Downtown Disturbance


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Summary: An explosion Downtown and an escaped man.

Date: March 14, 2009

Downtown Disturbance

Rating: PG-13


Glamour, fortune and fame. This neighborhood says it all as tall skyscrapers tower like giant monoliths on over the main area of downtown. Sheets of dark, mirrored glass shimmer in the light whether daytime or night as their thick panels cascade rays of light off their reflective surfaces. The towers of large buildings overhead stretch high on up into the sky as they seem to disappear beyond the clouds. Hard concrete, glass and asphalt make up the main portions of this area as big-time businesses and 'suits' make their stay here. The downtown area is often filled up to the brim with heavy traffic as employees rush to get to their jobs on time. The streets often blare out the sounds of honking horns, sirens and yelling as the congestion lies thick within the area.

Hundreds of pedestrians make their way through the streets, as the weave and sway of the masses curve and wind throughout the area. Traffic lights blink on and off in an array of green yellow and red while cars rush on through the district to their destinations. The potent smell of car exhaust, fumes and espestos seem to tingle the nose with its stench. A few alleyways lie here as well as some bits of debris and garbage litter within the darkness of their narrow passageways. The Pacific Center stands here as one of the main shopping malls of the area. A huge Nike store and REI flagship also lie here as a testament to how populated this area can get. The Benroya Hall and McCaw Hall also make their presence here as some of the more prominent entertainment spots within the city proper.

Not normally Venada's type of place, but she was meeting someone at Pioneer square for work. Her arms are wrapped tightly around her laptop as her blond hair looks to be pulled back into a tight bun today. Those light colored eyes peering around her while her steps head down the sidewalk slowly.

Today is a day for running errands, which means one stern-looking woman is stuck with her ward for a few more hours before she's able to cut her loose. To the bank, to the shoe store, and then off to get a quick bite to eat before venturing onward to handle the rest of the day's tasks. Ana has little recourse beyond placidly following along, her gaze constantly drifting and moving from this group of people to that one or to examine the windows as they pass by on foot. The older woman is silent, much like the younger, though she periodically gestures to the girl with curt sign language that doesn't seem to elicit much of a response.

The air tingles lightly against the skin as a cool brisk wind picks on up from the coast. Though the air is congested here as traffic rushes on by through the long, twisting streets. Cars blaring their horns as hundreds of pedestrians try to come and go. The flash of car lights and stoplights flicker different colors as they illuminate the surrounding area in pools of fluorescent and deep halogen gleam. The new moon rises high within the sky, though luna only casts a shadow of her reflection amongst the heavens. Tay had ridden the bus from Mercer Island as she'd been cooped up for nearly a week due to previous injuries. Now having healed most of what was bothering her, the girl quickly made her way outside the house where she stayed and out on to the streets for a little breather.Walking quietly through the streets, her soft footfalls lightly tap against the hard concrete as she weaves through the rush of people here upon the sidewalks. By passing several store fronts, the kid takes a stop every now and then to glance at what appeals to her through the windows of the various businesses along this section of the road.

Sighing a small bit, Venadia moves towards one street corner. Biting on her bottom lip and looking around as the cars rush to and fro. Trying her best to pull her shoulders in so the people around her never actually touch her. Once the cross walk turns green she moves to hurried move across the street and hopefully towards a place to get a cocoa and away from all of the people.

The woman eventually gives up gesturing, an exasperated sigh escaping her. Disparaging mutters can be heard from her, even as she leads the way to a random, but naturally convenient, coffee shop. It's no deli, but it'll do. Ana stops just short of entering, head cocked and dark eyes cutting inexplicably across the people for a long, unblinking moment. The woman makes an irritated noise, flaps a hand, and growls something to the effect that she can just stay there if she wants. Frustrated, the caretaker leaves … leaving the seemingly mute girl alone outside with the fruits of their earlier shopping spree.

Taylor continues to walk along the sides of the road as every now and then she stops by one of the store front windows. Pausing to look on over some computer wares displayed through one of the windowpanes, the girl casts the dark reflection of her midnight-azure and violet mismatched eyes through the thick glass. She doesn't pause for too long though, as there were very few things that she could afford from any store. A light frown escapes past her full, supple lips as the corners of her mouth cast downwards into her own disappointment. Moving along once more she furrows her brow lightly as she comes to a stoplight where several other individuals stand and wait for the crosswalk light to turn green. After a few moments it does as the kid crosses the street then makes her way on over towards where a bu stop lies. Taking a seat down on the bench, she seems to get a somewhat woozy look about her as her stomach starts to knot on up once more from as her previous sickness that she'd been feeling for several days now decides to strike at this certain time. Taking a seat down on the bench the girl rests her slender arms along her coltish thighs as she casts her gaze nonchalantly on out towards the street. A soft grimace escaping through her expression as she tries to contain the turmoil within her tummy.

Davian is standing on one of the roof looking down at the people walking by in the square below, he skulks up there and watches for somebody to get along so he can pouch and get another fresh meal.

The area is quiet for the most part, save for the usual noise of the Downtown activity. The sound of passing cars, the murmur of voices of the passing pedestrians. In the distance, the sounds of the sirens can be heard fading into silence. Amid the bustle of activity, the sound of what sounds like an explosion emanates from the police station. For those close enough to the building, a cloud of dust can be seen raising over the building.

Pausing in her steps, Venadia turns around to face the building she just passed. Her eyes go wide as she looks up and watches the cloud of dust. "'Thena help me." She whispers as she starts to back pedal a small bit more. Those ice blue eyes looking around dark alley's anything to be able to get in and out of the soon to be bustle of people she expects.

Explosions? The sound is more than enough to wrench Ana's attention from watching that group of people just over yonder and fix it on the police station instead. There's confusion at first, a confusion that resolves into impassivity once she's determined what the sound might be. When her caretaker does not emerge from the shop, the young woman focuses on getting herself out of potential danger — while the verbal murmurs of the people nearby are no doubt alarmed, their body language is loud and intense and all she wants to do is get away from it. So, it's off to seek an alley as well, which might coincidentally be the very same one that at least one other person is venturing towards.

Tay was feeling particularly crappy at that moment that the explosion goes off. The girl quickly lifting her head and gaze as the shock of the noise seems to cause her to suddenly tense on up. Getting to a standing point, she looks on moments later while for certain a rush of people would start to panic. Having the same idea as most likely a good other number of people do, the kid quickly moves towards a nearby alleyway, oddly enough the same one where Ana heads off to, and possibly in conjunction with Venadia as well along the way somewhere. The girl moves along at a quick pace, her right hand resting against her stomach as that light grimace seems to be a perpetual mark across her soft face. Looking back every now and then, she spots the dust cloud forming on up and from the building. Though this doesn't stop her from trying her best to make headway away from where the explosion took place…and also away from the crowd within the middle of the main downtown area that was sure to form into a quickened panic.

Davian turns and looks down and spots one person he don't want to mess with again, he shivers from the darkness and looks away, but the explosion make him jump and he looks around to spot what's going on. he stares at the police department and watches the dust. "Great what's happening now?"

The screams and cries from the pedestrians from the area replace the usual activities. The people rush to try and get away from the scene as officers start to rush out of the station. From an alley next to the police station, a thin-looking man emerges, covered in dust. He looks to the officers that are coming out of the station. The thin man moves to a nearby police cruiser and picks it up without much effort, lifting it above his head, ready to throw it at the officers.

Venadia's eyes go wide as she watches. Practically bumping into the man when he walks out of the alley way. Her hand presses to her lips as she bites her lips and starts to backpedal the other direction. "Dear Cersei." She whispers as her fingers go to the amulet around her throat.

The situation is re-appraised once she's in the alley, the presence of at least two others — both unfamiliar, both female — being noted. Ana's mouth twists a little, lips working against one another while she considers what next to do. Run? Not with the crowd out there. Hide? Maybe, but where? Dark eyes drift toward the rooftops with the spawning of an idea, an idea she doesn't dare act upon just yet. No, because there are two others here and perhaps they might have a better idea. So, for now, she waits as silently as ever, looking from one woman to the other with a vague sense of expectation.

Within the alleyway, Tay having looked behind her spots the thin man out of the crowd of panicking citizens. The man covered in dust as he goes towards a police cruiser and simply picks the car up as if it were a piece of paper. The youth's eyes widen in more astonishment then actual fear as her jaw goes slack briefly in absolute amazement. "Holy…shit." Those words being the first out of her mouth ever since she got here in the downtown area. Watching nearly almost stunned by the whole incident the kid furrows her brow a bit as the soft pink of her tongue slips on out to moisten lightly against her full lips. Thoughts formulate to show an expression of concern across her face as she looks quickly to the other two women in the alleyway. Moving deeper within the recesses of the alley, the girl seems to ponder something as she allows herself to get in eyesight of the man throwing the vehicles, yet still far enough away from where the action is. As he does pick up a vehicle the youth attempts something rather…drastic, and hopefully not as futile as it may be. Focusing on the thin man right as he lifts another car, the girl concentrates hard on trying to sap the others strength fro him. She knew a little bit about her power throughout her time on the streets as well as of her recent past here in Seattle, though now was the first time that she actually focused it, or at least tried to. Softly muttering to herself over and over again as if reciting some mantra, the youth speaks in a hushed tone, "No strength…no strength…none."

Davian keeps watching on the roof of the building, then he moves from roof to roof as a dark shadow flying across gaps in the building until he's standing on the roof of the bank and looks down at the car wielding man, he flash his fangs at him from his hiding spot and choose to wait and see what the man will do.

Argosy just can't seem to avoid trouble. The teenager's just come out of REI with a new jacket to replace his burned and battered old one, and now there's some nut job threatening to throw a freaking police car? He looks around, considering the situation, and debating if he can do anything to help.

Taylor's attempt to strip the man of his strength doesn't seem to be working. The man throws the car at the officers, the car crashing into police station building. He then turns and starts to run down the sidewalk, making his way towards Venadia.

Venadia's eyes widen and she screams loudly. Trying to run now, her laptop dumped on one of the grassy knoll areas. Stumbling steps nothing in compared to those larger ones as her feet twist and she starts to trip to the ground. "NO!"

It seems as though someone has a plan … though that plan is apparently failing as the man is still moving, headed toward someone else. A slight step back is taken, with Ana tightening her grip on her bags and proceeding to turn tail and run. She might not know the back alleys well, but she'll eventually figure her way home. Her caretaker will be on her own … but that woman is a tough old bird (and most likely has already run as well), so she should be fine.

As the man starts to run towards Venadia, Johnny's hero reflexes kick in. Pulling the handballs he's taken to carrying with him for practice at odd moments from a pocket, he hurls one at the guy's head with a shout. "Hey! Over here!"

Taylor sees an opportunity to make her escape and ceases the chance. She moves quickly down the alley and makes her way away from the scene.

Davian keeps on growling, before he knows it, he takes a running leap from the roof onto the side building back and forth from building to building to reach the ground in time then makes a jump to land on the attacking man back, if he does he makes in on his back a quick bite to drain the guy of his blood and weakening him.

The man continues to run towards Venadia, not seeming to be distracted by the ball that is thrown at him. As Davian lands on his back, he simply pulls the man off his body with the same strength that he lifted the car. He does slow in his tracks as he removes Davian. As he comes to a stop, he tries to throw Davian through a nearby window.

Screaming out Venadia's hands go out, "NO! Don't!" Her eyes widening in terror at someone being thrown for trying to help her. Scrambling to her feet her hands hold out palm forward. "No!"

"I said over here, dangit!" Jason says, taking advantage of the man coming to a stop to hurl another ball, wishing he had a lacrosse stick or something of that nature handy.

Davian lands on the person back but before he got his fangs in, he was lifted up and is now dangling over the man head, he scream and kicks as he tries to scratch the man hands with his finger nails to get him to let him go, but it was no use and he goes flying though the air and crashes though a store window, he lays there on top of a female dummy who dress was some how rip off when he hit her.

The man looks at Davian as he lands through the window for a moment before he turns his attention to Argosy and the number of MTF agents on their way behind the kid. He looks back to Venadia once more and continues back on his track to her, intent in his eyes of using her as a way out.

Venadia blinks as she realizes his attention is on her again. Backing up slowly she shakes her head, "No.. no! Stop! By Athena please no!" Screaming as her hands come up crossing at the wrists in front of her face with her palms face out.

"All right, keep underestimating me," Jason mutters. Seeing a long thin pole on the ground nearby, he grabs it and charges towards the man, aiming to execute an exceptionally illegal lacrosse move in the vicinity of the guy's knees.

The man stumbles a bit as Argosy's attack on his knees hit him. Though it doesn't seem to harm the man, it does get his attention. He looks back to the kid and makes his way towards him, a glance to the impending MTF agents that are on their way. "You don't want to mess with me, son." He says to the kid.

The moment that the large man falls, Venadia runs towards the window to where Davian was thrown. Possibly to try and get out of the line of sight, but also to check that he's okay. Scrambling up into the window, ignoring the feel of the glass cutting into her legs.

"Probably not," Jason agrees, his stick held at the ready, the lessons of years of lacrosse flashing through his mind. "But I'm doing it anyway." He watches the man as he slowly backs away, watching to see what he'll do.

The large man glances at the MTF agents as they approach and then looks back to the kid. "Then it's your call." He says, before he moves towards the kid, getting ready to toss him aside.

Venadia starts checking Davian over for cuts, her fingers shaking even as she tries to tuck herself into the store window shadow. "Wake up… wake up… wake up… come on.."

"Hey, I'm not the one who started tossing cars and crap around," Jason points out. "I'm just trying to keep other people from getting hurt."

Davian moans as he wakes up at last, he sees somebody standing over him but the world is still spinning. "Did I get him?"

The man locks eyes with Argosy. "Go home, kid. Your mommy's probably looking for you." He says before he looks to the MTF agents and starts to run away from the agents and the kid, leaving Venadia and Davian to their own vices.

The woman leaning faintly over Davian bites on her lip, shaking her head, "Not.. not exactly. Are you alright? Do… do you need an ambulance?" Her voice quiet and worry filled as she also glances to the kid and shrinks back into the shadows as the man runs off muttering under her breath, "I hope Hades uses you for fire wood." To the departing man's back.

Argosy doesn't follow as the man runs off, dropping his stick and putting his hands on his head so the police don't shoot him or something.

Davian shakes his head and starts to slowly stand up, the glass under his feet crush as he puts his full weigh on it and he looks around to see the MTF for the first time and starts to panic. "I better get out of here, what was I thinking trying to attack that men, he jumps out of the window but his leg nearly gives out under his own weight, he runs into a ally and starts to climb up the fire escape and back to the roof to make a break for it and hopes the MTF don't take pot shoots at him as he does.

Venadia blinks a bit and just watches wide eyed. Shaking still from where she sits, waiting in her spot until someone comes to help her out showing her it's safe to come out again. Nope, never going shopping in down town Seattle again that's what online ordering is for!

The orange-red sun sinks below the western horizon, leaving a darkening tapestry of purple and red-gold clouds behind it.

The MTF agents move past the group as they continue pursuit of the man, one stopping to make sure that the three are alright. "Are you three alright? Did he say anything to you?"

Venadia is still shaking as she shakes her head, "No… he… he just.. he kept .. going after me." Looking for her laptop while looking to the men there as she struggles to keep them from touching her.

"He said I shouldn't mess with him, and that I should go home," Jason volunteers. "Beyond that, nothing in particular."

The MTF agent nods before he continues to make his way towards the direction the others went in pursuit of the man.

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