Eggs And Crazy


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Summary: Etienne goes for breakfast and gets joined by Evelyn… who predicts darkness.

Date: January 29, 2009

Eggs and Crazy

Rating: PG (for a little weirdness)

Recipe Box

While it's mainly known for its breakfasts, the Recipe Box is an all-day restaurant for those looking for 'comfort foods'. They carry a broad variety of classic foods.The restaurant itself is designed with a waiting area in the front by the cash register, and about 24 tables and booths scattered about the open dining area. The kitchen area is not visible, due to strategically placed walls.

Last night, Etienne chose to NOT have sake. Honestly, that's quite a good thing. It's bright and early, now, and he's hungry before school. He's made his way down the road to a little breakfast place that he's been coming to quite often. Stepping into the Recipe Box, one of the waitresses waves, being a fellow student. He waits patiently at the door for the moment, just happily enjoying the peace.

The door opens and in walks a young woman, standing right next to Etienne. Her hair is long and dark and her eyes are a liquid brown color. Evelyn tilts her head as she enters the place and doesn't say anything. All of a sudden her gaze snaps to the young stripper. Without blinking Evelyn stares at him, yes.. that is the one.

Little does Eti know that he's being stared at. The place is a little on the busy side today. Finally, someone comes up to lead people to their seats. There are two small tables available, two seaters, side by side. Explaining the situation to Eti and Evelyn, he points out that he can take them there if they're ready. Eti nods quickly. "Ah'm always ready for food." He chuckles, glancing to the other person over there. He gives her a pleasant smile before moving to the table.

Not hearing anything of what the host is saying Evelyn continues to stare at Eti, her eyes widen and then close. She takes a moment and they snap open again. She follows after Eti but not in a stalker sort of way, she walks at a leisure pace, walking on tiptoes and swaying as she goes. The young woman hums softly to herself as she moves closer to the table.

Eti takes his seat happily, glancing over his shoulder at the strange lady. Hell, he's seen worse. He lives in Seattle and he used to live in New Orleans. The menu is placed and he glances over it, but there's no real reason. He always gets the same thing. He looks up at the dancing lady, "Performer?" He asks. Hey, it's an idea.

"Dance." She says softly and her eyes do not focus on Eti instead they go over his head to wall behind him as she sits down in front of him in the next chair. Eve's long hair falls into her face and she stares at the wall. "Dance is different than that." She points out as if Eti had said something to provoke that response.

"True, but most dancers are performers." Eti says, tilting his head. He looks about, as the lady sits right in front of him, instead of at the next table. Ok, Maybe she's just friendly. He offers a slight smile. As the waitress comes up, he gives her a broad grin. Nothing but pearly white. "Sweettea." Yup. All one word.

Evelyn looks at Eti and doesn't say anything. It's either she is ignoring the waitress or she just isn't really focused enough to see her. After the waitress leaves Evelyn looks back to Eti, "Different things, have to find them." Evelyn shakes her head and scratches her head, "You are a performer."

"You could say that." Eti nods quickly. "Dancer. Stripper." Some may say whore, but he doesn't get paid for sex, just for letting people enjoy what he has to offer. "What things do you have to find?" He asks, somewhat intrigued, despite the weirdness. His tea arrives. He sips at it and winces. Pulling two packets of pink sweetener out of the tub on the table, he adds them, stirs his tea, and sips again. "Much better. People up here don' know howta make Sweettea."

No comment to the fact that Eti is a stripper, they have already established that.. well Evelyn had. "The ones that hide. You have to." Evelyn's mouth drops open a fraction as she glances at the sweettea being made. Her head tilts at the glass.

"I really don't understand what you're talking about." Eti says, honestly, looking at Evelyn confused. The waitress brings a water for Evelyn and asks if they're ready to order. He looks at Evelyn and scratches his head. "Honestly, I dunno if she is… or even who she is." He shrugs.

"You will." Know that is. "You have to do is look." When she says this Evelyn gives Eti a 'come on think!' look. "The shadows speak, they say.. darkness." Evelyn blinks and looks at the water, she takes the water from the table and takes a sip. "No.. just water." She says barely loud enough for the person taking orders to hear. "Water.."

"Eggs Benedict. Side order of Sourdough toast." Eti says to the waitress, somewhat distracted. "Shadows speak? Darkness?" He thinks for a moment then grins brightly. "You must work down on the other side of town." Where the occult shops are. "Ah go there every now and then, to see what's more like home."

A look is given to Eti, duh the shadows, come on. Evelyn blinks and looks away, "Occult believes." Evelyn takes another sip of the water and looks behind slightly paranoid. "They don't want us to believe."

"Well, that's part of occult. They like to believe things. Course, the stuff up here is tame compared to the Voodoun back home." Eti says with a grin. Ok, she's just a little on the crazy side. "What is it they don't want us to believe?"

"Ourselves, we do and everything ends.. falls.. fails." Evelyn says this and traces a random pattern into the table. "Careful, careful. Don't take too much."

"Take too much? Falls? I… really have no idea." Eti says, sighing and shaking his head softly. The Bene and toast arrive and Eti begins to spread a little jam on one piece of toast. "Anybody ever ask if you're a little on the lost side?" Hey, he's not trying to be mean.

He'll get it later, she's sure. "Lost? No, I have a home." This might freak Eti out even more, she has gone from crazy woman to semi not scary woman, talking in a fair normal voice. "Do you have a home?" Ok.. not normal for too long.

"Of course I do. My apartment." Eti says, pulling back at the sudden change of personality. The sudden… difference in who she really is. "What was that?" He asks, a mouthful of toast.

"Whatever is it?" Evelyn counters and stands, she is done here and she has to get to school, might get grounded if she misses another day of school. Evelyn stands for a long moment to stare at Eti and then shakes her head. "Prepare." She says in farewell and begins to back away.

"Uhm… ok…" Eti says, food somewhat forgotten for the moment as she begins to leave. That… was rather strange and to an extent frightening. But what is there that he can do about it, anyway?

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