers Aerokinesis



She likes questions. Eleven likes to know things, and she isn't shy about asking. No realm is too private, and no topic is taboo. She's a bit of a rebel with a cause, and if it's considered shady by the rest of the world, she's probably interested in knowing more about it.


First and foremost, Ele is an artist. She's creative, and has been so all of her life. She draws, paints, and sculpts a little, though her primary canvas is flesh. Yep, she's a tattoo artist, and she loves the lifestyle. Mornings are not her friend. She prefers pulling a noon to 2am shift, thank yew.


Since a young age, Eleven has been caring for herself, sometimes unnecessarily. She has an independent streak a mile wide, and has trouble asking for help even when she might need it. Though she's fairly streetwise and savvy when it comes to her business, she has trouble trusting people, which can be a boon and a flaw, depending on the situation. She isn't really in touch with her family, which is huge and a bizarre combination of Catholics, hippies, and pagans.



Oh, the power of wind and windy things. See, out of the gate, poor Eleven has no idea she has abilities, but in the end she will be able to manipulate winds up to hurricane force, still the wind, create small vacuums, 'walk' on nothing and 'fly'. But man, oh man is she going to have to invest in some scarves to keep her hair from looking like she just stepped out of a wind tunnel. You ever seen a tornado junk a town home in the middle of Seattle? Wait for an ex boyfriend to drunk dial her one night…



Not only is she skilled in the art of tattooing, she's licensed!


You want it pierced professionally, you've come to the right gal! She can shove a little metal ring or barbell through just about anything. Be careful what you wish for…


Eleven is a frustrated novelist, and has several in progress on her laptop. She's never made it past 30k words, but she has been known to write the odd short story, travelogue, or article to help pay the rent on top of tattooing. They're usually lifestyle pieces, and the more literary stuff she pretty much keeps out of the public eye.


B&E, picking locks, hot wiring cars, sleight of hand. These are crime related skills she's picked up on her travels and delinquent behaviors between the ages of 13 and 21. When she can't talk or bully her way out of something, she's fairly accomplished at escaping them other ways. She can undo almost any knot with her teeth. Don't tell.


From ceramics to sculpture and photography, she's been trained in them all she she likes to dabble. If it's creative, she's probably attempted it at one time. She keeps a large photographic collection of her work, and always has a fat sketchbook on hand stuffed with her most recent designs. Lately, she's made the foray into clothing, but that won't last long. Her artistic ventures, aside from tattooing, are usually short lived.


Have you ever seen a hotel room after a rockstar has gotten through with it? Trash and smash. Sabotage. Obliterate. These are things she can do, and things she can do well. Those two firemen who beat the crap out of stuff on cable got nothing on her!


You wouldn't know it to look at her, but Ele has a way with kids and young adults. She's been known to do creativity workshop for kids, and can engage them in conversation and process. Even kids with behavioral issues have been known to respond positively to the tattooed one.


Certified in rescue breathing and CPR, as well as basic first aid. Don't tell anyone she cares, okay? Kidding. Mostly.


Her skill with firearms is mostly limited to shotguns and pistols. Her father, a gun nut, made sure all of his children were properly instructed. She keeps a Mossberg in her apartment.


One of the many skills she picked up from her family is the ability to rattle off information about Catholic saints, and also read cards, tarot more specifically. She's a talker, and that always helps.


English, Spanish, American Sign Language. These are the languages she's fluent in. She's not particularly fluent in any others, but she can yell profanities in: Russian, French, German, and Italian. Dating foreign men is instructive, you see.



She knows a lot of different people in a lot of weird places, all due to her profession as a tattoo artist who's good at what she does, and a little chatty when folks are in the chair. She's made nice with accountants, police men, sex workers, a drug dealer or two, waiters, a plumber, professional athletes, doctors, a few professional Doms, a few garages full of mechanics, a fighter pilot, a bevvy of marines, and more than her fair share of college students and professors.


There's a lot of crap necessary to work in tattooing, from machines to inks to disposable bits and sharps, books, photo equipment, a computer, a personal website, and tattoo exposing hip clothing. Her body is literally her best advertisement. She owns enough clothes to make most bands jealous.


2008 FLSTF Fat Boy. Red and chrome. She stole it from an ex-boyfriend who pissed her off one too many times. Yeah, she has a license to go with it!



Ele wants to own her own tattoo shop, though she's not in a financial position to do so (yet)! As she builds her portfolio, secures her reputation, and hopefully manages to keep her current studio from burning down in a freak accident (don't ask), she looks to the future to secure her own shop in Seattle.


Though she isn't aware of her powers yet, once she realizes what's going on, Eleven will undoubtedly do her damnedest to keep her public life and powered life separate. Maintaining her secrecy is of the utmost importance.

Tattoo The World

One of her favorite hobbies is talking people into large, intricate tattoos. The more of their body she gets to claim with her art, the better. Adding ink to a variety of folks also lets her get to know them, and there's nothing she likes so much as getting her hands on people.



There is nary an opinion Eleven has that doesn't come out of her mouth in some fashion or another. She also probably curses a little too much for the comfort of those around her, and has been known to resist… arrest.


She's addicted to caffeine and nicotine, though mostly caffeine. The clove cigarettes are just this thing she does. The caffeine is a must. If it doesn't happen in the morning, she doesn't happen in the morning. And mornings? Over rated, man. By a lot.


Some people might call her tempestuous. Some people might call her assertive. Most people just call her heinous bitch. This is both a good quality for maintaining autonomy in a major city, and a bit of a turn off for lots of the population. This mode is engaged in times of duress, and when drinking heavily, or when awakened before 10am without a gallon of caffeine in hand. She can bully her way into a lot of places with this little gem. And sometimes get shot at. A little.


She does not enjoy very small spaces. Elevators pretty much suck, but they won't send her twitchy unless they're two person models. When she's in extremely confined spaces, she loses the ability to use her powers—this is more a psychological block than anything else.

Fate's Bitch

She has… unlucky streaks. Sometimes, at the worst possible time, if something can go wrong to screw her, it will. Late to work? The cab will get a flat. A stray bullet is fired from a crime scene nearby? Odds are good her new $500 kicks are sitting on the counter and are about to eat it. Out of control car careening through the fish market? Her motorcycle is fucked.


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