Crown Hill Cemetery
Crown Hill Cemetery
Manager Sally Gerretsen
Caretaker Phillip Howell
Business Function Burial and Funeral Services
Opened est. 1903
Office Hours 8:30am - 4:30pm, M-F
Visitation Hours 6 am - Dusk Daily
Location Shoreline

Crown Hill Cemetery is a privately-owned, endowed cemetery, where the life and spirit of a loved one can be memorialized. Today, it serves all people, more than the Scandanavians in the Ballard community of 1903. The cemetery is equipped to suit many preferences from traditional ground burial to Mausoleum or cremation. Crown Hill Cemetery provides a beautiful and peaceful setting for families and their chosen form of permanent and perpetual memorialization. When a loved one passes on, a service of dignity and simplicity in a setting of great natural beauty is a wonderful way for both sides to say good-bye. Many think of Crown Hill Cemetery as a peaceful and comforting place to visit, where our trees provide solace and support. As an endowed care cemetery, a prescribed portion of any lot fee is put into a trust fund. The interest of that fund is used to maintain and improve the cemetery.

Establishment History

Crown Hill Cemetery Association incorporated. Mayor A.W. Mackie served as the Association's first president.

Fire destroys most of the office and the records

In September 1923, the Association sells the cemetery to Arthur and Louanna Marshall.

Arthur Marshall replats the cemetery, removing some of the roads created by the Association.

Arthur Marshall dies. Louanna Marshall continues to manage cemetery.

Louanna Marshall dies. Nephew Mark McKinney inherits the Cemetery and takes over.

Mark McKinney sells cemetery to his uncles F. Vern deGroot and William E. deGroot.

Jackie Rothfus, daughter of F. Vern deGroot, and her husband Paul, and Phyllis deGroot, widow of William E. deGroot assume ownership and management. Jackie is a great neice of Louanna Marshall.

John Miller buys Cemetery.


The 10-acre grounds are completely surrounded by a residential neighborhood and residential streets. This unique setting provides a peaceful and community-oriented atmosphere. Green grass sprawls out in all directions and tall trees sprout up here and there. Various paths allow passage throughout the cemetery. Rows of tombstones and mausoleums are placed throughout the grounds and in the center of the cemetery is a large stone building.

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