Dimensional Cappucino


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: February 6, 2009

Dimensional Cappucino

Rating: PG-13


If you've been into one Starbucks in Seattle, you've been in them all. Literally. Through some weird quirk of fate and potential dimensional oddities, every Starbucks entryway is connected to one core Starbucks. This Starbucks happens to be the biggest Starbucks ever seen.

The area itself is quite large, with an extra-long service counter. Behind the counter is an exceptionally large work area. The walls are decorated with unique designs, and there are lots of little tables with chairs… hi-tops and low. In the corner, there's even an area with a large number of couches.

Another day at the Dimensional Starbucks. People can be seen crowding the counters at the various cashiers with the sound of registers going off from the hubbub whilst others go about their business in all manner of dress from suits to punk and onward. One of these people sits back on one of the couches though, one leg crossed over the other with a steaming cup of something or another in his hand as he takes a slow whiff of the content with a soft hum to it as if examining the thing. His lips press together a moment later, almost in a twitch-like motion before taking a slow drink of the hot liquid. All the while, his focus drifts along the crowd, occasionaly drawing across a man and woman on one of the couches with a small curl to his lips.

The evening had waxed on into the early hours of morning. The dead of the night having passed in shades of dark greyish clouds as the sweeping of howling wind freezes the flesh, arising goosebumps on one's skin. It wails like banshees in the night as its scream echoes throughout the twisting streets. The bright palor silver shines down from up above like liquid starfire from the gaze of the gibbous moon. Light pools down as it gently licks across hard concrete, asphault and steel. The horzion starts to brighten up in shades of deep vermillion and casted orangish hues. A light fog settles on over the city as it creeps softly on little cat's feet. Tay had managed to scrounge a few bucks so that she could enjoy some of the warmer places within town. Her petite and scrawny form resting there upon the very couch that you come to sit in. Within the girl's small hands rests a mug of hot cocoa; the warmth from such stinging her cool flesh as it slowly heats her up. The poor kid was shivering still from the brisk chill of the winds outside and every time the door swings open as some passerby enters she quivers slightly. The cup of cocoa is brought to her full, supple lips as she carefully drinks from the edge and pressing her small mouth against the mug.

The larger man on the couch doesn't seem to take mind in her as his lips curl back a bit further in watching the crowd of passerby with something of a study in his crystalline eyes. The steaming drink in his hand is taken with another sip at that as the couple on the couch far across the room start getting a bit too into each other for such a place. "Hmm, quite the show, quite the show. People are so interestin hm?" He says with absolute calm beyond the cup before him, almost as if talking to himself as he hadn't acknowledged her yet. Or maybe that was his way of doing so? Only he could know. Something of a grin could be seen on his lips though soon after as the man of the two seemed to lose interest in her, doing everything half-heartedly. Another sip is taken with the twitch of his fingers against the cup only to draw it away with a faint ahh sound. At that moment, the woman of the two looked down, her current emotion of being put off driving deeper..stronger into sadness. "Interesting indeedie."

Taylor fiddls with the cup of hot cocoa in her small hands. The warmth from such adding to the heat within her soft palms. The deep orbs of sapphire and voilet traverse on over the main area within the small cafe as they soon settle upon your own figure there sitting not too far away from her. She shifts lightly within her seat as her damp clothes cling to her tight little body. The outline of her frim figure and heavy globes press on up tight to the cloths around her. Still a bit drenched from the rain outside, the girl shivers quitely in her spot on the couch. Her pale hands shaking just a little as her lower lip quivers lightly upon her teeth. She lifts the mug in her hand on up to those full petals as she presses them firm against the edge of the porcelain an takes a careful sip. As you speak, the kid spares a look on over at you as her brow knits carefully together. Whatever thought or emotion that she might be feeling is lost at least form the casual viewer as she seems to maintain that strong facade upon her soft lips and childlike face. Those brilliant eyes move to take in the couple where you seem to be watching as she stares at them for a moment longer then finally dips her gaze to take in the contents of her drink.

The man of the couple is left to fix whatever problem may have been caused there between him and the other woman as she begins to go into hysterics before slowly calming down when Christian looks away from her. Something of a small grin could be seen on his full lips, almost as if he was quite enjoying himself over something before taking another drink of his cup. "You know. Most people wear something over their clothes in the rain. Keeps em warm it does. Keeps them warm. You look rather cold." The words are spoken in a matter of fact tone, compassion clearly devoid in the words though the words said nonetheless. All the while, he hadn't seemed to look at her, rather taking another drink from his steaming cup of brew that he'd purchased not long before with the twitch of his fingers along the edge of the thing.

"Homeless hmm?" He replies, the inflection changing with something of a smokey sound to it as he takes another sip of his coffee amidst a musing look to his eyes. They dance about the crowd as he does this, never seeming to look at one person for long before he decides to set the cup down on his lap with the twitch of his fingers along the rim. "Or not enough money? You know, there're plenty of ways to make money. Plenty but not enough for everyone." That same matter of fact tone could be heard, an almost neutral undercurrent following with it as if he didn't quite care about what she said. Still, he was asking ever longer with the shift of his right leg down to the knee of the other as if he couldn't stay still for quite too long.

Taylor furrows her brow together as you continue to seem to patronize her about her situation. The kid taking such in a negative manner as she seems to have issues with doing so with most things. The girl had a serious lack of social grace, being entirely inept in dealing with others her response comes back once again in that 'give-a-shit' attitude that she carries often when dealing with most of the mass of the world that fit more as 'extras' within her own delusions, "Why do you care? And if you don't, then why are you bothering to ask?" Her voice remains softly spoken though and she continues on that subject matter, "And if you don't care, why are you bothering to expend the effort that it takes to smack your lips together and form pointless words?" She wasn't trying to be mean, though often she came off that way…hence such the difficulty that she had in delaing with others as well as her own inabilities. Shaking her head lightly she reuturns her gaze back to her mug as she presses it once more to her lips to take another drink. Finally she mentions in a more thoughtful tone, "If you wish for small talk tough…I'm hardly the person to do so with."

That grin seems to spread just a bit on the man's full lips before smacking them together as if to taste the little bit of liquid that might remain on them. "You're right you know. I don't care." The words are replied, the inflection coming across oddly with something of an almost higher voice before humming to himself. "Wonder how many people would say that. How many would I wonder. I think i'll think on that one." He comments before raising a slender finger to the air, a long fingernail brushing against the curve of his jawline slowly in a musing gesture. "Honesty is a subjective thing though, yes it is. Subjective to he who hears it. The human mind likes to think what it thinks, and think it does, but where it leads is only for he who owns it to know."

Taylor lifts her hands as they wrap around the midsection of her mug, and pressing it to the soft petals of her full lips again. The kid more or less seemed nonchalaunt about your words, and it seemed as if she wasn't really paying attention…though those that might know her would know better. She spares a glimpse back in your direction for a longer moment just then as her hands start to warm against the heated mug. She smirks quietly to herself when you continue on what may appear to most as rambling. Commenting quietly under her breath she answers back in that casual soft tone of hers, "You seem to have a lot to say to a comploete stranger for someone that doensn't give a shit…heh." The irony in his actions seemed to amuse her for the most part. Why the hell he even botherd to continue to talk to her was beyond her, though the kid starte to get slightly nervous from his consistant means and seeming to try to involve her in the conversation. Perhaps a little paranoid, she kept out of the bounds of getting too personal with him other then just simple small talk, which he seemed to be filled with.

"Human nature begs to differ. It loves to interact it does and teaches you things you never know. The mind it is a beautiful thing. A beautiful thing it is, and for that I like to see." He replies to you before looking back at you with that same grin on his features. His eyes don't wander to the clothing about your body oddly enough before drifting elsewhere to the crowd again. "Does it make you uncomfortable speaking to a stranger? I wonder if it makes you nervous." Christian adds musingly, the twitch of his fingers catching at the cup again before picking it up for another drink of the strong liquid. He holds it out a moment later though, "I talk because it makes people think. It makes them think much more it does."

Taylor furrows her brow at your words as she can't help but notice your statement…and the fact that it very well had nothing to do with what she said, "What the heck does human nature have to do with giving a shit. Human nature proves otherwise. Most people are out for themselves. Self-serving and selfishness is in grianed into our instincts. If we weren't selfish and din't have an ID then we wouldn't be able to survive. It's really a simple matter of the strongest surviving and if any animal didn't care more about themselves then others then that would go against evolution as well as a basic survival itself. You have to be selfish to a certain point in order to survive and get along within the world." She continues though to answer back to you as you ask her your question, "It does make me nervous to a certain degree…" The youth seeming to have no qualms with telling you the blunt truth, "…then again not so much, becuase if you did try anything, I'd jab the knife of my blade into your fucking eyesocket." As much as there was bluntness to her words, the kid seemed to not mind telling you exactly what she thought, and even her seemingly harsh words don't carry any malice to them.

He snickers somewhat to himself over that before turning his head to match her gaze, those lips curled slowly further with an almost wicked smile. "Now. I quite like my eyes dear girl. Wouldn't be able to see without them. I can assure you though, I am most assuredly a Gentleman." The last word is emphasized before that grin spreads ever further only to look away with a musing expression to the people of the starbucks. "Fear is a good thing you know. Teaches you instinct. But here I am talking to someone who says she wouldn't be a good conversationalist and here she is, giving a much better conversation than most people here. Jaded? No. Realistic, mayhaps. Human nature dictates it after all."

Tay looks back on over to you with a certain intensity to her gaze. Her eyes filled with a hidden and deeper passion that seems to build upon the strength of her high spirit and burning fire within her. She looks you over as if asessing what might be a possible opponent, though her gaze goes soft once more as she rests her mug in her small lap. Her full lips part to speak as she answers back to you with a light shrug, "Maybe…though I have more important things to think about then ponder the fucking universe for answers that don't really matter in my day-to-day life." And with that she sets her mug on the table in front of her as she leans back into the couch. Her clothes were starting to dry now though her tight, teenage figure still showed it's firm outline against the cloth. Her gaze lingers to the door and the outside as the rain continues to fall. A somewhat displeased frown softens across her gentle, childlike face as she comments more to herself under her breath, "Goint to suck nasty goat balls to walk back in that…fuck."

The other man casts a look at her for a moment before looking up at the rain outside, stating the obvious after what she said, "Wet outside. Still raining too, raining it is." He offers before letting the words drill into his own mind. Another sip of his coffee is taken only to drain the last of what's left in his cup as he looks to the rest of the people walking. "I ponder because it's interesting. Ponder I do. Gives me understanding it does for situations. If you want to dry, I have an umbrella here. Keep you dry it would but to do that, you'd have to not gouge my eyes. I do love them so." The words are spoken quite matter-of-factly still though, devoid of compassion in spite of what he offers. His fingers twitch on the umbrella at that though before picking it up as if to show it to her.

Taylor can't help but chuckle at the way you say your words, as if they were in some kind of star wars movie. A light smirk adorns her soft features as she looks into your own uncaring eyes, though hers seem to twinkle ever so slightly with a hint of friendlienss…if anything at all. "Ok Yoda…heh, I'll keep that in mind." Though as you offer her your umbrella she gives you a certain scrutinizing look. It doens't hold any ill will towards you nor malice, more as if she were trying to ascertain why someone would do a thing like that for her…that is if they truly didn't care. Tilting her head to the side she can't help but grin at your contradicting words and demeanor, "I thought you didn't care?" Her tone being a bit more jesting in nature towards you at her remark. Looking on over to the umbrella she simply shakes her head as she makes her decision, "No worries, I can deal. Not like it hasn't happened before ya know? Anywho, it was a nice offer…thank you."

He raises the umbrella with a thoughtful look before tapping at the tip of it with his long fingers, inspecting the thing idly only to set it down in his lap with an odd look on his face, "Course I don't care my dear." He replies with a small smirk on his lips only to tap the umbrella against his leg in a slow rhythm, his lips parting with each drop as if to count the ticks he goes through. Those blue eyes gaze about the room studiously, taking in all there is to see only to drift over a few other people with a humming sound. "I simply have nothing better to do is all." In spite of his current demeanor, that smile remains if fleeting before raising a hand slowly to brush idle fingers through his long hair. The touch presses those wild strands back only to slip to his forehead again, rearranging a few idle strands before setting down on the umbrella with a taptap motion and a twitch. "That is all that is all. Deal you will anyway. You are welcome."

Tyler steps into the Starbucks, his original point of origin is unknown and pretty much doesn't matter in this place. He looks around the room for a moment before he moves towards one of the servers, ready to place his drink order. He steps behind a woman, his arms crossed at his chest.

Taylor snickers softly as the depths of her azure and violet mismatched gaze falls upon Chris once again, that playful smirk sets softly upon the soft petals of her full, rosy lips. The girl looks down at your umbrella for a moment as it tap taps aginst your leg. She comments back to you as that smirk seems to hold fast to her soft, childlike features, "Hey dude…whatever makes you feel better right?" In any case, as the door opens her gaze falls upon the man there that passes through. Her eyes taking in his visage as he steps on up to the counter to order a drink. Her own palced on the table in front of her as she reaches for it again and takes down the last of it. Placing the empty mug back on the table, she turns to look back within Chri's eyes once more as she offers a light nod to his last comment, "Sure…no prob. I'll do just that…heh."

Christian nods slowly to her before looking up to see the man approach the line of people, a ho hum sound escaping his full lips in study only to meet with that look she gives him. Those eyes of his, they shine with a deeper intelligence albeit somewhat cold, knowing though not conveyed by words. He looks away from her afterwards, focused on the large man with the press of his lips and another brush of his thumb through the wild strands of hair to adjust them. "Different he is. Different from others I can see. Look at how he walks, how he watches the world around him. Different. That he is." He comments before letting his gaze idle on one of the people in the line that looked rather anxious to get their waiting done and over with. "Wonder how he reacts to people. I wonder." The woman he watches starts to get jittery as he says that, beginning to come to the end of her leash as she waits ever longer for the long line to finish in the Dimensional Starbucks. A near growl escapes her lips as if to withhold a surge of anger that grows slowly..ever so slowly over time.

Tyler looks around at the room around him, unaware of the person in line within starting to get angry. He steps forward a bit as the person at the front of the line finishes, moves away and the next person steps up. He continues to look around the room once more as he continues his wait again.

Taylor is currently seated on one of the couches with Christian sitting next to her. The two seem to be in some form of light conversation for the moment while Tyler stands in line to order a drink. One of the ladies in line seems to grow a bit anxious and to the point of a steady flush of anger, a soft growl escapes from past her lips as she starts to shift…apparently agitated for having to wait. Tay meets Chris' gaze once more with the intensity of her own stare. Her eyes holding back a deeper inner passion within them that kindles a strength of spirit and resilliance. The kid answers back to the other as she can't help but smirk faintly. His words causing her to look on over towards the line as he speaks to her. She replies back in kind with that casual soft tone of hers in almost what might seem to be nearing towards humoring, yet not quite, "Yeah…we're all fucking special right…my mother was a goddamn snowflake." And with that bluntly stated the girl sets her mug on down before her as she continues, "So…anywho, I need to split. It was um…nice? Meting you Yoda. May the force be with you dude." And with that she rises from her seat as she looks back to Chris once more, "Stay safe from any eye gouging." A light smirk offered at that as she heads to the door.

That intense gaze of hers draws his own to her, a small smirk crossing his full lips before nodding with her words. "Yoda? Saw the movie once. Interesting indeed." He comments in reply before shrugging his shoulders calmly and turning his gaze back to the man in line as she leaves. "I like my eyes." The words are said offhandedly to her own, almost as if jesting with her without the resemblance of mirth in the tone. Those blue eyes of his return to the woman who had started calming down then, his lips curling slowly in a half smile of interest now as he observes in quiet without bothering to give Taylor any distraction in her leaving. The anger begins to rise further and further until finaly the woman in front of Tyler barks out at the register asking if they could go any fucking slower, about to go into a tirade. He leaves her to that, his eyes settling on Tyler in a studious manner.

Tyler's eyes turn from the area around him to the woman in front of him. He tilts his head slightly as she shouts at the register before he uncrosses his arms and taps the woman on the shoulder. "Ma'am. The line is going as fast as it can. Your turn is coming soon."

The woman turns to look back at the man behind her with a glare, "Did you seriously just touch me? What the hell do you care?" She growls, her eyes blazing with fury unprovoked as Christian watches her ever longer. A small snicker could be heard beyond his lips though it doesn't drift over the din of the people in the starbucks at the moment. He reaches over to pick up the cup that was empty now, raising the thing to those lips only to draw it away with a look of musing as if he hadn't realized it empty. A shrug is given the cup as if it were sentient before he directs his gaze back to the two. "Hm, he likes to step in. He steps in. Yes. Why does he step in though? Maybe he cares? Maybe not." His jaw works beyond that calm visage he retains, letting the woman's anger die slowly as she stomps her foot like a child only to turn around. Victory for the firestarter.

Tyler looks back to the woman as she turns around. "I'm sorry for touching you, but I do think that you—" He is interrupted by Christian as he interjects and his gaze turns from the woman to the man. He remains silent as the man speaks, but speaks as the man finishes. "I do not step in. I do believe that you don't know me and I don't know you, so I would like it if you would not speak of things that you do not know." He says before he turns back and waits for his turn.

Christian eyes the man oddly, having not occured to him that he had supernatural hearing. He leans back on the couch he was sitting on as he shifts his leg further back with a small smirk on his lips. "Don't know you. True. I do like to study though and study I do best." He comments with a small grin before standing up from the couch slowly only to cross his arms against his lower back. His attention drifts about the people in the Starbucks before looking back to the door that Taylor had disappeared through with the quirk of his brow. The umbrella is retrieved then and flicked, knocking the few droplets of water still there before letting it sit against his shoulder as he begins to make his way out himself.

Christian turns his head to look back at the man in passing before flitting the umbrella again in a twitch-twitch motion. "Now, of course. Impolite? Maybe. Or maybe that's just what you think. I like to think of myself as a scholar of the trade." He smirks just a bit, something of a wicked smile filtering into it as he gives the man a once over. "Something tells me i'll see you again. See you again. Yes, see you again." He repeats to himself before pressing his lips together only to part them as he turns away to continue on his way out the door.

Tyler watches the man as he heads out the door, shaking his head slightly as he lets out a soft sigh. "Never a dull moment at Starbucks." He looks back towards the register as he sees that his turn has finally arrived. "But that's Seattle for you."

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