Portrayed By Chris Evans
Full Name Orion Dax
Theme Song "Drifting Sideways" by De Vision
Gender Male
Date of Birth October 13, 1983
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases DJ Dax
Place of Birth Miami, FL, USA
Occupation DJ & Bartender
Known Relatives Marlena Dax (Mother), Vincent Dax (Father)
Significant Other None Currently
Powers Distraction
First Appearance The Not-So-Successful Hunt


Dax tends to get bored easy and likes to play games with people. He enjoys intimidating waiters, manipulating customers, and tricking people into doing things they normally wouldn't.

Quick Tempered:
Dax appears friendly and easy to get along with, but he can be easily angered if you say the wrong thing.

Dax is a good worker. When is delegated a task he will continue until it is done to the best of his ability.

Although some of Dax's personality traits may seem a bit unsavory, he is loyal and kind to those he considers to be his friends.



Dax is capable of causing people to become confused if he makes direct eye contact with them. If he is focusing on his powers while someone is looking into his eyes, he is able to disrupt the part of the brain which allows focus and concentration. The person he is focusing on will not be able to remember what they were saying or doing at the moment they made eye contact with him.

If Dax maintains eye contact, the other person will find it extremely difficult to focus their mind. After eye contact is broken, the effects will diminish and the other person will regain normal brain function after an average of 60 seconds. Those with a strong mental will may regain full function after 30 seconds, while those with a weak mental will may take as long as 90 seconds to fully recover.

Dax’s powers can be amplified slightly by external sources of distraction. Loud music or flashing lights can cause his disorientation to become more severe or last up to 30% longer.

Power Flaws:

Dax cannot ‘Turn Off’ his power. If a person looks into his eyes, they will likely feel the effects of his powers. Dax’s powers are lessened to a degree when he is not focusing on them, but the other person will still likely suffer a mild disorientation. Dax gets around this by wearing sunglasses or rave goggles as often as possible.



Dax is capable of using music editing software quite effectively and remixing his own club music. He DJs once a week at a local club and specailizes in techno and trance remixes.

Dax is an accomplished bartender and can make just about any drink you order. He knows a few pouring tricks, but nothing terribly fancy.

Artistic Ability:
Dax has some college level art training. He is a decent painter and can sketch quite well. He mostly sketches nature and animals, though he is capable of drawing other things.

Dax is licensed to drive a car and a motorcycle in the state of Washington.

Dax is skilled in the art of theft. It isn't that he's a great pickpocket or anything, but he has perfected the timing involved in the taking things that people have out and then disorienting them when they try and stop him. He almost always has enough time to escape, and the victim tends to think they lost whatever was stolen.


Dax is currently working as a DJ at a local nightclub once a week. The other nights he works as a bartender at the same club. He gets tipped well and pulls in approximately $600 a week. After living expenses, he has about $700 a month to spend or save. He currently has about $5000 banked away.

Home & Vehicle:
Dax owns a new Victory Hammer Motorcycle. He lives alone in a one-bedroom appartment.

DJ Equipment:
Dax has several expensive pieces of DJ equipment including lights, fog machines, a laptop, and speakers.



Dax thinks that he would like to return to college some day. The pay he currently receives is too good for him to just walk away from, so he may wait and return when he is a bit older.

Dax would like to become a good enough DJ that he might be able to tour someday. He sells CDs at the club whenever he works, but people would rather download his music than spend the ten dollars for a burned CD.

Family Reunion:
Dax would like to reunite with his family. He fears that he may never see them again, but his father hangs up on Dax whenever he calls.


Dax tends to be easily excited. He enjoys competition and is always up for a race or a fight, which tends to get him into trouble.

Dax tends to say whatever he wants, which can on occasion get him into a bit of trouble. He likes to play games with people. He enjoys intimidating waiters, manipulating customers, and tricking people into doing things they normally wouldn’t,

Dax has a fear of deep water. He’s fine visiting the beach or shallow swimming pool, but if he cannot stand up in the water he has a problem. He is also terrified of bodies of water that he cannot see the bottom of. Dax is a rather terrible swimmer.

Unhealthy Habits:
Though Dax eats well and exercises regularly, he also drinks and smokes quite frequently. It is actually quite rare to see him without a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.


Orion Dax was born in Miami, Florida to Vincent and Marlena Dax. His childhood was fairly uneventful. He passed his classes with average grades and spent his summers playing with his friends. When he was in high school, Dax got a job working in the back of his uncle’s bar. He learned how to mix drinks, but was never able to work at the bar itself because of his age.


Always having wanted to see the West Coast, Dax applied to several colleges in California and Washington. He was accepted to Washington State University in 2003 and began studying art. He spent his free time collecting and remixing music on his computer. A few years after starting college, Dax noticed a change in his eyes. His once green eyes had become heterochromatic. One became a vibrant green and the other a bright blue. Dax was tested for signs of diseases or cancers, but it was decided that a latent genetic anomaly had been triggered by hormones. Dax thought nothing of it for a while.

Dax began to notice that if people looked him directly in the eye, they would seem to lose their focus momentarily. He thought at first that this was simply because they had only just noticed that his eyes were different colors, but the loss of focus seemed not to change no matter how many times a person saw his eyes. About that time, news of emerging mutants was in the news and on the internet. Dax began to wonder if the confusion was just a coincidence or if there was something more behind it. He began testing his theory by attempting to make and maintain eye contact with people when he spoke with them. He found that the longer he kept eye contact, the longer the person stayed confused. Also, the more he focused on the other person, the longer the effect would last after he broke eye contact.

Dax continued to play with his newfound power. Using it to get out of answering questions in class and to quickly end arguments with friends. No one seemed to suspect anything. It seemed as though they never associated the confusion with Dax’s eyes.

When Dax was halfway through his sophomore year at college, he came out to his parents as gay. Dax had intended to bring his boyfriend home for Christmas that year, but his father’s over-reaction left him disowned and without the means to continue his education. Dax was forced to drop out of school and began working at one of the local bars to keep his apartment. He managed to make good money with all of the college students around and decided to start buying DJ equipment. He began working as the DJ at the college’s events and began saving up money.

Dax saved enough money to move into Seattle and got a job at a night club. He started out as a bartender there, but has recently started as a DJ once a week there. He is considering saving up enough money to return to school.

Roleplay Logs

Date Log Title Summary
March 11, 2009 The Not-So-Successful Hunt Davian tries to eat Dax…But doesn't. So Dax and Taylor chat for a bit. Tyler & Argosy were also there.
March 13, 2009 A Night at the Club Dax kind of meets Ana, then Tyler shows up. Dancing ensues.
March 16, 2009 The Anti-Amusement Park Anti-Mutant activists try to kill a mutant kid. There is an intervention of sorts.
March 16, 2009 Post-Carnage Coffee Ana and Dax go to a coffee shop to wind down after the excitement at the abandoned park.
March 25, 2009 A Walk in the Park Laurel and Tyler happen upon Dax in the park.
March 27, 2009 Frustrating Flirtations Dax officially meets Owen for the first time. Flirting ensues.
March 31, 2009 Soup & Sandwiches Dax and Laurel discuss various things over sandwiches.



OOC - "Yeah, Thumping people in the head isn't a very good way to make friends."


- Dax has an adorable pet ferret named 'Dook-Dook' which he loves very much and enjoys dressing in hilarious costumes.

- Dax has an irrational fear of zombies.

Date Log Title Summary
Title Artist Listen
Drifting Sideways De Vision Listen!
Destination 6 M6 Listen!
Feels So Good Ibiza Knights Listen!
Thadderack Jowan Listen!
Levas Polka Bass Hunter Listen!
Where's Your Head At Basement Jaxx Listen!

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