Daniel McAvil
Portrayed By Heath Ledger
Theme Song "Discipline" by NIN
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 17, 1977
Age 22
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Dan
Place of Birth Pavin, WA, USA
Occupation Line Cook
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None, currently
Powers Hydrokinesis
First Appearance N/A



  • Friendly: Daniel is a friendly sort of guy, overall. He likes people, he genuinely does, and he wants to believe the best in them, believe that people are basically good at heart, even though he's been proven wrong so many times in the past. Still, though he is now older, wiser, and far more cautious than he once was, he'll still offer a friendly hand in greeting, be the first to smile, to say hello, and to offer to help.
  • Jaded: Over the years, Daniel has developed a sort of 'been there, done that' kind of attitude towards many things. Despite being basically a good person and, deep inside, having hope for the best, more and more often his initial reaction to things will be to look for the hidden catch, to think that it can't be as good as it seems, to expect things to break down and fail him.. especially when it comes to other people.
  • Protective: When Daniel does form a bond with someone else, when he allows himself to trust someone and they don't betray that trust, he tends to form strong protective feelings towards them. He's been hurt by the world, but that doesn't mean he wants his friends to go through the same things he did.
  • Private: Though he's generally friendly and casually open, Daniel's experiences have in fact turned him into a very private man. While he's perfectly willing to make friends, and get to know people, he keeps his own details, and especially his past, to himself. He wants to forget, wants to put it behind him, and it's no one's business but his own, anymore. It will take someone either very special, or very stubborn, to get him to open up about his life, either before he arrived in Seattle.. or even during his current stay.
  • Hopeful: Daniel's suffered a lot of loss in his life.. disappointments that would crush a lesser man, and a guilt that is enough to drive one to drink, or worse. And yet.. he remains hopeful. Not naive, no, never that again, but the world is not yet so dark that he can't see a glimmer of hope.. if not for himself, then, at least, for others. And maybe he can still help make the world a better place, in the end.
  • Heroic: At the end of the day.. Daniel still longs for what he first wanted to be when he discovered his powers. He knows deep down inside he's meant for something more, something special, something.. heroic. He wants to make the world a better place.. a safer place. He's been given a gift.. wether by god or through simple evolution, and that gift should be used for the good of mankind. Maybe, someday, he'll turn out to be the hero he still secretly thinks he can be.


  • Hydrokinesis: Hydrokinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate water. He can even shift water through its solid, liquid and gas phases. The ability can be used to pull ambient moisture out of the air to form water, withstanding great water pressure, or even raise water to send it at foes in the form of tidal waves or any other form the user wishes. In theory, he could even 'rip' the water out of other bodies, effectively dehydrating them, though he has never done this before and it would require long and intense training to be able to affect water that is bound up in the cells of someone's body.
  • Hydromorph: Daniel has been gifted and cursed with the ability to shift his body either wholly or partially into a sentient, mobile pool of water. He can control this water-form like he can control any other body of water, making it assume a humanoid shape, a shapeless blob, or most anything in between, and flowing along the ground like any liquid. This form provides him with several innate advantages: he becomes very hard to damage, as things like bullets, swords, fists, claws, most physical sources of damage simply splash through him harmlessly. He is, however, vulnerable to anything that could harm water: fire, energy, or negation/destruction/disintegration attacks could all affect him. This form could in theory provide some basic protection from psychic attacks, as in this form he has no on distinct 'brain' area, and thus attacks that affect the phsycial brain or physical boduly functions would be ineffective. Attacks that affect consciousness directly, pure psychic attacks, might merely require a bit of 'tuning' for a moment as the psychic learns how to properly interact with Daniel's expanded liquid consciousness in this form. When in liquid form, Daniels' senses change, and he can effectively 'see' all around himself, making it hard to surprise him, as well as gifting him with impressive reconnaissance abilities, as he could extend a small silent tendril of his liquid form and flow beneath a door or through pipes and ducts and 'see' through that tendril. Finally, in his liquid form, he can draw more water into himself, increasing his mass up to several times over dpeending on how much water is available, assuming a 'water elemental' shape that he could use in battle to batter and wash away opponents with the sheer weight of the water.


  • Cooking: Daniel has taken some cooking courses over the years, as well as being a very proficient amateur chef. He's good enough to work at restaurants, and more than good enough to impress any visitors or guests he might cook for. Cooking is more than just a hobby for him, it's a passion and something he enjoys thoroughly.
  • Driving: While Daniel can drive a car just fine, his true love is motorcycles. He's spent years riding them, and is very comfortable either on sporty bikes or on more casual cruiser bikes (like the Harley he owns). He's not exactly a stunt-level driver, but if he needs to, he can certainly outdrive most average folks on the road.
  • Combat: Daniel has only had a bit of formal martial arts training, mainly in judo and juijistsu, but nothing intensive enough to qualify him as a serious practicioner of either style. However, in his spare time, he has practiced and nearly perfected a unique style of martial arts based on his powers, specifically his hydromorphism, that allows him to literally 'flow' around enemies and dissipate their blows as they go through his liquid body. By selectively 'freezing' parts of his liquid body, he can create makeshift weapons such as swords and spears out of his limbs in an emergency, and, when pushed to use lethal force, has learned how to envelop an opponent's head in liquid, forcing his way into their nose and mouth and basically drowning his opponents if need be.
  • Investigation: Daniel's father was a Detective in the local police force, who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Due to this, from an early age Daniel was exposed to police and investigative procedures, learning the ins and outs of the police force as well as how to investigate crime scenes and interrogate suspects and witnesses. He never did follow in his father's footsteps, though the desire to do good and protect society always remained, and he still remembers many of the tricks of the trade even now.
  • Computers: While nowhere near a hacker-level computer user, Daniel is quite familiar with computers and electronics in general, as an advanced level user. He knows enough to at least keep his computer virus-free, spyware-free, and keep himself relatively private and safe online through the use of things like Tor, proxy servers, etc. He knows which sites are relatively useful and which are full of crap, and he's comfortable interacting online and even mentoring other users, all without being an outright programmer.


  • Home: Having recently moved to Seattle, Daniel lives in a small bachelor's apartment by himself.. which is just fine by him. It's a cozy little 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom dealie that he picked specifically because it had a surprisingly large kitchen for him to practice in. There isn't much of value there other than a TV and some gaming consoles, except in the kitchen, where he's fitted as much top of the line cooking utensils and appliances as he's been able to afford.
  • Motorcycle: Daniel owns a Harley Sportster bike that he's had for a few years. It's old, it's scuffed, and it gets him where he's going at a good pace, which is all he wants out of life. Keeping it in good repair is one of his hobbies, and he's relatively knowledgeable on how to make minor repairs or get the engine started, and drives it around in any weather. With his powers, getting wet is really not a concern!
  • Job: Daniel works as a line cook at a local Seattle restaurant. He's not one of the head chefs, but he knows his way well around a kitchen and has a natural talent for cooking that helps him make the most out of his job. (More on this in the Skills section). Due to the nature of the job, he usually works evenings/nights, leaving his mornings and afternoons free to do his thing.
  • Water: Due in part to the built-in limitation of his powers, Daniel always makes sure he's carrying at least a couple of 12 oz. bottles of water on himself, and more if he can manage it. The water is used to keep himself hidrated, as well as, in a pinch, providing raw material for the use of his powers.
  • Knife Set: As a wannabe professional chef, Daniel invested a decent amount of cash in a set of top of the line cooking knives, including cleavers, slicers, choppers, etc. This set of knives is worth a decent amount of cash if resold, and help substantially when he's cooking. And, while not designed as weapons, they'll serve as such in a pinch.


  • Self-Mastery: One of Daniel's main goals is to gain mastery over himself, most specifically, his powers, but also in all aspects of his life. He hates losing control, feeling like he's in a situation where he doesn't know his own capabilities, and for that reason, always tests himself, trying to know his own limits, what he can and can't do, and hone those skills he does have as much as possible. In the end, what he mosts wants is ocmplete mastery of his abilities, to know exactly what he can do with the strange mutant powers he was gifted with, and to use them to their utmost capability.
  • Companionship: Daniel's guilt over the deaths he caused (or thinks he caused) back in his hometown has kept him from forming any meaningful long-term relationships ever since he returned. However, man is a social animal, and he can't push everyone away forever. He's always friendly and casual, but he's kept everyone at arm's lenght, and he'll continue to do so.. but not forever. Deep inside he longs for someone to tell his story to, someone who will understand him, someone who might eventuall y be able to forgive him and be with him.
  • Become a chef: Daniel may work as a line cook, and is certainly a good enough cook for that, but he still dreams of having the time and money to enroll in a real culinary school and becoming a great chef, and eventually having his own restaurant. It's a personal dream, but its still a long term goal, and deeply important to him on a personal level. Even if he loses his powers, even if everything else falls by the wayside, this is what he wants to do with his life.
  • Make Dad proud: Daniel's father was one of the victims of the disaster back in his hometown, and Daniel carries a deep guilt within him due to that, a guilt he may never truly get over. His father was a good man, a detective, and he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps. Although Daniel is firm in his decision to follow a different career than his father did, a part of him still feels like he's a disappointment to his father's memory. If he ever has the opportunity to do something that would have made his father proud, to use the skills his father taught him for the good of others, he certainly would.
  • Redemption: Daniel's deepest desire, and the goal that drives him above all else. He carries a deep survivor's guilt over what happened in his hometown, and he cannot help but feel that if he hadn't gotten involved, no one would have died, his father would still be alive, everyone would still be alive. He needs deeply to prove to himself, to the world, and to the memory of those lost, that he is *not* a monster.. that he can be the hero he once dreamed of being. He needs to redeem himself, in the eyes of others, in the eyes of the ghosts of those he thinks he killed, and most of all, in his own eyes.


  • Soft-hearted: Daniel's guilt over the deaths he thinks he caused back in his hometown has left him deeply scarred.. and he has sworn to himself to never let anything like that happen again. Due to this, Daniel will go to extremes, up to and including self-sacrifice, breaking the law, or breaking promises/trust, before letting another person die due to his action or inaction. He can't help this, his guilt so ingrained that he literally cannot imagine another option other than to do whatever it takes to save a life if he can.
  • Nightmares: Although Daniel 'sleeps' in liquid form, this does not stop him from 'dreaming'.. although in Daniel's case, the dreams are more like watery, distorted memories. When the dam broke and he was torn apart, his consciousness was, for a moment, stretched out throughout the onrushing wave of deadly water.. and each night, bits and pieces of haunting memories come back to him. Many nights, those memories include watching the deaths of townspeople.. either slow, agonizing drowning deaths, or quick snapping ends as bones are crushed and necks are twisted by the force of the rushing water. Daniel often wakes up in deep, dark moods, and it takes him a while for his inner tides to shift until he can once more face the world, the gurgling screams of those he sees as his victims still echoing in his mind.
  • Evaporation: Related in part to his natural form being a liquid now, Daniel suffers from another debilitating side-effect: he is slowly, but constantly, dehydrating, parts of his body simply evaporating and whicked away to become part of the air's natural moisture. While this effect is subtle, it is present and tangible and means he suffers from some very serious limitations: he needs to be almost constantly either drinking or in contact with water in order to keep himself from evaporating at an advanced rate. 8 glasses of water a day? Try more like 8 gallons of water. He can be subtle about this, of course.. while at work, he simple 'washes his hands' a lot in the sink, absorbing water from the sink to keep himself doing well, and dipping a finger into a public fountain or walking through a sprinkler is enough to offset the effect, on a daily basis. However, should he be trapped somehow in a place with no access to water, or lost in the desert, he would be in serious trouble almost immediately, dehydrating to the point of no longer having enough mass to hold a solid shape in a matter of hours, and likely evaporating away into nothing in a matter of days.
  • Phobia: A strange phobia to have, one might think, considering the nature of his powers.. until one looks a bit deeper into his history and what his powers mean. Daniel can shift his entire body into a mobile liquid form, and as such, hide almost perfectly inside other bodies of water, such as pools, bathtubs, or even within the water pipes of a house. However, truly large bodies of water, anything from an Olympic-sized swimming pool and upwards, such as lakes, or, gods forbid, the ocean, terrify him. The accident back in his home town shattered him, in more ways than one: his liquid body was scattered throughout the rushing waters of the broken dam, and it literally took him years for him to put himself back together.. to this day he still doesn't know quite how he did it, but the experience left him deeply scarred and scared. The sight and touch of such huge bodies of water calls to him, and he knows that should he lose himself within them again, let himself just drift apart, he may not be able to put himself back together again.
  • Intolerance: Bred into him by his Father, and reinforced by his feelings of guilt over his father's death, Daniel has a deep and abiding sense of justice that goes beyond just the strictures of the law. It's gotten him into trouble before, but he can't help it.. when he sees someone being bullied, abused, or some other form of deep injustice.. when he sees someone he knows to be guilty of a crime walking free.. he can't help it. He has to act. He may not rush headlong, may not sacrifice himself quite as much as he would in order to save a life, but he certainly would not be able to simply let something like that go, he would have to take *some* action even if it's not convenient for him or his friends.
  • Natural Form: Something changed in Daniel when he discovered that he could shift his form into water: a state change. like an ice-cube irreversibly melting into a puddle. For whatever reason, it turns out that Daniel's *default* form, is liquid. This means that he must constantly maintain at least a basic level of concentration and awareness of his own body in order to keep a solid shape. When he becomes distracted or agitated and his concentration starts to waver, he has been known to begin to 'melt', his body dripping and drooping and reverting back to little more than a puddle, which can be both embarrasing and dangerous. This often gives him a distracted-seeming air, as he's constantly dedicating at least a part of his thoughts to keeping himself solid, a non-stop low-level 'buzz' of power use to make himself look normal. This has several serious drawbacks: when under extreme stress or emotions, he is likely to lose coherency or melt. When he sleeps, he sleeps in liquid form (and thus the bed in his apartment is mostly for show, he actually sleeps in liquid form in the bathtub). And, should he ever come across another mutant or a device that can somehow nullify the use of mutant powers, it would render him a basically inert puddle of water, as he would not be able to use his abilities to keep himself solid, nor would he be able to then control his liquid form.


  • Daniel was born in a sleepy little town called Pavin. His mother died in childbirth, and he was raised by his father and the community, growing up to be a smart, friendly, capable young man who was the pride of his little town. He got along well enough with his father, who was a detective in the local police force, and who fully expected his son to follow in his footsteps when he grew up, even going so far as to give his son basic training in investigative technicques and police procedure, and instilling a deep sense of right and wrong, justice and injustice, in his son. Despite all this, Daniel's interests laid elsewhere. Perhaps due to the lack of a mother to cook for them, Daniel's dinner was almost always something microwaved out of a carboard box. For whatever reason, though, Daniel always found the act of actual cooking, of preparing a meal from scratch, to be almost magical. When he told his father of his wish to become a chef, his father never said no, but Daniel could tell he was disappointed. Still, Daniel resolved to be the best chef he could, to make his father proud even if it wasn't in the way his father might have expected.
  • It was while he was practicing his cooking that Daniel first discovered his strange powers. Seemingly tied to his emotions at first, when he would get angry or upset, jets of water would spout out from pipes in the walls or nearby faucets, or bodies of water would splash as if someone had dropped a large rock in them. After several such incidents, Daniel began to put two and two together, and he began to wield some basic control over his abilities, testing his limits and what he could do with his Hydrokinetic powers. With practice, he found that he could not only control the movement of water, but even control its state, from solid to liquid to gas… which came in quite handy while cooking, enabling him to create some very interesting recipes that would be near impossible without his powers.
  • It was his father's influence, however, that pushed Daniel from simply using his abilities to make a perfect souffle, and into becoming a vigilante.. and eventually, dooming the sleepy little town where they both lived. Despite all of Daniel's best efforts, the most he ever got of praise from his father as to his cooking was the barest nod of approval, the lightest little grunt letting him know that the food was ok. Despite Daniel's best efforts, the only times his father ever seemed to notice him at all was when he was quizzing his son about police procedure, or talking about his day and his work in the force. Seeking his father's approval, and perhaps fueled by reading one too many comic books, young Daniel decided to use his abilities in a different way: he donned a hand-made costume, and armed with a pair of squirt guns and several bottles of water (as well as memorizing where every fire hydrant in the city was), he went out on patrol.. and he was even fairly successful, at first. Using hiswater control abilities, combined with his basic marial arts training, he was able to trip up and foil more than a few minor burglaries and muggings. Still, it wasn't enough for his father.
  • When news of the 'mystery vigilante' began to spread, his father had nothing but scorn, saying that whoever this kid was, he was getting in the way of 'proper' policework, taking the law into his own hands, and breaking the law himself. This, however, only made Daniel want to prove himself to his father even more.. and so on one fateful day, when he saw on the local news that a nearby bank had been robbed, and that the bank robbers were holed up at the Pavin Dam, Daniel donned his costume and headed off, planning to prove to his father that he could do what no one else could, and that he should be proud of him. Sneaking past the police and into the dam building, Daniel managed to incapacitate two of the three bank robbers.. but not before the third one activated a bomb stuck against the wall of the dam before Daniel could stop him. The explosion rocked the dam, but didn't quite break it apart completely.. not yet, anyway. However, huge jets of water were spurting from the cracked concrete, and it was obvious the dam would burst completely within moments, if something wasn't done. As the police scrambled to try and evacuate everyone, Daniel rushed down, using his powers in front of everyone to try and stem the flow of water, to hold it back long enough for everyone to get out. He reached out with his abilities, but this was beyond anything he'd ever tried to do before.. it was one thing to control a bottle's worth of water, or even a hose, or even a *firehose*.. but this was an entire lake behind that dam wall.. and the more Daniel pushed at the water with his abilities, the more that seemed to get through. Finally, Daniel met his father's eyes, the older policemean showing shock at the sight of his son dressed up as the nameless vigilante… moments before Daniel's clumsy manipulations finally cause the dam to shatter and break.
  • The devastation was massive. The rolling wave of water tore through the small town, destroying homes, businesses.. and lives. Hundreds Of lives snuffed in instants Even weeks after the ever, bodies were being found, but one body in specific was never found: Daniel's. The dam was never rebuilt, and the lake re-settled over the now drowned city, in the depths of which several bodies still lay. Years passed.. and one morning, on the far shore of Lake Pavin, a strange wave began to rise, a body of water about the size and shape of a man seeming to flow out from the lake, and coalescing, changing form into an exhausted, naked human: Daniel! Disoriented and not knowing what had happened to him, Daniel stumbled away from the lake, looking for his father, his friends, his home.. and found it all gone.
  • It's been a couple of years after that, now.. a more grown-up Daniel, life shattered, dreams broken, and powers.. changed, along with certain new limitations, rides his bike into town.. looking to start a new life, to get away from his past… and, perhaps, to atone for his one great mistake.


  • "It's the least I can do to help.."
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