Portrayed By River Phoenix
Theme Song "Bad day" by Daniel Powter
Gender Male
Date of Birth Sep 21, 1984
Age 25
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Leach
Place of Birth Seattle, WA, USA
Occupation Wanderer
Known Relatives Marry Bannon (Mother), Sam Bannon (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers Vampire bite
First Appearance The Not-So-Successful Hunt


Davian has the unique ability to be rather creative. Not only is he clever, but also talented within his daily activities as well as life in general. He seems to be one step ahead of the game as well as posesses the strength of mind to overcome most obstacles in the most unique and sometiems untraditional ways

Davian is more of a loner type. He tends to steer away from most crowds. Making friends isn't necessarily a problem as it more is of keeping them. He tends to go down his own path in life as he does what he feels is right, which tends to deviate from the general 'norm' of societal, he's scard his power will be found out and will drive people away from him so he choose not to have friends to begin with.

Davian has a strong will to do what he sets out to do. He won't be deterred no matter what happenes or who get's in his way.


Davian drink of the life blood within any given person, the mutant draws from them that strength and power, taking not only sustenance but energy, life force, thought, and memory. He does not steal these things, but sifts through them like books on a shelf, or papers on a table, finding tidbits of interest here and there, keeping what he wishes, discarding the rest. Energy and life force are potent in the blood, and so his own energy and life itself depend on this transfer of fluids. He does NOT take mutant powers. Nothing that he takes is lost by the victim. Unable to metabolize normal food to a great degree, the mutant requires regular feeding to aid in his digestion. Without blood in his system, he cannot eat normal food, and so it is impossible for the mutant to go very long without partaking of someone's veins. One mouthful is enough to last a few hours, a cup half a day, and so on. Were he to glut himself to full on someone, he would be fine for days, much like a snake.. however that person would not be in such great shape, finding their blood and energy severely depleted. Taking any decent amount of blood causes a haze over his victim's mind as he sorts through the folders of their thoughts and memories. His touch is pleasure, naturally sharp teeth built for breaking skin without bruising.


Davian is very athletics seeing he knows how to free-style, with all the training he does his body has become limber and flexable.

Davian is into the sport of Free-Running, he learned it as a child and used the forest and his small hometown as his training ground now, he works within the city now and can climb up walls and sometime building if there close enough for him to climb up on.

Davian is working on finding a cure to his endless hunger, he studies from what few science books he found laying around and got the basic of it, though he's not a science wiz he knows a few things about what he's doing.



Davian is staying in an old abandoned warehouse, while he is in town, he fixes up the top area as his home away from home, finding an old couch,broken down tv and a bed. He has a nice little pad here to rest while he searches for a cure.


Davian only has whatever he takes from the person he just drained. He mostly just takes cash, or sometimes a watch, or things he could easily pawn off.


Being normal

Davian wants to find people like himself so he has somebody to talk to and they won't get in his way of finding the cure for his hunger, maybe they could help him find it.

Better home

Davian wants to find a better place to live a permit place where he won't hurt the people around him and where he can get good food and warmth all the time.


Davian is looking for a cure to his endless hunger, and he doesn't care what he has to do to get it.



Davian has an endless hunger for blood that will never be satiated unless he fills it. it gnaws away at him untill he goes mad with hunger.


Davian is a loner and his work on finding the cure has made him like this, he scared if others find out about his curse they will hunt him down and kill him for what he has done to find the cure, so he's always on the run.


Davian is Obsessed with finding the cure to his hunger and is willing to put anybody in danger to get it, no mather if it hurts any body, this Obsessed is the cause davian has no friends.


Davian was born to Marry and Sam Bannon in the little cabin in the woods of Washington, he was a quiet baby and that never grew out of him even when he became a teenager. He always kept to himself and never liked to be around others. As a child he learned to stay away from the bigger boys and read most of the time, so his head filled with stories of demons and monsters, but he knew these were only stories.. Davian went to the local school like all the other kids but didn't get along with others, until he meets Andre. They became good friends after one of the bigger boys picked on Davian, and Andre came and saved.

Davian grew up and kept going to school with his friend Andre, until one day when he was walking home from school, he saw somebody getting beat up. So Davian ran to try and help, and saw it was his friend Andre. The bullies ran away when they saw Davian. Davian knelt next to his friend, who was bleeding heavily, and tried to call for help but nobody came. Tears were running down Davian's face as he watched his friend bleed to death. When somebody finally came, it was too late and he was dead. The next couple of days was like hell for Davian, for the grief of his dead friend caused him pain and anger. After the Funeral he found out that the gang who killed Andre was the boy who Andre saved back when school first started. Davian left with rage inside him and went to find him and to make him pay. He found him near the cliff where some of the local boys sometime go diving off, and started fighting with them. He didn't care if they kill him; he just wanted his friend back.

Just as he was pounding the leader's face in, something clicked in him, and he black out, when he awoke the gang was laying on the ground drained of their blood, and his mind was full of memory's that were not his own. He ran as far as he could. He felt different, like he could run forever with the wind in his face but soon the hunger return. He felt scared and free at the same time along with the thirst, he wasn't human any more he was something else and he didn't know what. When he got back home, his father saw a change in him and freak, he orders him out of the house and never come back, Davian scream to his father and watch has his own mother was scarred of him, he told what little stuff he had and ran away not looking back. From that day on he was a loner looking to find what is he and is there away to cure him and end this hunger for blood.


Sep 21, 1980. Davian was born.

Aug 18, 1985. First day of kindergarten, got beating up and became friends with Andre.

May 05, 1990. Got his first kiss from a girl, he was still a kid so it really didn't mater.

Aug 18,1993. Enter high school and got beating up more then ever.

Oct 31, 1999. Found his best friend Andre beating to death

Nov 2, 1999. When to Andre Funeral.

Dec 5, 1999. When to find the gang who killed Andre and his Mutant awake for the first time, and was kick out of his home.

Mar 05, 2009. found his way to Seattle.

August 15, 2009 throw in jail after the power out then when the National Guard left they took him with them to a unknow area to study for the good of everbody.


I vant your vlood.


none so far


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