Dr. Darius Ross
Portrayed By Russell Crowe
Theme Song "Careless Whispers" by Seether
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 19, 1974
Age 35
Zodiac Sign Astrological Sign
Aliases Dr. Ross
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Occupation Dean of Medicine, Seattle General Hospital
Known Relatives Cindy Ross (Mother), Michael Ross (Father)
Significant Other None
Powers None / Human
First Appearance N/A


  • Addict: By nature, he has an addictive personality, though he has learned to curve his addiction to one… powerful drug. Percoset. He takes many a day- five, generally, or more when he can feel the stress. It helps keep him in a constant lucid state, but still with his wits with his built immunity to keep from being too far gone. Euphoria at its finest. .. Just don't take it away from him.
  • Asshole: He is, as most call him- a complete jerk and asshole. He can be short, and make others feel completely inferior or ignorant. Its just how he is. Sarcastic comments and sharp retorts are his defense mechanism as much as it is just who he is- ingrained into his personality. Those that he likes? He's a complete jerk to. If he doesn't like you.. that is when you have to worry. Blackmail… bribery… he isn't a nice man.
  • Genius: He learns at a faster rate than others and is able to adapt to situations rapidly. His mind processes and delves for solutions and information at an alarming rate. There is no doubt, the man is a genius.
  • Bachelor: Being a genius, and an asshole, one doesn't make many friends. Co-workers, admirers, enemies… friends? Relationships? Not beyond one night stands, generally. Anyone he's ever tried to get closer to he ended up screwing up royally in some manner. Genius in all but application of psychology.
  • Gay: No, this hunk is not straight. He is gay. So very gay. Though he masks it well… in most occasions. A well guarded secret, less he's drinking vodka.
  • Boss: He is the new Dean of Medicine- albeit coming in at a very wrong time. He has a boss side to him, and isn't afraid to put someone in their place. He is higher on the food chain than you, and he will make sure you know it.


Being a doctor, and a noted PhD physician with multiple areas of study and skill sets for said PhD, he has a wide range of knowledges. Given his genius, rapid learning abilities and information retainment, he has ranging skill in each. Luckily, also, many of his areas of study either feed or lead into another, supplementing knowledge from one to the next. Ahh, the medical field.

  • Anatomy - Advanced
  • Biochemistry - Advanced
  • Cell Biology - Advanced
  • Chemistry - Intermediate
  • Emergency Medicine (Includes First Aid) - Advanced
  • General Medicine - Advanced
  • Microbiology - Intermediate
  • Pathology - Intermediate
  • Pharmacology - Advanced
  • Problem Solving - Advanced
  • Surgery - Intermediate


  • Apartment - He has a three room condo, to which he can usually rarely be found at. But its there. And lavish. The man does get paid the big bucks.
  • Doctor - As the Dean of Medicine and a reputed genius with various studies completed and journals out in the mix- he makes a little over $100K a year. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on test trial successes.
  • Vehicle - What else would a doctor of this man's caliber and pomp drive? … A 2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK550 Cabriolet - Convertible, black, of course! Black with leather interior and all the custom yummy things.


  • Anti-Boredom - One thing he absolutely CAN NOT STAND…. is boredom. He hates being bored. Thus a goal in life: To alleviate boredom in all its fashions.. be it sexual or mental. Physical? Eh… look under sexual.
  • Addiction - Another goal in life: Continue his addiction happily and with no restrictions. Why not? Its not like he can't pay for the pills. And not like he can't get them whenever he wants! .. Yes. Lets keep that addiction. He's terrible if he doesn't.
  • Fuckitol - His general motto in life. He does what he wants. He takes what cases he wants. To the others? Fuckitall. Or Fuckitol- his favorite drug that he will create one day. A goal. Something like that.


  • Addict - He is an addict. He has to have his pills. Has to. No matter what. And he will make sure that he gets them. If he doesn't.. well… withdrawal after such a long addiction will be.. .. harsh.
  • Alcohol - He drinks while he takes his medication, which is actually fairly dangerous, and slowly ruining his liver, but, does he care? .. Tsch. No. He's a damn genius. So he'll do what he wants. And the alcohol? … its a boon.
  • Uncouth - Some of his methods are very unconventional and at times appear to be unwarranted or completely insane. They work- something always come out of it. But people aren't always patient long enough to find out what that is.
  • Asshole - Because he is such a jerk, often it pushes people away. He has very few friends, and even fewer close to him. Because of this, he's a loner, terrible in relationships… and never really hangs out with the cool cats.
  • Superiority Complex - He is a genius. He knows it. He knows he is better than everyone else, mutant or not. Try to beat his intelligence. But.. because of this- he often doesn't make friends fast, or easy. Co-workers have to deal with his complex, considering he is better than thou, and he knows it.


  • Character history goes here.


  • June 01, 2009 - Arrive in Seattle. Car breaks down on outskirts.
  • June 02, 2009 - Makes it fully into Seattle and finds Club Seal… harboring a bunch of mutants. And thus starts his work.
  • June 03, 2009 - Makes it to the Hospital to officially take over as the Dean of Medicine. (Despite the chaos)


  • "As long as she doesn't jump off a building, she'll be fine." — Darius referring to Corrie's health.
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