Derek Vinyard
Derek Michael Vinyard
Portrayed By Tyler Connolly
Theme Song Major Tom (Coming Home) by Shiny Toy Guns
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 21, 1984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Der (Pronounced 'Dare')
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Vocals/Guitar of Negative Zero
Known Relatives Janis (Mother), Nicolas (Father)
Significant Other None
First Appearance N/A


Easy Going

Derek is really easy going and laid back. He is the kind of person that will always have time for his fans that he happens to meet on the streets. He will spend as much time as he can signing autographs and mingling with them as he is able.


Derek is a fairly compulsive individual, often going out and doing things on a whim. He is the kind of person that will go out and suddenly pay for a round of drinks for an entire club just because he gets a sudden feeling of generosity.


Derek is a very creative person. He writes, paints and plays guitar. Being creative comes with the territory in his line of work. If one doesn't have a bit of creativity, then one won't last in the music industry.



Derek is a very skilled guitarist and plays guitar in his band, Negative Zero. He has been playing guitar since he was eleven years old.


Derek is the lead singer of his band and has a very good range in tone. He can sing well enough that his band earned themselves a contract with Virgin Records.


While his cooking skills are not as good as his guitar skills, Derek is able to keep himself alive with his cooking. He is not the greatest chef out there, but can whip himself up a decent meal.


Derek writes all the songs for the band, sometimes with the help of Tim. He pulls his inspiration from the experiences in his life.


One of Derek's hobbies is painting. He spends a lot of his free time in a custom studio that he had setup in his home in Seattle.



Derek has access to several homes across the country, one of which is in Seattle. He lives in the penthouse of one of the local apartment buildings.



Derek has a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII which has been heavily modified to increase the horse power to 756.89 HP which can do a quarter mile in 7.5 seconds.

Derek has over twenty different guitars which he uses to practice and during his shows. They were all paid for by the record company and he keeps them in his apartments.


Derek lives solely on the money he earns from the record company as well as record and merchandise sales. He is currently pulling in over $500,000 annually.



Derek's goal is to keep his music career going as long as he is able to. He will continue to put out albums as long as the record company and the fans will allow him to.

Derek would really like to settle down and raise a family. He would like to do this after his career is over, but if he finds someone special before that time, then he is fine with that too.


Derek wants to start his own record label as soon as he feels that he has a better understanding of the business and will be able to perform the duties that are required when running his own label.



Derek and his band, Negative Zero, have international fame for their music. They are in the league equivalent to Nickelback, Foo Fighters and the like. Anyone who is interested in the Alterative Rock genre of music will have most likely of heard of Derek and Negative Zero.


Derek suffers a lot of stress due to his career in the music industry. He is under a lot of pressure from his label to put out albums that will sell and will sell well. He is also under pressure to write new songs for the band as well.


Derek is severely claustrophobic to the point of uncontrolled panic. If he is trapped in an enclosed space for enough time, he can become catatonic and will just curl up in a ball, unable to move.


Derek was born Derek Michael Vinyard on May 21, 1984 in Seattle, WA to his mother, Janis Moore, and his father, Nicolas Vinyard. He was the only child of the two. They offered Derek the best childhood that they could, but his father was a construction worker and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. Derek has a modest childhood, always having clothes on his back and a roof over his head, but unknown to him, his family was in a lot of debt. On his seventh birthday, his parents gave him a gift that would change his life forever; an electric guitar. Derek found himself a new passion, spending as much time practicing and learning to play as he did on his school work.

His parents enrolled him in a guitar school where he honed his skills. There, he met another kid named Tim Roth. They became instant friends and have been ever since. During his high school years, he and Tim decided to create a band which they named 'Black Soul'. There, they met James Matthews who impressed them and became the band's drummer. They spent several years, just playing in their garage and whatever gigs they could find, but in the summer of 2000, they decided to get serious and sent a demo CD to a number of the major record companies. The majority of the responses that they had received were rejection letters saying that they were not what they were looking for at that time or that they needed to improve their skills before sending another demo to them. The three were very disappointed, but then they got a reply from Virgin Records. The company liked what they heard and offered to fly the group down to Los Angeles with their families to discuss a contract.

After a week of negotiations, Black Soul signed a contract with Virgin Records, but only after changing the name of the band to Negative Zero, which was the title of one of the songs that Derek had written which they changed the song to The Last Song. The next several years were filled with tours, recording sessions, press conferences and music video shoots. Jeremy left the band in 2003 and was replaced by Megan St. James who toured with the band for a year before leaving for her own project. They found a replacement in Jacob Green. Jacob stayed with the band for several years before leaving in 2007 for creative differences and was replaced by Johnny Black.

Recently, Derek and the others had decided to move the band back to their roots in Seattle, where they are currently at, working on material for their next album. But, then Seattle was thrown back into the dark ages by some unknown source, causing their work efforts to be placed on hold. They decided to use this time to spend with their families and getting back in touch with their hometown.


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  • Derek's favorite song is Major Tom (Coming Home) covered by Shiny Toy Guns.


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