Dryden Mago
Character Name
Portrayed By Eion Bailey
Theme Song "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones
Gender Male
Date of Birth March, 20, 1977
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Aires
Aliases Unknown
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Geneticist
Known Relatives Justine Mago (Mother), Yoshi Mago (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Umbrakinesis
First Appearance N/A


Dryden Mago is a survivalist, fiercely loyal to his country, and more so to his brethren. He is an idealist, at heart, highly organized, and sometimes unrealistically optimistic. However, everything he commits to is well-though-through. He empathizes with all living creatures, feeling what they feel, and thus, can get along with almost everyone who isn't directly confrontational. While initially, he may not be trusting, he will, in time, open up. He enjoys helping others, especially through his research at the Children's Hospital.


None publicly known yet.


Dryden is a former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy. He served his country for years as a medical officer, serving in the mountains of Afghanistan, as well as at Camp Pendelton, in San Diego, CA. Now, with his commission retired, he has moved into public health care, supporting the Seattle Children's Hospital's genetics research division with his very specific set of knowledge. In addition to all skills and knowledge acquired from his life's experiences, he is also a very decent cook.


Dryden drives a nice car, and lives in a small, but comfortable apartment. He saves a lot of money living well within his means, but does enjoy the finer things in life. As of now, he lacks someone to spend money on.


Dryden's goals are his own.


Dryden guards his flaws closely, but generally speaking, he seems to conflict himself from time to time, following interests that go against his character. He's inherently curious as to the world around him, and will attempt to learn as much as possible, as scientifically as possible, when the opportunity arises.


History to be expanded upon at a later date.


Chronology to be expaned upon at a later date.


While reviewing the medical records for one of his very sick patients he asked himself: "There is so much to do… How do you stop the unstoppable?"
When his patient died, he, distraughtly, replied to himself: "Stop believing that things can not be stopped. Everything has a breaking point. Everything."


IC: Dryden is a kind hearted, highly intelligent man.
OOC: I prefer quality roleplay, with good grammar, and vivid description.


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